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Exit Gracefully With The Right Resignation Letter Template


For workers contemplating on resigning for whatever reason, they should know the right resignation letter templateto execute such a plan in a proper and professional way.

A clear sign of unprofessionalism is leaving a company without submitting a resignation letter. One doesn’t just decide not to report to work anymore and to start disappearing the next day onwards.

The same as when applying, there is also a certain process that should be followed when resigning. One part of that procedure involves the submission of a formal resignation letter.

It will be better for an employee to know about a good resignation letter templateto use when that time comes.

Employee holding a box of personal items after resigning
Employee holding a box of personal items after resigning

What Is The Best Way To Resign?

The regularity of wearing one’s I.D. while at work is the same as the constancy of observing professionalism and courtesy in the workplace.

With that said, the best way to resign is to do it without creating a fuss about one’s resignation. Do it quietly, professionally, and courteously. Not even when the principal reason you’re quitting is because of an ill-mannered or unsupportive boss, relentless workplace gossip, or an overwhelming toxic work environment. Remain professional up to the very last minute you set foot at the office.

The best way to resign is to:

  • compose a professional resignation letter
  • have a dialogue with your immediate superior about leaving
  • talk to close and trustworthy colleagues about your decision
  • finish promptly as much as you can all your tasks

How Do I Professionally Resign?

How to Resign From a Job Professionally and Gracefully [Deep Dive]

It all starts with a good letter of resignation to professionally resign.

A resignation letter will serve as your formal way of leaving and saying goodbye to a company.

Follow these simple but important guidelines if you wish to professionally resign:

  • Know the company rules or procedures when resigning. Once you do, strictly adhere to them.
  • The overall tone of your resignation letter should be polite and professional. Never rant nor complain in your resignation letter.
  • Submit your resignation letter personally, unless of course you’re physically incapable of doing it (e.g., you’re hospitalized, which could be the reason for your resignation).
  • Even after you submitted your resignation letter, don’t go around announcing to every Tom, Dick, and Harry that you are soon leaving. More so, don’t proclaim it – as if everyone would be interested or would care enough to know – when you haven’t even written a resignation letter.
  • Continue observing the rules and regulations of the company.
  • Fulfill your duties and responsibilities up to your last day at work.

So, be a professional and personally submit a resignation letter first and take it from there.

Should I Resign By Email Or Letter?

Email icon on smartphone shows number of unread emails
Email icon on smartphone shows number of unread emails

When the option to resign by email or letter comes up, choose to do the latter.

Handing over a computer-typed but physically signed resignation letter is the best way to resign professionally. When you cannot do it personally (e.g., your physical health or condition prevents you from doing so), send your resignation letter through postal mail, not electronically.

An emailed resignation letter can only be acceptable if you’re working for an online company where communication and operations are regularly done online.

What Is A Resignation Letter?

Red colored pencil rests on top of a letter of resignation
Red colored pencil rests on top of a letter of resignation

In general, business letters are formal correspondences, and a resignation letter falls under the category of business letters.

Below are four likely instances when an employee permanently stops working at a certain company:

  • The company closes down for good.
  • The employee dies.
  • The employee gets dismissed.
  • The employee resigns.

A resignation letter is a formal written notification from an employee informing the company that he/she will discontinue working for the company. Moreover, a resignation letter tells when and why an employee is leaving his/her post.

When an employee resigns, he/she composes a resignation letter and hands it over to the appropriate person for two basic reasons:

  • Like a true professional, it’s the right thing to do.
  • It’s part of the company rules.

How Do I Write A Good Resignation Letter?

Again, the final goal is to make a graceful exit and in order to do that, you should know how to write a good resignation letter.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind to ensure that you’re submitting a good resignation letter:

  • Know the right resignation letter template to use.
  • Use the right format and the approximate font and size.
  • Physically sign the resignation letter.
  • Don’t use offensive or vulgar words.
  • Be straightforward but in a courteous way.
  • Don’t say anything negative about the company and the people in the workplace (your immediate superiors and other people over you and colleagues).
  • Don’t mention anything too personal.
  • If you’re resigning for personal reasons, don’t go into so much detail.
  • Thank the company and wish for its success.

How to Write a Letter of Resignation (QUIT YOUR JOB GRACEFULLY) Free Resignation Letter Template

Parts Of A Resignation Letter

As mentioned earlier, a resignation letter is a type of business letter, and it contains the same parts of a business letter.

The parts of a resignation letter that should be included in any resignation template are the following:

  • Heading
  • It shall be comprised of the employee’s:
  • Date
  • It should appear right after the letterhead.
  • It should be the date when the letter will be submitted.
  • It should be in this format: Month (spelled out), Day, and Year (in full).
  • Recipient
  • This will be the person to whom the resignation letter is addressed to, and the recipient could be a particular department or the employee’s:
  • Write the recipient’s name in full.
  • Under the recipient’s name, write down his/her job title or designation
  • Inside Address
  • This is actually the address of the company where the recipient is currently affiliated with, but it must be preceded by the name of the company.
  • The name of the company is written under the recipient’s job title (no space between them) followed by its complete address.

Note: When writing an address, take note of these three things:

a. The general order will be (written under the person’s name):

  • first line: house number and name of the street
  • second line: the name of the avenue, road, and/or boulevard
  • third line:

b. Don’t abbreviate terms, such as these words:

  • Apartment (Apt.)
  • Avenue (Ave.)
  • Building (Bldg.)
  • Boulevard (Blvd.)
  • Corner (Cor.)
  • Drive (Dr.)
  • Floor (Fl.)
  • Ground Floor (GF)
  • Parkway (Pkwy.)
  • Road (Rd.)
  • Street (St.)

c. In business writing, states are spelled out. A resignation letter is a business letter; so, don’t resort to two-letter state abbreviation.

  • Write “Arizona,” not “AZ.”

Note: Styles and formatting tend to change overtime depending on which style guides one refers to. Some style guides use two-letter state abbreviation; others don’t. This particular article sticks to the classic rules.

  • Salutation
  • Use the word “Dear” followed by the recipient’s surname, and use the appropriate prefix (Mr., Ms., Mrs.).
  • If the resignation letter is addressed to a department, the employee may write:

The first five parts – Heading, Date, Recipient, Inside Address, and Salutation – may be written and formatted like this:

Heading, inside address and salutation in a resignation letter
Heading, inside address and salutation in a resignation letter

Every company follows a chain of command. With that said, a resignation letter template may start like this (which somehow follows a memo format):

Resignation letter using memo format
Resignation letter using memo format

Note the following:

  • There’s no heading.
  • There are two recipients:

It will be safe therefore for an employee to ask the H.R. department if the company follows a particular format for a resignation letter.

  • BodyThe body of a resignation letter is the part where the employee gets a bit personal while still maintaining a formal and professional tone.

As the employee bids farewell to the company, the contents of the body should reflect the employee’s:

  • genuineness
  • graciousness
  • professionalism

The body in a resignation letter template may consist of four sections, and each section is intended for a specific message:

a. The first section(or the first 1-2 lines) is where the employee tells the following:

  • the purpose of the letter
  • the post or designation he/she will be leaving behind
  • the effective date of his/her resignation

When making a resignation letter template, this part could be written like the following:

  • “I hereby tender my resignation as [job title or designation] at [name of company] effective [date].”
  • “This letter is to inform you that I am resigning as [job title or designation] at [name of company] effective [date].”
  • “Please/Kindly accept this letter as I resign from my post as [job title or designation] at [name of company] effective [date].”It is with a heavy heart that I submit my resignation letter as I leave my position as [job title or designation] at [name of company].
  • “It is with a heavy heart that I submit my resignation letter as I leave my position as [job title or designation] at [name of company].”

The part where you write “effective [date]” can be replaced with the following (but write them down as a second sentence):

  • “My last day with the company will be [complete date].”
  • “My last day to report to work will be [complete date].”
  • “My last working day will be [complete date].”

b. The second section

  • This is the part where the employee explains the reason for leaving the company.

Note: This will be further discussed in another section of this article.

c. The third section

  • This is the part where the employee declares his/her gratitude for the company.
  • The employee may thank the company for the following:

Note: The employee need not (and should not because a resignation letter should ideally be just one-page long) enumerate one by one the things he/she is grateful for.

  • He/she should simply make a general statement of gratitude but may still add some specific details.

For example:

  • “I thank New Horizon Elementary School for the beautiful and fruitful three-year long teaching journey. The time when the school conferred me “The Best Adviser” in 2020 was particularly memorable. Thank you for the honor and trust.”
  • “My deepest gratitude to A&A Creatives for five years of fun-filled and productive stay. Thank you very much for the trust when you sent me to that advertising summit in Hong Kong. I interacted with several interesting people, and the whole experience broadened my view of the advertising world. Thank you, Sir, for the endorsement.”
  • “I would like to express my utmost thanks to Liberty Financial Group for my one and a half year stay with the company. It may be brief but I learned so much. The monthly workshops and training bolstered my confidence and knowledge in sales, and I could not thank the Liberty Financial Group enough for that.”

Note: Check again the third example above.

  • When you need to mention the name of the company twice in a sentence, mention the name once at the first instance. Then for the second time, simply refer to it as “the company.”
  • When you start another sentence and there will be a need again to mention the company, refer to it by its name.

The third section of the body in a resignation letter template is also where the employee informs the company regarding two things:

  • his/her readiness to help in the transition process
  • his/her preparedness to finish, as time permits, all necessary work and tasks

For example:

  • “I will make sure that I will update all computer files under my responsibility before I leave. Please expect that I will assist in the transition process.”
  • “I will turn over all pertinent documents assigned to me, and rest assured that I am available during the entire transition.”
  • “I will work together with my team to achieve a smooth transition and will assemble them, for the last time, to discuss additional tasks that may arise upon my resignation.”

In short, the employee assures the company that he/she will not leave without making sure that things will be in order within the area of his/her responsibility. Now that’s another sign of being professional!

d. The fourth or final section

  • This is the part where the employee states a line or two regarding an expression of his/her wish or hope for the company’s welfare.

Here are some examples of what to include in a resignation letter template in the final section of the body:

  • “May [name of company] attain further stability in the years to come.”
  • “I wish [name of company] more success both here and abroad.”
  • “More power to [name of company] as it continues touching the lives of farmers and everyone in the agricultural sector despite all odds.”

In case of a religious organization or learning institution, an employee may write:

  • “May the good Lord always extend His graciousness to [name of school/organization] as it heartily carries out His mission.”

Note: The final words in the fourth section of the body will be “Thank you” or “Thank you very much,” written in a separate line.

  • Complimentary Close or Closing
  • For a closing, “Sincerely” could be the “best” one to use because it affirms that whatever the employee stated in the body, he/she earnestly meant them.
  • Signature Line
  • This is where the employee writes down his/her full name together with the appropriate prefix.
  • The employee should give two spaces between the complimentary close and the signature line.

Format For A Resignation Letter

Just like a business letter, a resignation letter follows a certain format or style.

This article recommends the full-block or block style, the one most commonly used in different types of business letters, when making a resignation letter template.

In a classic full-block/block style/form:

  • Don’t indent the paragraphs.
  • Use a single space.
  • Use a colon for the salutation.
  • Use a comma for the closing.

Note: It’s called “classic full-block style” because justified text is applied.

  • Nowadays, the left alignment is used in respect to people with reading disabilities.
  • For font, use Times New Roman (size 12).
Resignation letter with different parts identified
Resignation letter with different parts identified

Sample Resignation Letter Template In Block Style

The resignation letter template in classic block style will appear like this:

Heading [single space] Date [1-2 spaces] Recipient Job Title/Designation Company Name Company Address [1-2 spaces] Salutation [single space] Body First Section [double space] Second Section [double space] Third Section [double space] Fourth Section [double space] Thank you very much. [single space] Complimentary Close [2-4 spaces] Employee’s Name Job Title/Designation

To add details:

Dennis V. Taylor 523 St. Martins Street, Birmingham, Alabama 35211 (205) 721-2754 dvtaylor@email.com

October 1, 2021

Mrs. Emily C. Adams Vice President for Operations Best Value Supermarket 101 Colonnade Parkway, Birmingham, Alabama 35211

Dear Mrs. Adams:

I would like to formally inform your good office that I have decided to leave my position as Operations Manager at Great Value Supermarket effective October 31, 2021.

Me and my family will be relocating to Maryland. My in-laws, who are now of advanced age, wanted Sally, my wife, to take over the small business they put up. I will be managing the said business together with her.

The seven solid years I spent with Great Value Supermarket working together with a superb team, my second family here in Alabama, if I may add, and interacting with wonderful customers on a daily basis make the whole experience life changing. I must admit I have improved a lot as a professional and as an individual.

I will, of course, guide the team during the transition and will make sure that the day-to-day operations will run smoothly as always. I am willing to have a dialogue with you to discuss this matter further in person.

As I have always reminded the team in all our meetings: people go to Best Value Supermarket to find the best value for their hard-earned money. That is why I wish Best Value Supermarket a steadfast commitment to its core mission and endearing success in the years to come.

Thank you very much.


Mr. Dennis V. Taylor Operations Manager

Customized Resignation Letter Template

Employees resign for various reasons and each reason requires a specific resignation letter template.

Just follow the structure and the style discussed earlier.

Each resignation letter template presented below shows four of those reasons.

Note: The following sample resignation templates don’t include the Heading, Recipient, and Inside Address.

Simple Resignation Letter Template

An employee may use this resignation letter template if:

  • he/she opts not to disclose the reason behind his/her resignation
  • he/she has only been staying with the company for less than a year



Recipient Inside Address

Dear Mr. Robinson:

I hereby tender my resignation as Production Staff at Starlight Productions effective October 25, 2021.

I thank Starlight Productions for the opportunities it has given me. I will coordinate with my team leader regarding the transition.

I wish Starlight Productions more success in the entertainment industry.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Ms. Beverly F. Clemens Production Staff

Personal Reasons Resignation Letter Template

Employees may, of course, resign for personal reasons. Now, in case the employee decided to mention that the reason is of personal nature, this resignation letter template could be used:



Recipient Inside Address

Dear Mr. Robinson:

It is with a heavy heart that I submit my resignation letter as I leave my position as Production Staff at Starlight Productions. My last day with the company will be October 25, 2021.

Some personal setbacks prevent me from focusing, and I am afraid it might affect my work performance. I feel I need some time to attend to these personal issues.

With Starlight Productions, work has been fun, and the flow of creative ideas has always exhilarated me. I will miss my team and the whole staff.

I shall finish my pending tasks on time, and rest assured that I am available during the entire transition.

May Starlight Productions grow further and retain its impact in the industry.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Ms. Beverly F. Clemens Production Staff

Career Change Resignation Letter Template

An employee sometimes resigns to grab a chance to work in a different field or sector. In that case, this resignation letter template might serve as a guide:



Recipient Inside Address

Dear Mr. Robinson:

Please accept this letter as a formal notice that I will be leaving my post as Production Staff at Starlight Productions effective October 25, 2021.

I have been offered a wonderful opportunity to be a park guide, and, as a hiker and nature lover, I believe I would like to explore that kind of career.

I will be forever grateful to Starlight Productions for all the learning moments. All the spectacular events, I will always remember them fondly.

I will help in the whole transition process.

More power to Starlight Productions and may it continue producing quality films in the years to come.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Ms. Beverly F. Clemens Production Staff

Returning To School Resignation Letter Template

There could be a time when an employee would plan to go to graduate school, and when that happens this resignation letter template might come handy:



Recipient Inside Address

Dear Mr. Robinson:

I am submitting this letter to notify you that I will be resigning from my position as Production Staff at Starlight Productions. My last official day at work will be October 25, 2021.

I got admitted to the San Francisco Film Institute, where I will be pursuing a degree in Master of Arts in Theatre and Production Design. I really wanted to broaden my knowledge in this particular field.

Starlight Productions opened a new world for me, and I am truly thankful for welcoming me aboard and making me explore the different facets of production design.

Kindly inform me on how I could be of any help during the transition.

I hope Starlight Productions will achieve greater heights.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Ms. Beverly F. Clemens Production Staff

A resignation letter template depends on the reason behind an employee’s resignation. The important thing to remember, aside from the structure (sections) and style of writing a resignation letter, is to consistently sound polite, professional, and grateful.

There might be a chance that a company will contact a previous employee to offer him/her another position at some point in the future. That is why an employee should never burn bridges.

When it’s time to leave, make sure to use the right resignation letter template for a graceful exit.

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