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Best New Wix Templates for 2021

Best New Wix Templates for 2021

Your website is a digital window. Whether you use it to attract consumers, promote your work, or expand your business, one thing is certain: it must look fantastic. What size fonts should you use if you're just getting started? Is it necessary to border my images if I'm using a standard header height?

Joan Cornish
Last updated: Oct 07, 2021 | Sep 30, 2021

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Your website is a digital window. Whether you use it to attract consumers, promote your work, or expand your business, one thing is certain: it must look fantastic.

What size fonts should you use if you're just getting started? Is it necessary to border my images if I'm using a standard header height?

Thanks to pre-made designs, most website builders are easy to use and Wix templates offer some of the most attractive. However, is this truly the best course of action for you? We break it down for you.

How Many Templates Are There On Wix?

Templates are pre-built web pages that include sample content, galleries, inner pages, and built-in business functions. A fantastic place to begin your website design journey is with one of these fully customizable templates.

Wix offers over 800 professionally designed templates. They cover a wide variety of website kinds, from culinary blogs to wedding event websites, from car repair businesses to consulting firms—and much more. Each one is produced based on extensive market research and current trends to ensure that every component, from the style to the pages, is the most appropriate for the subject matter being discussed.

Templates are designed to be modified as little or as much as the user desires: Simply open the template in the Wix Editor and experiment with the design and layout until you find something that works for you. You have complete control over the site, including the ability to alter the name, edit text, substitute photos, and delete sections. There are a lot of possibilities. When you're finished editing, simply click on the 'Publish' button to make your work available to the public.

Are Templates Free On Wix?

All of the themes we've assembled on this page are completely free to use! If you do not upgrade to one of Wix's premium subscriptions, your website will display a Wix advertisement at the top.

You may begin modifying a theme with only a few clicks once you've discovered one you like.

Wix Store Templates For Online Store

One of the finest methods to start and build a small business these days is to open an online store. For displaying, selling, and marketing your items and services on the internet, use Wix's eCommerce website designs.

T-Shirt Store Website Template

Sample of Wix T-Shirt Store Website Template

A Wix Stores connection, in addition to this template's stylish and well-organized style, allows visitors to explore, shop, and pay for their purchases immediately on your site. To begin selling your brand online, customize this appealing site by making your own logo, adding a distinctive headline, and uploading product photographs.

Beauty Supply Store Website Template

Sample of Wix Beauty Supply Store Website Template

You'll have all the fundamentals you need to let your products shine if you use this new template as a starting point. This appealing website design is designed to keep clients engaged as they search for their favorite products by including some of the latest web design trends, such as parallax scrolling and gradient backgrounds.

Electronics Store Website Template

Sample of Wix Electronics Store Website Template

This template's vast galleries, strong CTAs, and category strips make it ideal for showing many products and special offers for businesses with a modern and professional tone. Wix Stores integration and a search box in the header make it simple for customers to find and buy exactly what they want.

Wix Templates For Health And Wellness

The process of creating a health and wellness website has never been simpler or more relevant, whether it is for online meditation or independent therapy practice. Using the following templates, you may create a more lively online environment by using their inspiring designs and functionality.

Online Meditation Classes Website Template

Sample of Wix Online Meditation Classes Website Template

This tranquil and beautiful new style for online meditation workshops encourages people to slow down, breathe, and be present in the moment. Incorporating parallax scrolling and transparent video, together with animated movements and live-streamed classes, this design is pleasantly and shockingly trendy.

Dietician Website Template

Sample of Wix Dietician Website Template

This is the perfect new template for independent practitioners in the health and wellness field. It's fresh and eye-catching. You'll be able to properly describe your offers to new visitors if you include an area for service descriptions. Clients may sign up for individual sessions or package packages through your site due to a Wix Bookings integration.

Therapist Website Template

Sample of Wix Therapist Website Template

Assisting mental health professionals in building a client base by displaying their services online and greeting site visitors with a headshot and bio, this template is ideal for them. With a static website header and a clean design, visitors will have an easier time navigating your site to learn more about your services and professional background.

Wix Templates For Food And Restaurants

Food and restaurant websites are here to stay, thanks to the convenience they provide to customers. These templates are ideal for restaurant owners in this exciting and rapidly expanding market because they help them sell excellent products, manage restaurant orders, and attract new, repeat clients.

Bakery Website Template

Sample of Wix Bakery Website Template

This bakery website template is sure to impress your customers because it has everything they need for a clear message and a simple ordering process. With corresponding video strips, you can give clients a vivid insight into the baking process behind the scenes while using stylish and trendy parallax strips.

Ice Cream Shop Website Template

Sample of Wix Ice Cream Shop Website Template

Shop owners with sweet tooth will love this cheerful and lovely template. On a more practical level, the live chat option enables visitors to connect and ask questions at any time, which is critical for providing excellent customer support.

Restaurant Website Template

Sample of Wix Restaurant Website Template

Before they even enter your restaurant, this dynamic layout will capture their attention. Customers can book an open table for their party or order food to be delivered using the Wix Reservations and Online Orders apps.

Wix Templates For Fitness Websites

The following new templates were created with the goal of making fitness websites that are motivating, bold, and energizing. These templates will not only help you manage everything from class schedules to bookings and payments, but they will also help you get your fitness business online.

Fitness Trainer Website Template

Sample of Wix Fitness Trainer Website Template

This site is modern, cool, and sleek, with plenty of space for motivating new visitors, educating them about fitness and health, and guiding their exercise routine. The template's contact page is an effective way to foster communication and ultimately build your client list for potential customers who want to get in touch about membership.

How Do I Buy Templates On Wix?

Purchase, Download, And Export Of A Wix Template

Wix has hundreds of free templates to select from. Start by adding or removing pages, modifying the design, and populating the site with your content to create the ideal site for your purposes.

Wix is always the host of Wix sites. This implies that you won't be able to download or export templates. It's also possible to customize any template, however, making a template unavailable to others isn't one of those customizations you can do.

What's The Difference Between Wix And WordPress?

Difference between Wordpress and Wix

Website builders like Wix are great for portfolio websites because they're easy to use and have customizable designs. Building a large site is not recommended because the editor becomes slow when there are too many pages. WordPress enables the creation of much larger websites, but it necessitates more technical knowledge.

For the most part, Wix and WordPress have the same features, but WordPress is an open-source platform, so you're on your own when it comes to those things. You must locate and install a web host on your own web space. Additionally, if there are any technical difficulties, you are responsible.

Recently, though, it appears as though Wix has been attempting to expand into WordPress's domain and promote itself as a performance-focused website builder – particularly if recent (failed) marketing initiatives are any indication. Further evidence of advancement is the addition of capabilities such as CMS-like dynamic pages and powerful development tools such as Wix Editor X and Wix Velo. We do not expect this to change anytime soon, as WordPress continues to be by far the most powerful of the two platforms.


With 85% of people searching online before buying, having a website has never been more vital. Wix makes it easy to build a free website. Wix is a complete online business solution with over 500 configurable, eye-catching templates, free trustworthy web hosting, sophisticated SEO tools, and 24/7 customer support. Sell your items and services with built-in e-commerce tools. Use integrated marketing and customer management solutions to boost sales.

Wix has around 180 million users worldwide. You can be one of them.

Joan Cornish | Software Engineer: From banking industry to running my own business. Previously worked with Wordpress clients, but recently built our in-house CMS with 100 Mobile Google Page Speed. Free websites for Charity or Non For Profit. Contact us to learn more.


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