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Design Your Website With These WordPress Preview Template


A demo preview of a website theme (demo content for a website) is an example of a website that has been completed and is ready to be used. The majority of the time, site demonstrations already have pre-built parts (structure) and abstract texts. You may simply practice before constructing your personal website, and you can use the results as a starting point to obtain the appearance you wish for your website. Design no farther than this list for the top WordPress themes that will give your website the right look that suits your brand and vision.

Due to a large number of WordPress themes available (over 10,000), it might be tough for novices to pick the most appropriate theme for their needs. Users frequently inquire as to whether there is a single WordPress theme that can be used for all purposes. The answer is a resounding yes. A popular multipurpose WordPress theme may be used on almost any type of website, which makes it extremely versatile.

Choosing the proper theme for your website may make a significant impact on the development, administration, and long-term success of your website. Initially designed as a blogging platform, WordPress has swiftly grown in popularity as a website builder, with users creating informational and news sites, catalogs and galleries, portfolios, business cards, landing pages, and a variety of other resources.

Live Previews

Most likely, you're seeking a live preview of something. In a live preview, you can see how a theme might look on your website while it is loaded with your content. Because you haven't enabled the theme yet, none of your visitors will be able to see the changes while you are previewing.

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Live Preview Any Theme

Live preview is a terrific method to test how a theme will work with your existing content before you commit to purchasing it. Getting a decent preview of any theme is also quick and straightforward. While the free theme previews available on wordpress.org are acceptable, it is preferable to just install a theme first so that you may live preview it with your actual content before using it.


So, what exactly are previews? You may find new themes by searching for them in your Appearance menu. These are the same themes that are available for download from the WordPress theme repository. When exploring the repository, you will notice a Preview button on the theme pages that will take you to a live demo of the theme. Clicking on this button will take you to the live demo of the theme.

WordPress Theme Preview Template

If your website's content and layout are ugly, users can and will abandon your site. In fact, the visual design of a firm's website is used by 75% of consumers to determine the legitimacy of the organization.

Installing a WordPress theme may be a terrific way to get your website up and running. Furthermore, because there are dozens of free themes accessible, it is also the most cost-effective solution for creating your website's design.

WordPress themes come in a broad variety of looks, capabilities, and purposes, each with its own unique set of characteristics. There are versatile themes that may be used for nearly any type of website, but there are also themes that are tailored to certain niches, such as eCommerce sites, portfolios, or blogs.

We've included a diverse range of topics to ensure that there's something for everyone to enjoy. Despite the fact that they are all free, some of the themes operate on a freemium basis, with additional features available only in their paid editions.


Gradient violent background with websites below
Gradient violent background with websites below

Astra is one of the most popular and fastest-growing WordPress themes available today, and it is also one of the most customizable. What distinguishes it from the competition is that it is a performance-oriented minimal theme that only provides the most fundamental functionality out of the box, although in a highly functional package. You have the option of selecting whatever modules you require and activating or deactivating them accordingly.

Another advantage of Astra's is that it is compatible with the majority of the most popular page builders on the market at the moment (Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy). For each of the builders, there are also beginner sites that may be purchased. It all adds up to the fact that you can create a website with Astra rapidly and then completely personalize it to meet your specific requirements. However, unless you import a starting site on top of it, the theme's out-of-the-box appearance isn't all that appealing to visitors.


Welcome to Ultra and man surfing in the sea
Welcome to Ultra and man surfing in the sea

Ultra is Themify's most powerful and versatile WordPress theme. It enables you to easily design any form of a website using a drag-and-drop builder. You may import their example configuration with a single click, which includes numerous theme settings, content, menus, and widgets. This enables you to jumpstart your new website project quickly.

It has 15 different header/page designs, six different header background choices, six different footer layouts, five different single post layouts, six different archive layouts, and section scrolling. The best part is that you have access to a library of 60 fully-designed layouts replete with parallax landing pages and other fantastic features created by experienced designers. As a result, you do not need to develop one from start. Additionally, you receive ten extra addons, including a progress bar, counter, price table, and countdown widget.


Welcome to orange and buildings
Welcome to orange and buildings

Orange WordPress theme is a contemporary and clean design perfect for any type of business. Installing, configuring, and customizing the theme is a breeze! Every aspect of your website may be customized to meet your specific company requirements. Orange is completely responsive and suited for use on all mobile platforms. It is possible to customize without encountering issues if the code is clean and correct. Top features include: King Composer, animation effect, functioning contact form, full documentation, and helpful assistance available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Ocean WP

Ocean WP Ready To Embark and sea waves
Ocean WP Ready To Embark and sea waves

There are numerous similarities between OceanWP and Astra. The themes are built in a same manner in terms of how they provide their features, as well as their emphasis on simplicity and performance.

You utilize this theme by first picking the elements you want and then fine-tuning the various components of your website to your liking. The degree of personalization that may be achieved is similarly comparable to that of Astra. Furthermore, when it comes to eCommerce-related features and settings, OceanWP is among the best available. If you're thinking about launching a WooCommerce store, you should check into it more. The theme is also compatible with page builder plugins, which is an added bonus. However, once again, the out-of-the-box design isn't really impressive.


Selecting an efficient WordPress theme with an attractive, trendy design and easy navigation can help you create a successful website. You should now be aware of a simple method for making your WordPress theme appear like a gorgeous demo. Enjoy the process of developing your website and be sure to share your comments with us!

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