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Best Presentation Template In 2022

What could be more tedious than sitting through a dull presentation? The answer is being the one who has to give a dull presentation. But no need to worry, templates for presentations come to the rescue! Consider the last time you sat through a tedious presentation: How did the slides appear? Did they go for a neutral color scheme? Were there too many points (or, worse, paragraphs) on a single slide? Were the graphs and diagrams clumsy and difficult to comprehend? When consumers see the same old dull PowerPoint themes, they're likely to get distracted. Demand for innovative, compelling visual material is at an all-time high. You must employ imaginative presentation designs if you want to really captivate your audience's attention.

You'll discover just what you need in this article, whether it's a corporate presentation template, a charity slideshow, or a school presentation.

Tips To Create Best Presentation Slides

Single Subject On Each Slide

It's just as important to keep your slides from becoming crowded as it is to keep them coherent. Maintain a single-topic emphasis on each slide.

Each slide's subject should be specified explicitly in the title. The audience will be able to follow along with ease if the slide sequence is clear and simple. Keeping your slide themes structured as a presenter will also help you arrange your ideas.

Choose The Perfect Presentation Template

Good on you for deciding to make something a bit more intriguing than a normal PowerPoint theme. But it doesn't imply you have to start at the beginning.

Instead, you may use innovative presentation templates to get an early start. There are several options available on the internet and you must choose according to the type of presentation you have to deliver.

Do Not Put Too Much Text On Your Slides

When you go to a slide that is completely covered with text, your viewer is likely to think:

  • I'm not interested in reading it all.
  • This presenter hasn't done his homework.

In fact, according to a research published in Business and Professional Communication Quarterly, nervous presenters utilised more text on their slides, which was likely due to the fact that they used their slides as speaking notes.

Look for methods to portray information visually, such as photographs, charts, and infographics, rather than utilising a lot of text.

Presentation template portraying information visually using graphs and tables

Best Presentation Templates Available Online

Marketing Report Presentation Template

Monthly marketing report presentation template is ideal for showcasing the outcomes of your marketing efforts, such as your social media strategy. It has interactive slides, a clean design with icons and section dividers, modern fonts, and a bold colour scheme that you can customise to match your brand.

Marketing report presentation template on PowerPoint in grey and white theme

Project Status Report Presentation Template

Choose the finest presentation template to start with if you want to inform your employer, coworkers, or senior management on the progress of your projects. It Should have a sophisticated colour design and loads of charts, graphs, and data widgets to assist graphically illustrate your project.

Customer Service Presentation Template

This presentation template is great for customer service professionals. A strong and edgy presentation template may be used to show a variety of data and facts. It should have excellent, clean slides with big fonts, innovative data widgets for displaying statistics, and even a customizable bar chart.

Meeting Agenda Presentation Template

This presentation template is for a corporate meeting made up of well-designed slides. From Gantt charts and checklists to a beautiful project schedule, it contains everything you need to present your meeting agenda. Mix & mix to easily explain every little detail.

Presentation template for meeting agenda showing different sections in a colorful theme

Press Release Presentation Template

This press release presentation template is sleek and professional, precisely what you need to keep your company's image while presenting news and information to the media, prospective investors, consumers, or the general public. You may personalize each of the slides with your own logo and text.

Statistical Presentation Template

This research presentation template can help you make your facts come to life. It includes professionally designed slides with a variety of customizable data visualisations, including bar graphs and pie charts, as well as colourful maps, pictographs, and even radials.

Product Presentation Template

It's a huge deal to present a new product or concept. And with a product presentation template, you may create a lasting impression on your audience. It's bold and sophisticated, and it includes a product anatomy slide that you can personalize with your own picture and text.

Fashion Design Presentation Template

This simple presentation template is suitable for a wide range of businesses and applications, particularly fashion design. It is an elegant but creative style that you may customise with your own photographs. Present your organisation in an appealing manner to pique the attention of possible investors.

Fashion design presentation template in soft pink with creative photos in the background

Public Health Awareness Presentation Template

Health awareness presentation template is ideal for government agencies, charities, and medical institutions looking to educate the public on public health issues including COVID-19 and vaccines. Change the colours, content, images, and symbols within the presentation template to fit your requirements.

Digital Marketing Presentation Template

Use this presentation template for bragging to your employer or coworkers about your social media engagement, traffic, and other stats. It should have a professional color scheme that you can adjust to match your brand, statistics slides for showing various KPIs, and icons for numerous social media.

Marketing template showing in green and black color theme with professional font

About The Authors

Steve Martins - I am a certified graphic designer and I earned my bachelor’s degree in Communication Design. I worked with many brands like Uniqlo and Huawei but also independent smaller Barcelonian brands like Caravelle and Madrid’s Hola Coffee and I have completed over 2000 projects in the last 5 years.

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