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Create Free Resume Template: Top 10 Tips To Create Professional & Job-Winning Resume Free

Create Free Resume Template: Top 10 Tips To Create Professional & Job-Winning Resume Free

The quality of your resume is mostly determined by how effectively you write it. This is because they need resumes in order to identify appropriate individuals to fill their openings, but they often must sift through stacks of badly written applications in order to find the correct one.

Joan Cornish
Oct 04, 2021

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The quality of your resume is mostly determined by how effectively you write it. This is because they need resumes in order to identify appropriate individuals to fill their openings, but they often must sift through stacks of badly written applications in order to find the correct one.

The key is to make a hiring manager's work simpler by providing them with all of the information they need to make an informed judgment about you fast. If you can do this, you will have a significant advantage over other candidates.

Your resume is an important component of your job-search toolkit; it serves two purposes: first, to catch the reader's attention, and second, to highlight all of your good qualities.

It may be used to demonstrate where you worked, what you learned, and how your abilities and expertise are applicable to the position you're looking for.

Every one you create should be a one-of-a-kind marketing piece that highlights you as the best applicant for the position and passes a recruiter's screening procedure.

A resume's goal is to get you an interview, and the interview is what will ideally get you the job. A resume should include the following information:

  • Give the essential facts about yourself at a glance.
  • Present yourself as a professional with high standards and strong writing abilities.
  • Be a reflection of your distinct skills and experiences.
  • Be more than a recitation of your previous events.
  • pique the attention of a potential employer.
  • Present yourself in the best possible light.
  • Persuade the employer that you have what it takes to succeed in the position.
  • Encourage folks to meet you by piqueing their curiosity.
  • Employers will want to talk to you if you give them a reason to.
  • Make sure you’ve seen for the correct reasons.
  • Match your talents and abilities to the job's specifications.
  • Give instances of how your past employers benefitted from your services (companies want to employ someone who can aid and advance their organization).
A resume's goal is to get you an interview, and the interview is what will ideally get you the job.

Tips 10 For Writing Your Resume

  • The most crucial information should be placed at the top of the first page.
  • For emphasis and clarity, use caps, boldface, placement, and spacing.
  • Make smart use of industry buzzwords.
  • When emphasizing your relevant accomplishments and skills, always be positive.
  • Job and achievement descriptions should be succinct and selected.
  • To keep recruiters reading, highlight key relevant talents at the top.
  • Break down materials into digestible pieces.
  • It was written with the goal of generating attention.
  • Continue to revise and rewrite it until you are completely pleased.
  • Make it more personal by tweaking and editing it on a regular basis.

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Do Not Include

  • Except for the most popular ones, such as degrees (e.g., BSc, PhD), abbreviations are used.
  • Information that is not relevant.
  • The clip art is a kind of image.
  • Text in long, boring paragraphs.
  • Minor credentials that have nothing to do with the job you're applying for.
  • jargon
  • Symbols, or stars
  • Jargon from the technical world.
  • The text has been underlined. 

What Is The Best Resume Template

There is no such thing as "the greatest resume template" since each recruiter and company has its own preferences. Our basic advice is to learn as much as you can about the business and its principles.

If you're looking for a job at a bank, for example, you'll need a more professional resume template. If you want to work at a startup, where innovation is valued more highly, you should use a creative resume template.

Finally, if you're still unsure which kind of template is best for the job you're looking for, you may always start with a basic resume template. Whether you're writing your first resume or updating an existing one, a resume template may assist you in creating a document that will impress any company.

Users may get résumé templates in Microsoft Word. All you have to do now is choose the one you like, click it, and begin writing. Even though it's simple to utilize a template, be sure to personalize your CV.

Investing the time to match your experience to the position can increase your chances of being selected for an interview.

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Why Use A Resume Template

When developing or updating your resume, a template may be helpful. The fundamental framework of a resume is provided by a template. It's as simple as editing the paper to include your own details.

You may get a sense of what information to put in your resume and how to organize it by utilizing a template. You'll also get a sense of what information is unnecessary.

Using a template may save you time when it comes to structuring your paper, allowing you to concentrate on adding information and refining your resume to perfection. 

What To Look For In A Free Resume Template

Instead of formatting fonts, margins, headers, and bullet points, resume templates should save you time so you can concentrate on conveying your abilities, aptitude, and professional experience.

However, you should do research to ensure that the free template you choose really saves you time. Asking these questions will help you choose a site.

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Is It Intuitive And Easy To Use

Look for a site that allows you to work directly inside the layout or includes a drag-and-drop builder. Sites that need you to fill out a form and then spit out a poorly designed or visually appealing template may wind up being more time-consuming and irritating.

Does It Have Industry Specific Templates

Nothing is more aggravating than attempting to shoehorn a software developer's expertise into a sales representative's template. Make sure the website you select offers a variety of backdrop choices. A resume template for a web developer may be quite different from one for a computer science resume.

Can You Import Information From Linkedin Or A Previous Cv

Importing your experience straight from LinkedIn or a prior version of your CV is a fantastic way to save time.

However, some websites aren't very good at importing data, so you may wind up spending more time re-formatting or editing than you would if you had simply created original material.

How Many Resumes Can You Create For Free

Some resume template websites limit the number of times you may download a template. Avoid sites that only allow one download per template if you're applying for numerous jobs and want to alter your material to suit various job descriptions.

How Many Customizable Options Are There

You don't want your resume to seem like a copy-paste job, but you do want it to represent your unique qualifications. Make sure the typefaces, headers, and footer of the template can be customized to suit your professional character.

What File Format Can You Download

The majority of recruiters prefer resumes in.pdf or.doc/.docx format. Check that the site you choose offers free downloads in those file types – many only offer.txt files, which no recruiter wants.

Can You Make A Matching Cover Letter Template

Your software developer resume should nearly always be linked to an email with a software developer cover letter. And you don't want to end up with two papers that are significantly different. Make sure your resume's overall style (font size, colors, header, etc.) matches the tech cover letter you've included.

To access the templates on some of the sites on this list, you may need to establish an account. Others just provide downloaded templates that may be customized in Microsoft Word (and, sometimes, Google Docs). Take a look at them below. 

These are some of the most popular websites for finding free resume templates that are suitable for software developers, engineering leaders, and other IT workers.

8 Best Sites For Free Resume Templates For Software Developers

When you're re-entering the job market later in your career, it's often better to start over with a new CV rather than updating an old one. There are several websites that provide free software developer resume templates that make it simple to highlight your abilities and experience in a clean, professional manner.

A software developer resume template should contain room for both your hard talents coding languages and other technical abilities and your soft skills, such as leadership, communication, and other soft skills that are in high demand among senior software engineers.

Look for a straightforward resume design that enables you to easily modify and customize the information. When you attempt to download your personalized resume, be aware that some sites may erect a paywall.

This article will go through the finest sites for utilizing a free resume template, as well as any unexpected limitations you should be aware of.


Jobscan specializes in resume formats that applicant tracking systems can readily understand. The user interface is also very user-friendly. The screen will display two parts while you work: the first is for filling in the information you want to put on your resume, and the second is for saving your work.

The builder will automatically display your information in the second part of the screen, which is your final resume, as you work in that section. Jobscan provides both free and premium templates; the free templates are ATS-friendly, but customization options are restricted.

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Canva is a prominent visual design site that also has free resume templates tailored to software engineers. The tools are extremely simple to use: simply select a pre-defined template and fill in the designated fields with your information.

It may become a bit more complex if you want to alter the fonts, colors, or other aesthetics. You can customize your resume using Canva's complete array of design tools, which includes adding shapes, unique pictures, logos, and more.

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Kickresume is free for up to four basic resume templates each month, which is a nice way to get a feel for the site and see whether it's suitable for you. Kickresume also has a cover letter and website templates, which may be helpful for software engineers.

You may sort resume templates based on how "conservative" or "innovative" you want them to be. You may choose to utilize their interactive resume builder or just import your resume from LinkedIn if none of their pre-set templates appeal to you.

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Resumedotcom, like Kickresume, allows you to integrate information from your LinkedIn profile to make customizing one of their free templates a breeze. This resume builder's interface is designed to appear like a résumé, so you can preview how your final output will look while you work. also has a wealth of tools for creating a great resume, including resume examples and step-by-step guidance. This service allows you to download your resume for free as a PDF or Word document.

Resume Builder App

Unlike the other sites on this list, is a free Android app with over 40 distinct free resume templates. This highly-rated alternative walks you through the process of creating a resume section by part, allowing you to rearrange, add, or remove sections as you see fit.

You may keep your resume on your device by downloading it as a PDF file, or you can send it through email or text. It's an excellent choice for software engineers who need to apply for employment on the move.

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CakeResume specializes in resume templates for software developers and engineers. In terms of their user experience, be advised that choosing the option to turn your profile into a resume will prompt you to pay for a CakeResume subscription.

If you don't want to pay, use the option to create a CV from scratch. The resume generator will then guide you through a procedure that resembles that of Microsoft Word. To ensure that your resume looks excellent while utilizing this easy resume template online, you may require a design eye.

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The Balance

The Balance, a website that provides tools for small companies and professionals, has a modest collection of free resume templates for software engineers that may be downloaded.

Choose a template that best matches your expertise there are templates for database administrators, systems analysts, and experienced programmers on the site then customize it to reflect your abilities and experience. Since The Balance last updated this collection in 2019, some of these templates may be somewhat obsolete.

Monster Com

Monster's software developer resume example is a fantastic go-to if you're simply searching for a fast and basic resume template to modify in a hurry. Copy and paste the template into a Word document, then change the text to match your experience. There are no bright colors, typefaces, or design elements, but there are areas for the information that a recruiter needs to know.

Regardless of whatever resume generator you choose, make sure your resume is devoid of grammatical and spelling mistakes, strange formatting difficulties when printing, and any other distractions that may make a recruiter think twice about hiring you.

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