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CV Template 2021: Top 4 Effective Guides And Formats For Creating A CV That You Must Know Right Now!


Which Is The Best Template For A CV?

These standards are met and exceeded by all of the resume and CV templateexamples on this page. Each one is ATS-compatible, with 400 color variations to select from. And, most importantly, you'll figure out which one is ideal for you based on your position, desired job, and personal preferences.

Here is a collection of the best resume templates available for download to help you with your job hunt. A list of who can benefit the most from a certain resume design may be seen underneath each template.


Sample page of cubic resume template
Sample page of cubic resume template

Cubic is a high-quality resume template that is a popular choice with Zety users, and it's easy to understand why. It's quite simple for HR managers to scan and select out crucial information. And, unlike many other resume templates accessible online, the color palette isn't garish.

Your name and title are prominently shown in the resume heading, ensuring that your professional credentials stand out. The right-hand sidebar allows you to highlight your talents, languages, and software knowledge.

It's also practical: adopting a two-column resume style allows you to accommodate up to 30% more content on one page than a traditional Word resume.

Finally, we provide several infographics. For your languages and talents, "health bar" type circles allow you to visually demonstrate your knowledge and ability. Without a doubt, one of the greatest CV templates available!


Sample page of newcast resume template
Sample page of newcast resume template

Newcast is a modern take on the conventional resume—you can be confident that you'll have the finest resume template in the stack with our modern spin on a design classic.

By emphasizing section headers with distinctive symbols of your choice, this single-column basic resume template aids employers in scanning your CV. In addition, the full-width layout gives you plenty of opportunities to make your case in your resume summary or goal.

Then, to show the recruiter that you have what it takes, use simple but powerful bar graphs to depict your hard and soft talents.


This sample isn't only one of the greatest resume examples; it's also one of our most unique resume templates. Diamonds, as the name implies, punctuate significant sections such as section titles, talents, and bullet points for your job history section.

When hiring managers see your resume, they'll breathe a sigh of relief since it's in an easy-to-read top-down style. This CV style is ideal for accounting and legal professions, in addition to being one of the top resume templates for college students and interns.

What if a one-page resume template isn't quite enough? Add a second page to your job timeline to keep it continuing. Forget about battling Google Docs or Microsoft Office to create something half as good—editing and downloading this fantastic resume template and accompanying cover letter templatefrom our builder takes only minutes.


Sample page of enfold resume template
Sample page of enfold resume template

Enfold is a functional resume template that is ideal for applicants that want a distinct feeling of distinction in their resume design. All of the short-form material is nicely organized in the right-hand sidebar in a simple and aesthetically attractive style.

You'll have plenty of areas to include communication skills, technical abilities, and other essential talents—all neatly organized in the shape of a progress bar. The same infographic-friendly style is given to the resume languages section.

The personal statement takes its proper position in the center of the page on the left. Then you have plenty of opportunity to highlight your relevant professional experience, job titles, education, and certifications below that.

This two-column resume template allows you to fit more information on one page than a traditional resume prepared in Word or Google Docs. Reduce the size of your project without sacrificing quality!

Vibes is a one-of-a-kind resume template with a few standout elements to help you obtain your next job.

A full-width header with your name, title, and personal statement appears first. Then it transforms into a two-column body that saves space. Your personal information, talents, and accomplishments are all shown on the left-hand sidebar. The hiring manager will be able to scan your resume quickly thanks to the appealing square icons.

With our resume generator, you can quickly construct a one- or two-page resume template in minutes rather than struggling with Microsoft Office for hours. With this fantastic resume template, you'll obtain an interview for your desired job in no time!


Sample page of muse resume template
Sample page of muse resume template

Muse is a great resume template for any job, but it's especially ideal for team leaders and data analysts.

The two-column arrangement provides enough of white space to assist capture the reader's attention. Then, in a block fashion, the right-hand sidebar displays your professional skills. Finally, we included some helpful tiny arrow ribbons to direct recruiters to each important resume part.

Don't sift through Etsy for hours looking for the ideal executive CV template. Choose Muse and you're good to go!

For those who desire a chronological resume that puts everything in perspective, Concept Concept is the perfect resume template. For a really original feel, it combines some inventive infographic resume features with a standard style.

For a basic and clean timeline resume, this excellent resume template keeps the sidebar to the left blank for all except the most crucial dates. The color of the sidebar also serves as an accent color for the right-hand header sections, providing another degree of aesthetic complexity.

So, if you're looking for a new job or producing an executive resume, this fantastic CV template is ideal.


Sample page of crisp resume template
Sample page of crisp resume template

Crisp is a fantastic resume template with a twin-column design. It features a left-hand sidebar, just like Muse, for short-form content like your contact information, talents, languages, and hobbies and interests.

A full-page width header provides more room for your career overview or goal. Then you fill out the main body space on your right with long-form information, such as your work history, education resume section, or certificates.

This simple resume template features a white backdrop with black text and an option of accent color. With hundreds of color combinations to select from, you'll have enough to think about.

Pro Tip: Think twice before using infographic resume templates. Infographics make for interesting and current resume templates, but too many of them can confuse ATS software and busy recruiters attempting to review your material as quickly as possible.


Sample page of influx resume template
Sample page of influx resume template

The design of the Influx resume template is a popular choice among general business owners, blue-collar employees, marketing applicants, and financial professionals. It's perfect for corporate jobs, whether on an American resume or a European CV, in our opinion.

Your name, branding statement, and contact information are neatly typed at the top of the page and highlighted with a color of your choice. The single-column resume structure below offers you plenty of areas to highlight your experience and accomplishments.

Recruiters and hiring managers will like this resume style because of its clear, easy-to-read design, which saves them time.


Modern is a perfect name for this collection. It's just one of the most up-to-date resume template examples available. A genuine beauty with unique characteristics:

Your language competence and skill levels are clearly visualized using a square progress bar. Then ribbon-style symbols are used to highlight each subsection, directing the HR manager's attention to the area they require.

Finally, this fantastic resume template features a clean style throughout, as well as a variety of color options for a personal touch. Customize this one right now in our resume builder, download it in minutes, and finish your job hunt with a flawless template that highlights all of your professional accomplishments. A corresponding cover letter templateis also provided, just like all of our resumes.


Sample page of iconic resume template
Sample page of iconic resume template

It's easy to understand why Iconic is one of the most popular resume templates for individuals in creative professions and engineering. Don't waste time looking for a professional CV template on Hloom when the ideal design is already here on Zety.

This minimalist resume template is organized in the same way as a resume outline, so it's easy to find what you're looking for. It also provides a lot of white space to make your content stand out. Then, to help direct the recruiter's eye, personalized icons are added to the all-important section headers.

This one instantly takes its position among the finest visual resume templates on the market, with a plethora of symbols and more than 10 of the best resume fonts to pick from.


Sample page of simple resume template
Sample page of simple resume template

Simple is the perfect word for a resume template. It's all about minimalism, and it prioritizes content, just like every other simple resume template worth its salt. Whether you're an entry-level employee or a seasoned veteran, this one is excellent for your next job hunt.

The resume's full-width treatment begins at the top of the page, allowing you plenty of room to write your career objectives or CV summary. The lengthy text content is then split into two columns, with one-third on the left and the remaining on the right.

To truly personalize this high-quality resume template, choose from hundreds of resume color combinations. Simply one of the greatest resume templates you'll ever come across!


Sample page of initials resume template
Sample page of initials resume template

Initials is a resume template that features your initials as a distinctive aesthetic twist. A fantastic alternative to a picture, which is prone to causing issues. Yes, it's named for the elegant seal that will appear next to your name where your initials would go, but recruiters will adore it for displaying a long, thorough job history.

At first sight, it appears to have two columns, but closer inspection reveals that the right column has its own mini-column—that dedicated area helps the hiring manager to quickly dive deeper into your previous job. The same is true for schooling, certificates, and any other component that has dates.

With this excellent resume template, you'll ace your next job application.


Cascade is without a doubt one of the most powerful professional resume templates accessible on the internet. It's a modern and creative resume template that's ideal for IT workers, educators, and job seekers in creative fields.

Below your resume contact information, an unique bar graph displays your abilities and language achievements on the left. Subtle but effective shading changes in your chosen color assist to truly make your sidebar shine.

Then, owing to the dual-column style, you'll have plenty of room to highlight your job history, schooling, volunteer activities, and other accomplishments. When you combine it with our builder's extensive customization options, you've got the perfect CV template and an immediate hit.

How Do I Write A CV 2020?

Speaking from personal experience, I understand how intimidating and time-consuming it can be to create an excellent CV from the start.

Even if you've written a CV before, there's a good chance you'll make some readily avoidable blunders.

A CV is the first step in landing that all-important job interview and moving one step closer to landing the job. So, what are the qualities that employers are searching for in a CV?

This beginners guide will cover all of the CV principles and suggestions we've discussed in previous posts, as well as a free CV template, in one easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial. It includes everything you'll need to build a professional CV for 2021, including sample excerpts.

Select the best format for your CV.

Make a header for your CV

Personal Statement for a CV

List your professional experience and essential talents that correspond to the job requirements.

Wherever possible, include your accomplishments to help your CV stand out from the crowd.

Include some of your hobbies and personal interests in your education.

Use action verbs and phrases in your CV.

After you've proofread the CV, you may start sending it.

Consider including a cover letter with your CV.

Is There A Free CV Template?

When it comes to free CV templates, Microsoft Word reigns supreme. Office 365 is used by almost 600,000 businesses in the United States alone. Because of its market domination and simple access to a large number of templates, it is a perennial favorite with job searchers all over the world. We've selected a handful of the greatest, but if none of them appeal to you, you may browse their whole collection here. Just keep in mind that the majority of them will be classified as resume templates rather than curriculum vitae templates.

Red Monogram

Creative by MOO

Green Cube

Mellow Yellow

Timeless Classic

What Is The Correct CV Format?

Change your CV to fit the requirements of the job you're looking for. For a certain job application, emphasize some talents more than others, or highlight specific experiences more than others.

When sending your CV, always attach a cover letter(link is external). The cover letter should be three to four paragraphs long and should emphasize your qualifications for the position.

Proofread your CV and cover letter before sending it. Then proofread it once more.

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