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Best 10 Free Templates For WordPress


WordPress users of all skill levels, from beginner to expert, are well aware of the abundance of pre-designed design assets available for download. WordPress themes, WordPress templates, Elementor Template Kits, and many other options are available to web designers.

Every website builder wants a powerful website with maximum performance and beautiful design components that leave a lasting impression on every visitor. So, let's take a look at some of the free templates(and paid) you can use to improve your website.

What Are WordPress Templates?

Unlike WordPress themes, which apply to the entire website, WordPress templates are specific to a certain page on the website. An alternative definition might be: A template is a single-page design that is part of a WordPress theme. It's not uncommon for WordPress themes to incorporate their own templates, including numerous variations of a single page type. Templates for blog post pages, for example, may come in two types: a full-width and a narrow-width version, depending on the theme you choose.

WordPress templates are utilized by applying them to specific pages in the WordPress page editor. As a result, unique templates for specific page kinds, such as an archive page or a homepage, are frequently used.

A "template" in Elementor refers to a specific section of your theme. For instance, you might have different templates for your site's:

  • Header
  • Blog post design
  • Blog list design
  • Footer
  • Etc.

You may then put together these templates to create a whole website, much like you would with Legos. Even better, Elementor has a feature called Template Kits that allows you to quickly construct a unified design by providing pre-built sets of all the templates you could require.

What Is The Default Template WordPress?

A template is a section of a web page generated by a WordPress theme in WordPress theme development.

Most WordPress themes use the header.php template as an example. It specifies the header section of WordPress-generated web pages. The header file is usually loaded on every page of your WordPress site, allowing you to make changes to a single file that will affect the entire site.

The majority of WordPress themes provide some default templates that contain the code necessary to generate HTML output for specific portions of a website.

  • Main – index.php. To display the main page of a website.
  • Header – header.php. Displays the header section.
  • Sidebar – sidebar.php. Generates HTML output for the sidebar section.
  • Footer – footer.php. Displays the footer section.
  • Theme Functions – functions.php. Contains code and functions to be used in a theme.
  • Single Post – single.php. Displays the single post page.
  • Comments – comments.php. Displays comments and comment form.

Templates can be inserted into one another, as well as into other templates. Single.php, for example, can comprise a header, footer, sidebar, and content template. WordPress enables an unlimited number of posts and pages to be added by the user. Custom loops and sidebars are also available in some themes.

WordPress features a hierarchy of templates as well. If for any reason a theme does not contain single.php, WordPress will fall back to using one of the more generic templates, such as index.php.

Each WordPress theme must contain a style.css file in addition to these templates.

What Is WordPress Template Kit?

Template Kits are a new type of pre-made template that can be used with a WordPress page builder. While Envato created the term when they released their WordPress plugin in 2018, it has since gained traction in the WordPress community. You may quickly create a professional WordPress website by using a Template Kit, which includes a variety of layouts for everything from homepages to contact pages.

“A template kit contains professional, cohesive designs; with pages and content blocks for each section of your website—all built with a WordPress page builder.”—James Giroux, Author Engagement Lead – Envato

Template Kits are a website's code-free and fully adaptable design layer, allowing you to add professional layouts and endless flexibility without needing any design or coding skills. Template Kits require an Elementor-compatible WordPress theme, but all customization is done using drag-and-drop capabilities, making it simple to build your perfect website.

Template Kits can be used with any of the Elementor compatible themes available on Envato ThemeForest, including those that are free to use through the page builder.

Template Kits allow you to not only easily develop a website from the ground up, but also allow you to add new designs and layouts to an existing website. They are geared to specific sectors and graphic styles and use the power of a single WordPress page builder.


Using Template Kits has numerous advantages. Here are a few of our personal favorites:

  • Ease and quickness

Using a Template Kit in Elementor to build a website is quite quick, and the results are clean and professional.

  • Designs by Professionals

You may develop high-quality websites with Template Kits by employing professional designs from well-known WordPress designers.

  • Adaptable (and code-free)

Don't know how to code? It's no problem! A Template Kit has no code to learn, break, or restrict you. Template Kits retain their entire flexibility and customizability, allowing you to maintain complete control over your site and customize it to your specifications.

Free Vs Paid Themes 

For many people just getting started with WordPress, the debate about free vs paid WordPress (at least in terms of themes) probably revolves around the notion that if there is a free alternative that works well, why would anyone pay for a premium option? This approach is consistent with standard startup advice, which suggests that people who wish to establish a new blog or website keep costs as minimal as possible so that they don't have any excuses for delaying the debut of their business.

This advice is certainly sound, but it does not necessarily reflect long-term strategic thinking. There are numerous benefits to purchasing premium WordPress themes. If there weren't already a large number of people willing to buy and use them, there wouldn't be a market for them.

When To Use A Free Vs. Premium WordPress Theme

It's more than just picking a theme that "looks beautiful" when it comes to theme selection; it's also about finding something that functions well for your content and website goals.

Simply said, you should use a free WordPress theme if you want to:

  • Want to start a personal blog
  • Don’t care if your site looks the same as most
  • Are just after basic functionality
  • Can get by with little support (ideal if you’re using it primarily for simple blogging functionality)

Use a premium WordPress theme instead if you want to:

  • You are going to use WordPress to build a business website (or are thinking of expanding your WordPress website to include complicated functionality like e-commerce in the future)
  • You want your website to stand out
  • You want your website to be able to support a wide range of features
  • You don't know how to fix problems and require a dedicated support team.

To assist in making the decision, you must first describe the purpose of your website. If you're searching for a specific type of functionality, such as for a photography website, culinary blog, or e-commerce site, you'll need to select a WordPress theme that's appropriate for your purchase. Bear in mind that the more sophisticated your website becomes in terms of required functionality, the more difficult it will be to operate and manage. Utilizing a free WordPress theme will make this difficult to accomplish.

Where Can I Get Free WordPress Themes?

From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add New Theme to access the official WordPress theme directory. There are many other free WordPress theme options available on the internet, so this isn't the only place to look for free WordPress themes.

The main benefit of using a theme from the WordPress theme directory is that they are officially approved, which means that any theme submitted to the official theme directory must pass a rigorous review process.

The automated WordPress plugin that scrutinizes the theme against WordPress's stringent code standards kicks off the theme review process. The submitted theme will be personally reviewed by WordPress theme developers if it is approved. A theme is only available to the public in the official theme directory after these two processes have been completed successfully.

What Is The Best Free Theme In WordPress?

To be honest, there are an infinite amount of free WordPress themes available today on the internet. WordPress themes can be found for free on the WordPress.org website. In that scenario, you'll require assistance in determining which option is ideal for you.

And that is precisely what this article is about. We've hand-picked the best of the best free WordPress themes on the market for you! It features themes for blogs, online portfolios, company websites, online stores, and many other types of websites. You can use them for any type of website because some of them are multipurpose themes.

Let's dive right in!

Top 10 Free WordPress Themes For 2021


Sydney free ecommerce wordpress theme
Sydney free ecommerce wordpress theme

With the Sydney theme, businesses and freelancers may create an impressive online presence that will stand out from the crowd. The customization choices are quite extensive, including Google Fonts and logo uploads. The full-screen slider is ideal for showcasing large photographs or promotional banners, while the full-color control provides the ultimate in branding. Sticky navigation aids in site navigation, and the front page blocks provide a drag-and-drop interface for professionally constructing a tidy layout.

The theme is mobile-friendly and includes over 600 Google Fonts for customizing typography. Sydney is fully translation-ready for non-English speakers, and the parallax background provides a creative element to your site. You can use a static image or a slider, and add social icons to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Botiga free ecommerce wordpress theme
Botiga free ecommerce wordpress theme

You'll need the correct design for your website if you want it to stand out. That's something Botiga can help you with.

The stylish and sleek style of this comprehensive e-commerce theme makes exhibiting your store's products simple and effective. It's appropriate for any sector or company size, and it comes with a wide range of design possibilities. This contains customizable product cards, different checkout layouts, three different product page gallery themes, and five different header options.

Aside from that, Botiga allows you to create a blog, select from six archive layouts, and choose from a variety of badge styles to promote particular products. You should absolutely have a look at it because it's a very strong and flexible theme.


Neve free wordpress theme
Neve free wordpress theme

Look no farther than the Neve theme for a sleek and speedy theme that also works with your chosen page builder. Not only does this theme work with page builder plugins like Site Origin, Divi, Elementor, and Brizy, but it also works with Gutenberg. In terms of style, the theme has a simple layout that draws attention to your content, making it ideal for small businesses, freelancers, and agencies looking to boost their conversion rates. Choose from a choice of backgrounds including sliders, photos, or video to change the color, fonts, and other visual design elements.

Mega menus are also available in the Neve theme, allowing you to effortlessly organize your navigation and add as many pages as you like without overwhelming your visitors. Furthermore, the theme has been tuned for quick loading and is fully responsive. You may install demo content with a single click, and if you need assistance, you can refer to the help documents, forum, and video tutorials. What sets the Neve theme apart from other free themes is the fact that you may obtain support from the authors in addition to the documentation. In conclusion, the Neve theme is an excellent choice if you are looking for a theme that is quick, clean, and simple to use, as well as one that has been optimized for search engines.


Zakra free wordpress theme
Zakra free wordpress theme

Style, modernity, and responsiveness are all present in the Zakra theme, making it ideal for a variety of sectors. Several demos are included, ranging from business to e-commerce. Create a blog for yourself or your company with Zakra. A beautiful header area with space for background pictures and a call to action that drives your visitors to your most essential page makes this theme a great choice.

Additionally, there is ample area to promote your business's offerings, as well as the opportunity to display team members, testimonials, client logos, and elegant counters. The Elementor page builder plugin and the Gutenberg editor are both supported by the Zakra theme. Furthermore, it is GDPR-compliant and easily customizable. You can choose from numerous different header styles as well as a custom brand color. Seven widget spaces, basic layout settings, and plenty of font options are among the other customization options.

As an SEO-friendly theme, Zakra will help you rank higher in search results. It is also lightweight and includes demo content to assist you to get started quickly with the design and setup process as soon as you download it.


<youtube video-id="pM_GVt3TYrs"></youtube**>**

The reviews are in, and users and bloggers from all over the internet agree that GeneratePress is an excellent theme, particularly when combined with drag and drop editors like Elementor. It's easy, clean, and modern, allowing users of any ability level to get in and begin customizing immediately. The wonderful thing about GeneratePress is that even a complete novice can install the theme and begin blogging within minutes. For more sophisticated developers, it's a free WordPress theme that's fast, lightweight, and extremely configurable. Not only that, but a premium edition with everything from beautiful typography to WooCommerce integration, sections, and complex menus is available for a fair fee.

But this is about the GeneratePress WordPress theme's free edition. It is a light motif (at less than 1MB zipped). This is great for any theme and helps speed up your site. The GeneratePress theme also follows WordPress code standards. So it works with all well-coded plugins, reducing long-term issues. The theme supports over 20 languages and has nine widget places for creativity. Several sidebar layouts and five menu navigation spaces are also included.


Astra free wordpress theme
Astra free wordpress theme

Astra is a multipurpose WordPress theme that immediately gained popularity and continues to dominate the sales charts. It's so tempting due to the fact that it lives up to the expectations. It's quick and highly customizable. This theme is sturdy and includes various pre-built websites from which you can choose and launch quickly. You can modify it without touching a line of code. You may also use it in conjunction with a variety of page builders.

Layout options, header options, color and typography modification options, and superior performance thanks to the lack of jQuery and a load time of 0.5 seconds are some of Astra's additional advantages. Another thing to keep in mind is the extensive variety of integrations accessible. WooCommerce, Beaver Builder, Elementor, Toolset, Yoast, and LearnDash are just a handful of the plugins Astra works with. Finally, this theme is user-friendly, SEO-friendly, employs hooks and filters, is translation-ready, and comes with a comprehensive knowledge base.


OceanWP free ecommerce wordpress theme
OceanWP free ecommerce wordpress theme

OceanWP is worth a look if you're looking for a lightweight and flexible theme.

Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Divi are just a few of the popular page builder plugins that are compatible with this multipurpose theme. OceanWP is a great tool for developers that want to add their own customizations because of its expandable codebase. It also has built-in SEO tools that make it simple to improve your site.

In spite of the fact that this theme is completely free, there are numerous paid extensions available. This includes extensions for creating unique page layouts, rolling full-screen, and pop-up windows.

OceanWP is also a good option if you're building a versatile website. For instance, it enables you to effortlessly construct a blog, a 'about us' page, a portfolio, and a shop.


Inspiro free wordpress theme
Inspiro free wordpress theme

Choose a photo- or video-centric theme, such as Inspiro, if you want your website to have a lot of high-quality visual content.

This freemium theme has a stunning modern design that is jam-packed with visual features. A full-screen area with support for YouTube and Vimeo, integration with popular page builders, and a video and photography portfolio are all included. A slideshow with a video background, a theme options panel, and a gallery module are also included.

Inspiro can collaborate with a wide range of online businesses. If you are a photographer looking to market your work, this theme may help you stand out.


Ashe free wordpress theme
Ashe free wordpress theme

The Ashe WordPress theme is suitable for a wide range of blogs. It can be used for fashion, photography, health, cooking, baking, travel, beauty, and personal blogs. You may question why it is so adaptable. Simply put, its basic look is attractive and sophisticated, making it a favorite among those who want their content to stand alone.

A mobile-friendly design, WooCommerce support, and thorough documentation are just a few of the features. It's also built to be quick and compatible with a variety of other popular plugins. It's easy to customize and is translation-ready, RTL-ready, and SEO-friendly. The logo, header picture, fullscreen slider, Instagram slider, footer menus, and a lot more are just a few of the things you can change. Additionally, it integrates with the majority of drag-and-drop page builders, including Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, Elementor, Divi, and SiteOrigin.


Photofocus free wordpress theme
Photofocus free wordpress theme

PhotoFocus is a strong candidate if you want a theme that emphasizes visuals. This multipurpose photography theme is free and can make your WordPress site appear stylish and gorgeous.

PhotoFocus is versatile enough to function with different sorts of websites, such as business sites and blogs, despite being designed particularly for photographers. It has an easy-to-use UI and straightforward navigation. It also has a featured slider and featured content area, as well as header media and other features.

If you sell physical goods, PhotoFocus might not be the ideal option. However, if you work in the creative sector and want an eye-catching approach to display your work, it's worth a look.

What Is The Difference Between WordPress Theme And Template?

Wordpress themes vs wordpress template kits
Wordpress themes vs wordpress template kits

The distinction between WordPress themes and WordPress templates, in its most basic form, is the number of pages each one pertains to. The layout of a single page on your site is affected by themes, while the design of your complete site is affected by templates.

Another distinction between themes and templates is quantity; you can only have one WordPress theme active on your site at a time, although you can have numerous templates. Not only that, but you can use a different template for your blog and your portfolio. In fact, a single page on your website can have multiple templates. You can have a Header template on one page and a distinct Footer template on the same page, for example. Typically, while using templates, you'll create a unique template for each section of your site.

What Are Templates Kits?

Template Kits are an excellent illustration of how templates may be used to create specific pages on a website. Elementor Template Kits are collections of page templates centered around a specific theme or website type.

Take a peek at the Templates Library in Elementor to understand what we mean. Template Kits are a collection of different templates designed to work together on a single website. For example, their real estate website templatekit includes templates for each page that a typical real estate company would need, as well as templates for specific components such as pop-ups, headers, footers, and contact forms.

Template Kits are distinct in that they are created with a specific business purpose or user persona in mind. Take, for example, Elementor's online course website template package. This website is for marketers and industry experts interested in creating and delivering content in the form of an online course.

Based on this design persona, we immediately understood without conducting any prior user research that the folks who will be using this template kit will be trying to target an audience of seasoned internet users who are interested in current education mediums like online courses. As a result, we determined that the website should have a modern, tech-savvy aesthetic and a design language that communicates to young professionals seeking to expand their skill sets and advance their careers.


You can see why assets like Template Kits will make your web creation process even more robust, smooth, and simple to complete now that you have a better understanding of which WordPress resources are available for your site. The possibilities for what you can do with WordPress sites are virtually limitless, and harnessing the power of Template Kits, WordPress themes, templates, and page builders will allow you to produce better results than ever before.

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