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How To Make An Invoice Template Word In 6 Steps: Invoicing Solutions For Small Business


To be compensated for their services, small companies need easy invoicing systems. In Microsoft Word, you may create your own invoice design from scratch or use a customized Microsoft Word invoice template.

Invoice templatesare simple to use and may let you concentrate on more essential aspects of your company. You may want to utilize the free blank invoice template from FreshBooks instead of scratching your head over complicated invoicing software or wasting needless money on an accountant.

With industry-specific choices and completely configurable templates, you can start being paid the correct way right now. From invoicing to payments and everything in between, FreshBooks has you covered.

To be compensated for their services, small companies need easy invoicing systems. In Microsoft Word, you may create your own invoice design from scratch or use a customized Microsoft Word invoice template.
To be compensated for their services, small companies need easy invoicing systems. In Microsoft Word, you may create your own invoice design from scratch or use a customized Microsoft Word invoice template.

How To Make An Invoice From A Word Template

Microsoft Word is a popular option for busy freelancers and industry employees since it is accessible and familiar to many people. You can relax knowing that FreshBooks will make your payment procedure as simple as possible with a variety of free word invoice templates to fit every occasion.

Open Microsoft Word, choose File, then New Template to create an invoice using a pre-existing template. To filter the template results, type "invoice" into the search box in the upper right-hand corner.

Choose an invoice template that best fits your company's requirements and double-clicks it to open it. After you've finished customizing the document, save it to your computer. A simple blank invoice template isn't always sufficient.

If you're having difficulty choosing the perfect one among the many blank invoice templates available, have a peek at FreshBooks' template collection. You may be on your way to modifying your invoice in minutes after you've chosen the appropriate template for your business.

The Microsoft Word template, on the other hand, is a fantastic place to start if you simply need a basic blank invoice template. A comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on creating an invoice from a Word template may be found here:

Making a Professional Invoice Design in MS Word | Graphics Designer Invoice Tutorial

1. Open A New Word Document

To generate a new invoice using a Word template, open Microsoft Word, click File, and then choose New From Template from the menu. Depending on your business, unique design style, and the kind of services provided, you should be offered a variety of printable invoice templates to select from.

2. Choose Your Invoice Template

In Microsoft Word, you can either browse through the template choices or filter them to see the most relevant ones first. To do so, go to the top right-hand corner of the screen and type "invoice" into the search box.

Look for a template that fits your company's requirements. Word has templates for sales invoices, service invoices, and other types of invoices. Select a design that complements your company's image. You have the variety and choices to make your company stand out with free blank invoice templates.

Because billing is an essential element of the service process, your client will appreciate your professionalism.

3. Download The Invoice Template

When you've chosen an invoice template that fits all of your requirements, double-click it. The template design will appear in a new Word document. When using Microsoft Word, you may choose from a variety of customized printed invoices.

You may send your invoice by email directly to your clients' inboxes, or you can mail it to them if they prefer the old-fashioned way.

4. Customize Your Invoice Template

After that, modify the invoice template to reflect all of the pertinent information about the job you just finished. To make your invoice correct, a free invoice templatewill be structured to display all of the most essential company information.

Filling in the forms properly is critical, since providing incorrect information may cause your payment to be delayed. Make certain you include the following details:

  • Contact information for your business, including your name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • Your customer's contact information
  • A unique invoice number that may be used as a reference.
  • The due date for payment An itemized account of the services you gave to the customer, including the number of hours worked and the fee.
  • For each of your services, the subtotal
  • Your payment conditions, including the methods of payment you accept and any late fees you charge.
  • The deadline for payment The entire amount due, including any relevant taxes, for the invoice.

If you need more information, read this post that takes you through the specifics of what to put on your invoices.

5. Save Your Invoice

Save the finished invoice to your computer after you're satisfied with it. You may save it as an editable.docx document, as well as a PDF document so that the final version you give to customers cannot be changed by anybody.

It's OK to save your invoice as a word doc first if you believe you'll need to add additional information later. This provides you the flexibility to add additional services later, as well as modify your hours and material prices.

However, you'll want to save it in a final PDF version before sending it to your customer. Keep this in mind when sending bills to your clients through email.

6. Send Your Invoice

Send your invoice to the customer in the most convenient manner for you, whether it's via mail or email. Include a brief cover letter that summarizes the most essential information, such as the outstanding amount and the payment due date.

Running a company entails juggling a lot of obligations. Creating and delivering invoices to your clients or customers is one of them. Invoicing is necessary to compensate for the job you have completed. It's also needed for a yearly tax audit.

That is why, both for legal reasons and to maintain a healthy cash flow, it is essential to get a correctly prepared invoice. However, if you're still using a spreadsheet or word document, it may take a long time.

This is where invoicing software may help you get things back on track. We've compiled a list of the best 10 free invoice template websites with excellent design and functionality.

Websites With The Best Free Invoice Templates

5 Best Websites To Download Free Excel Templates Without Registration and No SignUp

Invoiceto Me

Invoiceto Me, is a free invoice template developed specifically for small companies by Invoicely. With its incredible collection of capabilities, it has been able to service over 100,000 businesses. Despite the fact that they have a pre-designed template, you may still modify it to fit your brand or company needs.

Within the template, you may modify and add rows and text. The invoice will compute tax and total payment for you after you've provided all of the information regarding the job and payment.

The invoice may then be downloaded as a PDF and sent to your customer or client. It creates an invoice that is very professional in appearance. Furthermore, when you join up with them, you will get extra advantages (which is free again). Accept online payments, keep track of your hourly billed activities, and more.

Invoice Generator

The Invoice Generator is the finest and fastest method to create an invoice quickly and easily. It's also totally free! It comes with an invoice template that is nice and tidy.

You must input information such as the brand logo, business name, customer information, and more before you can proceed. The greatest feature is that it saves you the bother of having to sign up every time you want to generate an invoice on the site.

That's possible to do it right from your web browser. You also have the option of having your invoice emailed and paid online or having it downloaded as a PDF.

Shopify Invoice Generator

One of the most popular eCommerce systems, Shopify, offers a free, professional-looking invoice template to use. It includes an invoice generating feature that allows you to generate an invoice in three easy steps.

  • Begin by filling out your company's details.
  • Describe your client or customer in depth.
  • Enter the details about the goods or service you want to charge.

You may customize the invoice to meet your specific requirements. You may either download the file or email it straight to your customer after you've finished all of your processes.

Furthermore, this free invoice generating tool may be utilized for both personal and business purposes. You don't have to be a client of theirs to utilize it. It may be used by anybody.

Zoho Invoice

Zoho handles it all, and they weren't going to let companies down when it came to generating bills. The Zoho Invoice generating tool was created with freelancers and small companies in mind.

Of course, Zoho invoicing is compatible with the rest of the Zoho suite. What's even more intriguing is that it works with third-party services like PayPal, Stripe, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, and DropBox. You have a variety of invoice templates to select from, not just one.

If you like, you may change the templates as well. In addition, the free version provides you complete access to all of the features. However, each month, you are restricted to just five client invoices.

Free Invoice Generator

You don't have to spend anything to utilize the wonderful Free Invoice Generator application, as the name implies. It comes with an invoice template built-in, but you can simply change any element of it if you wish.

It also allows you to generate an invoice in whatever currency you choose. You may also include extra comments at the bottom of the invoice. You don't even need to register to use it. Visit their website, fill in the blanks, and print your invoice. That concludes our discussion.


Wave Invoice is a free invoice template that is fast and simple to use. First and foremost, you may generate an infinite number of invoices with the free version. Second, you may alter or adapt its pre-existing templates to meet your own company requirements.

It stands out because it enables you to create recurring invoices and collect credit card payments from repeat clients automatically. That implies you won't have to hunt down payments from your customers.

You may also go back and forth between automatic and manual billing as needed. Furthermore, the app syncs your invoice and payment information with their accounting software immediately.

Freshbooks Invoice Generator

Freshbooks Invoice Generator is a simple and dependable invoice template generator. You may simply change its appearance and give it your desired vibe. The invoice template generator has a unique feature that enables you to generate an invoice in the currency of your choosing.

Setting reminders at regular intervals, collecting credit card payments, and more are just a few of its numerous uses. If you like, you may also add any remarks on the invoice. Overall, it's a fantastic invoice-generating tool!


Invoicera provides a complete professional-looking invoice template based on 14 years of expertise in generating invoices. It comes in two flavors: free and paid. The free plan is restricted to three customers and limitless invoices.

For small companies, Invoicera is an excellent option. You can create regular invoices, take credit card payments, and it even protects your data with three layers of protection.

Furthermore, you can use this cloud-based invoicing solution from anywhere on the globe. 3 million people from 40 different countries utilize Invoicera.


Brightbook is a one-stop shop for all of your invoicing requirements. This free invoice-generating software has a lot to offer, including sophisticated insights into your financial flow, what you owe, and what you owe.

You may also input your bank statements to check profit and loss. You may generate an invoice template in whatever currency you choose using this program. Furthermore, you may connect your invoice to your Paypal account so that customers can pay you instantly and securely online.

Mr. Biller

Mr. Biller is a cloud-based invoice generation application that enables you to generate an invoice from any device. It is best suited for freelancers. What sets it different is that it offers its customers a user-friendly invoice template.

You may personalize it to give your company the appearance and feel you want. Once your invoice is complete, you can send it through email, download it as a PDF, or print it with a single click.

In Conclusion

You don't have to spend time generating invoices in Excel or a spreadsheet anymore, thanks to the abundance of invoicing software on the market. Choose the finest invoice template for your requirements, and then sit back and watch your company grow.

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