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How To Create Professional Google Presentation Themes


A Google presentation theme is a platform that allows us to create professional presentations with slides for our projects. For creative Google presentation themes, we have Slidesgo that has a large collection of free Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates. The options are unlimited because these can be customized to better meet the demands of any given user.

What Is A Presentation Theme?

Colors, typefaces, and visual effects can all be applied to your slides using a predetermined theme. Your presentation will have a more professional appearance if you stick to one subject throughout.

What Are Themes In A Digital Presentation?

Are themes where we can use the same colors, typefaces, and effects throughout our presentation to create a cohesive, polished design.

Why Do We Apply Themes To A Presentation?

To vary the presentation's design, you can use themes. Colors, typefaces, slide layouts, and more are all under the control of these elements.These layouts can have a huge effect on how your content is arranged.

How Do You Make A Theme In Google Slides?

For the sake of trust and brand recognition, never use the default design theme when creating a listing presentation or homebuyer seminar. In a nutshell? Fixing this is simple! A custom theme in Google Slides, with your logo, colors, fonts, and branding is simple to build. Google Slides is a free presentation-creation, editing, and sharing application that comes with every Gmail account. Using Google Slides, you may design your own presentation theme.

We need to follow the next steps:

Step 1

Using the Google Drive website, click "new" to start a new presentation.

Step 2

Open up the master document, It is the master file that controls the presentation's overall features. Using the "View" button, select "Master" from the drop-down menu to begin customizing your theme.

Step 3

Theme selection, pick a theme that looks like what you're going for. Colors and fonts can be changed later, as can many other aspects of your design.

Step 4

Decide on a title for your project, To distinguish your theme from the base theme, click the "Rename" button.

Step 5

All of your theme's layout slides are affected by any modifications you make to the master slide. Because of this, it is simple to apply fonts, colors, and headers to all of the pages. Add your logo, business name, or phone number to the presentation theme with this tool.

Step 6

Using the "Background" button above your master slide has one of the most significant visual influences on your theme. You can use an image, a single color, or a gradient for the backdrop of your theme.

Step 7

In order to ensure that the modifications you made on the master slide are reflected in the various layouts, navigate through the pre-formatted layouts. Adjust your master slide if you're experiencing the same issue in many layouts. Your theme's specific layouts can be adjusted if the problem is more localized. An even more personalized theme is possible by creating new layouts.

Step 8

Start a new presentation in Google Slides and select "Import Theme" from the drop-down menu.

Step 9

A search bar at the top of the "Presentations" section of the theme importer will allow you to find your theme if you don't have time to scroll through a list of files.

Step 10

To import your custom colors, fonts, and layouts, click "Import Theme."

How You Can Customize Your Presentation?

Google Slides allows you to change the theme, backdrop, or layout of your presentation. Colors, typefaces, backgrounds, and layouts are all part of a theme. Your slide's background is the image or color that adorns it. Text and graphics are grouped in a slide's layout.

What Should You Keep In Mind When Deciding On A Presentation Design Theme?

-Consider the Audience. Choosing a presentation templateshould begin with a consideration of the audience.

-Make a Choice That's Easily Modifiable.

-Simplicity is always better than flashiness.

-Aim for a variety of slide types, as well as a venue that best represents your message.

Is There A Way To Incorporate The Theme Into Your Presentation?

-All slides should have a common topic.

-Select a slide in the slide thumbnail pane on the left.

-For a complete gallery of themes, click on "More" in the Themes group on the Design page (shown below).

-Apply the theme you desire by clicking on it with your mouse. Use the right-click menu to make it apply to all of the slides in the presentation.

What Is The Process Of Adding Animation To A Google Presentation?

-Incorporate animations into your presentation, including text, images, shapes, and more.

-The object or text you wish to animate must be selected.

-Choose an animation from the Animations section. Select an effect from the Effect Options.

Why Are Themes And Animation Important To Create A Presentation?

Animations can also be used to re-energise audiences that have been listening to a presentation for a long period of time. Using animations to guide your audience's attention can also be effective. Think about the main topics you want your audience to remember when you build your presentation.

Best Free Tools To Do Awesome Presentations

You may make your topic more interesting to your audience. Presentation technologies are on the rise, from PowerPoint to Prezi. You may have a hard time deciding which one to use. Listed below are free animated presentation tools. Check them out! They'll help you win over and impress your audience, whether you're using them for business pitches or presenting a class.


Focusky is unquestionably one of the leaders in feature-rich presentation tools with tremendous functions. In addition to transitions and animations, you'll discover an import function to add multimedia assets like videos, and a previewmode that displays the information in a neatly formatted manner. Focusky also has a multi-user account option, which makes it possible for numerous people to access the same presentation at the same time, facilitating online collaboration.


Fishbole is an easy-to-use animation tool for beginners. To use this tool, you don't need a lot of experience or a lot of money. Google Slides, PowerPoints, or pictures can all be used to create slideshows. presenting. There are built-in social sharing options for the finished project.


Cinetor is an excellent tool for creating 3D animated presentations. To help you tell your narrative, you have five attractive themes and pre-made objects. It's also possible to incorporate your own photographs and movies into the presentation, giving it a more personalized feel.


Video, graphics, sound, and animations are all combined in this presentation program to create an amazing video. Because it is hosted in the cloud, you don't have to download and install anything in order to create a presentation.


A large variety of video, music compositions, animations, and still scene templates have been offered by Biteable, making the process of creating a presentation a lot easier. You can also add your own music, logos, and photographs to your profile. You don't have to be an artist to use a pre-made video template.


Knovio allows you to build your presentation from any device, at any time, on any platform, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Any web browser or mobile device can access the finished product. Exported HD 1080p videos can be used to post the presentation to YouTube and other video sites.


When producing animated video presentations with this software, you have access to a vast bank of free images and music. For a polished presentation, animation times can be customized. This video presentation also allows you to record or insert a voiceover.


We have multiple options to create a presentation for our projects, google presentation themes also help us to organize our ideas and show us a lot of different styles of slide templates to work with. What are you waiting to use this awesome platform for?

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