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Free Wallpapers For My Phone - Top 11 Websites In 2021


It's not difficult to find fantastic wallpapers and backgrounds for your phone. There are numerous apps available that can perform the task. Furthermore, a quick Google picture search can provide you with some interesting possibilities. The idea is to figure out which applications work best for you and what kind of content you want to see. Plus, with the transition from low-resolution to high-resolution phones, there are a lot of apps with outdated content that doesn't look as good as it used to. Fortunately, some people keep things up to date. Let's have a look at the top Android backgrounds and wallpaper apps!


Free wallpapers for my phone vladstudio
Free wallpapers for my phone vladstudio

Vladstudio is our top pick for the finest free wallpaper site, and you'll realize why after visiting. These are all original wallpapers that are so vibrant and unusual that it will be difficult to take your gaze away from the screen.

This isn't your typical free wallpaper site, and I'm confident that after just one visit, you'll be convinced.


Free wallpapers for my phone wallcoo
Free wallpapers for my phone wallcoo

At Wallcoo.net, you'll find over 60,000 gorgeous free wallpapers ranging from landscapes to anime.

Wallcoo.net has a variety of unique wallpaper galleries where you may find the next free wallpaper that fits your style and personality.


Free wallpapers for my phone wallpaperstock
Free wallpapers for my phone wallpaperstock

WallpaperStock again makes our list of the top free wallpaper sites, owing to their massive collection of high-quality wallpapers in every category imaginable.

At WallpaperStock, you can simply choose the type of free wallpaper you want thanks to the enormous range of original wallpapers and simple navigation.


Free wallpapers for my phone desktop nexus
Free wallpapers for my phone desktop nexus

The hundreds of thousands of free wallpapers at DesktopNexus are structured so well that finding a wallpaper that you like is a breeze.

When you're ready to install one of their free wallpapers on your computer, they'll automatically resize to fit.


Free wallpapers for my phone deviantart
Free wallpapers for my phone deviantart

DeviantArt is much more than a free wallpaper site, as you'll soon discover.

At DeviantArt, you'll find a lot of unique and creative free wallpaper, but finding them can be difficult.


Free wallpapers for my phone ewallpapers
Free wallpapers for my phone ewallpapers

You'll find a few mediocre wallpapers on eWallpapers, but this isn't your typical free wallpaper site. eWallpapers makes it simple to find your next wallpaper, and each wallpaper comes in a variety of sizes.

The number of downloads a wallpaper has received, as well as the number of times the download page has been seen and the size of the wallpaper file, are all listed on each download page.


Free wallpapers for my phone hdwallpapers
Free wallpapers for my phone hdwallpapers

HDwallpapers.net is a free wallpaper site with a large selection of high-resolution wallpapers that cover a wide range of topics.

The best resolution for your device is automatically determined, but you can change it with the drop-down button.


Free wallpapers for my phone wallhaven
Free wallpapers for my phone wallhaven

The amazing and unusual photos that you won't find anywhere else make Wallhaven a favorite free wallpaper website. From realism to the absolutely abstract, there's something for everyone.

Searching for wallpapers by keyword, browsing the most recently added, bringing up a random page of wallpapers, choosing a color, and more are all options.

There are sizes for landscape, portrait, multiple monitors, and many resolutions available here.

Wallpaper Cave

Free wallpapers for my phone wallpaper cave
Free wallpapers for my phone wallpaper cave

Another website providing free wallpaper is Wallpaper Cave, which has over 20 categories to help you locate something you'll like. There's an option for "other" wallpaper, so there's plenty to choose from.

The Wallpaper Cave home page displays the most popular search phrases this week, highlights featured wallpapers and albums, and offers all of the most recently liked wallpapers. You may also see the most popular wallpapers from today to see what's popular.

You'll get a huge previewof the wallpaper with one download link when you go to the download page. You can't choose a certain wallpaper size, so you'll have to settle with whatever they give you; however, you don't need to register an account, and downloading begin immediately.

Simple Desktops

Free wallpapers for my phone simple desktops
Free wallpapers for my phone simple desktops

Basic Desktops is just what it says on the tin: a selection of minimalist wallpapers with simple and clean designs.

There are some designs with solid backgrounds that are quite simple, and others that are a little busier but still simple and gorgeous.

Simple Desktops also offers free programs for Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Bing Wallpaper Archive

Free wallpapers for my phone bing wallpaper archive
Free wallpapers for my phone bing wallpaper archive

Every day, Bing updates their home page with a fresh image. This collection compiles them all into a wallpaper format so you can see them all at once.

There are so many lovely photographs here that picking a favorite will be difficult.

Download Free Wallpapers For My Phone

After you choose the wallpaper you want, follow those steps to set your new wallpaper to your phone:

Press and hold the home screen for a long time.

Select the Set Wallpaper or Wallpapers command or icon from the menu.

Select a wallpaper style.

If prompted, select a wallpaper from the drop-down menu.

To confirm your choice, use the Save, Set Wallpaper, or Apply buttons.

Download Free Ultra HD 8K Wallpapers For Your Smartphones

Free Live Wallpapers For My Phone

Live Photos are very short video clips that allow you to modify and frame your photo to perfection. They can, however, be used as live wallpaper. In iOS 13 and iOS 14, here's how to accomplish that.

To change the wallpaper, go to

Settings > Wallpaper.

Choose a New Wallpaper from the drop-down menu.

Scroll down to Live Photos and tap it.

Choose a photograph.

Make sure Live Photo: On is turned on.

Set the timer.

Set Lock Screen or Set Both are the options.

Because the wallpaper won't shift on the Home screen, setting it isn't necessary.

When you press and hold the image on the Lock screen, it will animate, and you'll have a live wallpaper. Several iOS apps may also be used to save a GIF or video as a Live Photo, which you can subsequently use as a live wallpaper.

*No longer works* Create Your Own Videos Wallpapers FOR YOUR iPhone - Full Guide

Can I Get Free Wallpapers For My Phone?

There are many websites that offer free wallpaper downloads, including the ones listed above, which have over 2.5 million designs to select from.

How Do I Download Wallpapers For My Phone?

Press and hold the Home screen for a long time

Set Wallpaper or Wallpapers is the command or icon to use

Select a wallpaper style

To confirm your choice, tap the Save, Set Wallpaper, or Apply option

How Do You Get New Wallpapers On Samsung?

On the Home screen, tap and hold

In the lower left corner, tap the Wallpapers icon

Choose from Samsung's My wallpapers list, your photo gallery, or other alternatives under Explore more wallpapers to create your new wallpaper.

Samsung's Exclusive New Wallpapers - How To Get Them

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