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How To Get Pretty Wallpapers For Your Device


Your desktop wallpaper or your mobile device's wallpaper may be getting a little stale. Having an array of eye-catching wallpapers to choose from on our computers and mobile devices is convenient, given how frequently we use them.

Links to some websites where you can download free desktop and mobile wallpapers have been provided. Despite the fact that not all of the wallpapers are free, there are plenty of free ones to choose from.

How To Put A Pretty Wallpapers?

Your Android's home screen menu has a built-in option for changing your wallpaper. There are two kinds of wallpaper that you can use to personalize your home screen's background:


Still images are used to select the wallpaper in the traditional way. Alternatively, you can choose an image from the phone's gallery, like a photo you've taken, to use as the wallpaper.


When you set a live wallpaper as your background image, it will change in response to your touch or show you a constantly changing image.

How To Set A Pretty Wallpaper On Your Home Screen

You can change the wallpaper on your home screen by following these instructions:

First, make a long-press on the home screen.

Second, Set Wallpaper or Wallpapers is the command or icon that you can use to set a new wallpaper.

Third, Select a wallpaper style from the options.

For example, if you'd like to use a picture you've taken, you can select Gallery or Wallpapers to do so.

Alternatively, you may see a scrolling list of wallpaper choices. The Gallery or Photo app can be used to select an image. The names of the live wallpaperscan be included in the list.

Four, Select the desired wallpaper from the list if prompted.

Previews of wallpapers are shown when selecting an image from a phone's gallery. An image cropping tool may appear, allowing you to select a specific area of the image and crop it accordingly.

For some live wallpapers, there is a Settings icon. It allows you to alter some aspects of the wallpaper's interactive features.

And five, make your choice by clicking the Save button or pressing the Apply button.

The new wallpaper has completely taken over the desktop.

Best Sites For Download Pretty Wallpapers

Desktop Nexus

For those looking for high-quality wallpapers, Desktop Nexus is a place where you can interact with the artists or photographers who create them. You can subscribe to their RSS feeds to be alerted whenever a new wallpaper is added to a particular category. Every wallpaper that members upload is automatically cropped, stretched, resized, and re-mastered to fit your screen.


User-uploaded content makes Wallbase a searchable wallpaper database.


More than 2500 free wallpapers for smartphones, tablets, and computers are available at InterfaceLIFT. Wallpapers can be downloaded in bulk for one cent per image, as well.


Pretty Wallpaperscan make your device more cute and aesthetic, if you are a fan of this type of wallpapers we gave you a lot of options where you can choose, be free to look for ideas on the website to get beautifual and awesome appearance in your phone.

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