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A Brief Overview Of The Letter Template: With Example Of A Letter Format And Writing Tips


Letter templates regulate the structure and substance of client communication. To customize messages, letter templates may contain references to paragraph templates and data inserts for retrieving work item data.

See also Data Inserts and Paragraph Selection Rules. To finish the description of a paragraph template, you must specify paragraph types if you intend to classify your paragraph templates and utilize paragraph selection criteria.

You may make a letter templatethat does the following:

  • Enters non-variable letter text in a regular format.
  • Variable letter text is entered.
  • Insert any number of normal, conditional, or both templates.
  • Using data inserts retrieves information from the work item or the system.

All correspondence menu commands are added to Microsoft Word by XTRAC, allowing you to build and manage letter templates. When XTRAC produces a letter for a work item, it adds an event to the work item's history.

The letter may be accessed via the Work Item window's History tab or the Correspondence tab. Special data insert codes in XTRAC allow you to enter data from a work item into correspondence items. Before you can finish a letter template, you must first identify the different kinds of communication.

Letter templates regulate the structure and substance of client communication.
Letter templates regulate the structure and substance of client communication.

Free Microsoft Word Letter Templates

Microsoft templates may be used to generate a range of letters and resumes for business and employment purposes. Many of these templates are free to download for Microsoft Word users and may be accessed from inside the application.

Cover letters, resignation letters, reference letters, thank-you letters, and a variety of other business letters all have letter templates. Using a template may help you guarantee that your letter has all of the essential information.

Advantages Of Using A Letter Template

You may format your letter with the assistance of a template. Keep in mind, however, that a template is just intended to serve as a guide; you'll need to modify the letter to make it your own.

Make an effort to personalize your letter for each occasion in order to make the greatest possible impact. Learn about the many kinds of Microsoft letter templates that are available, as well as how to get them and utilize them.

Writing a Formal Business Letter

Letter Templates That Are Available In Microsoft Office

How to Create a Modern Cover Letter 📄 Template in Word (🎙VOICE OVER, 2020) - with downloadlink⬇

Cover Letters

Microsoft offers cover letter templates for a range of job situations. Fill in the blanks with your personal information to generate cover letters for a range of job applications.

Job Interviews Thank-You Notes

It's important to write a thank-you message after a job interview, but getting started may be difficult, particularly if you're not accustomed to writing formal business communication. To assist you in perfecting your letter, this book includes suggestions and example letters.

Don't have time to purchase customized stationery for your thank-you letters but rather to send a card? Try using this Microsoft interview thank-you letter template to create a simple card with your name on it.

Reference Letters

Confused about what to include in a reference letter? Access printable templates for Microsoft Word or Google Docs and see suggestions on how to compose your letter. Alternatively, you may use this Microsoft reference letter template.

It will assist you in emphasizing your coworker's accomplishments and abilities in order to create the greatest possible impression on the hiring manager.

More Free Microsoft Templates

Learn how to write a resignation letter and get a free Microsoft Word or Google Docs template. Make sure the template is tailored to the particular circumstances surrounding your resignation—and that it is kept positive. It's crucial to end on a positive note.

Microsoft letter templates are available as a free download for Microsoft Word users or may be found inside your Word software to assist you in creating a variety of letters. Cover letters, resignation letters, reference letters, thank-you letters, interview letters, and a variety of business letters all include letter templates.

How To Download A Letter Template

To get to these letter templates from your PC, open Microsoft Word and go to:

  • New Documents
  • Then, in the "Search for Online Templates" box, enter your search phrase.
  • By clicking on the "Business" keyword in the search box, you may see a range of various business letters.

To Get The Templates, Go To The Following Website

  • Visit Microsoft Letter Templates for more information.
  • In the "Search for a Template" box, type your keyword, or scroll down to see popular categories like "Resumes and Cover Letters."
  • When you've found the one you like, hover your mouse over the letter title to get a previewof the template.
  • To download the letter template to your computer, click the "Download" button and follow the instructions.
  • You may also edit online by clicking "Open in Browser," but you'll need to create a Microsoft account first.
  • After you've downloaded or opened a letter template file, type over the text to create your own personalized letter.

Create A Design Template Of Your Own

You may make your own template if you can't find one that meets your requirements or if you want to combine features from many other themes. Open Microsoft Word and then select:

  • Then select "New Blank Document" from the File menu.
  • Build your template in the document, or copy and paste content from a range of templates to create one that meets your requirements.
  • Make whatever changes you wish to the margins, page size, and so forth.
  • Then choose "Save As" from the "File" menu.
  • Select "More choices" from the drop-down menu.
  • Save your work as a "Word Template" under "Save as Type."
  • After giving your document template a name, click "Save."
  • After you've saved your template, you may use it whenever you like.
  • This template may be found under "Personal" when you open Word on your computer and select "New."

How to Create a Template in Word: Creating Templates in Word

Tips For Formatting Your Letter

Follow these guidelines to make your letter appear professional:

  • Make the goal of your letter obvious in your letter; it should be straightforward and targeted.
  • Justify your letter on the left side.
  • Leave a space between each paragraph and a single space for your letter.
  • Arial, Times New Roman, Courier New, or Verdana are examples of plain fonts.
  • The typeface should be 10 or 12 points in size.
  • After the greeting and before the closure, leave a blank line.
  • Rather than using colorful paper or personal stationery, business letters should always be printed on white bond paper.
  • Here's what to add and how to structure your signature if you're sending an email letter.

Writing An Effective Business Letter

Although e-mail is a fast and easy means of sending everyday business communications, the printed business letter remains the preferred method of communicating critical information.

A well-written letter with beautiful stationery may be an effective communication tool. Use the business letter style and template below, as well as some fundamental business letter-writing principles, to ensure you're producing the most professional and effective letter possible.

Select A Professional Letterhead Design For Your Small Business

Because your business letter is a reflection of your firm, you want it to stand out and say "high quality" right away. Use our letterhead and envelope design templates as a simple and cost-effective alternative to conventional preprinted letterhead.

Use A Standard Business Letter Format And Template

The most common format for business letters is "block style," in which the whole letter's content is justified to the left. Except for double spaces between paragraphs, the content is single-spaced.

The default option for most word-processing applications is to have 1 inch (25.4 mm) margins on both sides of the page. If you're using Microsoft Word, the built-in Letter Wizard may help you with extra formatting (look on the Tools menu).

Business Letter Template Fields

  • Use the month, day, and year format, such as March 3, 20xx, or March 3, 20xx.
  • Sender's Address: If available, provide the sender's email address and URL. If this information is already included in the letterhead design, leave it out. Customers will be able to discover your small company more rapidly as a result of this.
  • Use your complete name for the inside address. Mr./Ms. is an optional title.
  • In personal correspondence, a colon, not a comma, should be used at the conclusion of the name.
  • Text in the body: Explain why you're writing. Any connection/mutual relationship should be established upfront.
  • Outline the remedy, using examples and expert views to back it up. Paragraphs should be used to group similar content.
  • Close with a "Call to Action" that explains what the reader should do and what you'll do next.
  • Sign your message in blue or black ink on the signature block. If you have an enclosure, you can use it. If you're sending a copy to more than one person, use carbon copy.

Letter Writing Tips And Advice

How to Write a Formal Letter

Use A Professional Tone

Email should be used for informal, conversational language; your printed business letters should be pleasant yet professional.

"The business writer should strive for an overall tone that is confident, courteous, and sincere; that uses emphasis and subordination appropriately; that contains nondiscriminatory language; that stresses the "you" attitude; and that is written at an appropriate level of difficulty," writes Scott Ober in his book Contemporary Business Communication.

However, make sure you sound like yourself; you don't want your letter to seem like it was written by a machine.

Write Clearly

Make your argument in the first paragraph of your letter. Use clear, succinct wording to prevent any misunderstandings. To keep your reader's interest, avoid using business jargon and instead use vivid, dynamic language.

Organize Your Information Logically

Divide similar information into paragraphs. Consider dividing information into parts with subheads in a lengthy, information-heavy letter. You may wish to use most word-processing applications and your color multifunction printer to highlight important phrases to make them stand out.

Use Color To Emphasize Words In Text

It's simple to highlight a few words in text using color. Simply pick the type, then click the arrow to the right of the Font Color button, select the desired color, and click the button.

Alternatively, try underlining a few words in the text. Then click the Highlight button on the type you wish to highlight. Use a bright hue, such as yellow, light green, or light blue, to emphasize sections of a document you want to publish. Select the text and click the Highlight button again to remove the highlighting.


AutoText automates the process of adding color (or any typestyle) that would otherwise need several clicks or instructions. Assume you're working on a report that compares your company's performance to that of a rival. Words may color your company's name every time it occurs, making it easier to find such items.

Be Persuasive

Right away, establish a good connection with your reader. Mention a link to the reader in your opening paragraph if you have one you've met previously or had a common colleague, for example. It is critical to establish common ground and develop your argument from there, whether you believe your reader will agree with the thesis of your letter or not.

Understand Your Reader

You should know enough about your reader to be able to predict how he or she will respond to your message. Address his or her wants or desires, as well as a particular issue, before laying out your plan. Back up your claim with evidence in the form of examples and/or expert views. Make a "call to action" at the end of your letter.

Declare what your reader must do or believe in order to accomplish the intended result, and then explain what you, the writer, plan to do next to follow up.

Proofread Your Letter

Spelling and punctuation mistakes, which create a lasting bad impression, are unavoidable despite your meticulous designing and printing.

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