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Top 5 Simple And Beneficial Guides For Making A Billing Statement Template 2021


A well-organized and easily comprehensible billing statement is always a vital component of your business, which is why you should focus on developing well-organized and simply comprehensible billing statements. There are a range of free invoice templatesaccessible in a variety of forms and designs, but personalized billing statements are preferable because your customers will be able to quickly navigate through and understand the material.

It is not difficult to create a personalized and professional billing statement. However, creating statements from invoice templates is quick, straightforward, and accurate if you follow these few simple steps.

How to Write a Billing Statement - Writing Practices

How Do I Create A Billing Statement?

Make Use Of A Bill Template

You will find it more convenient to download an invoice template and adjust it to your needs rather than creating an invoice from scratch. You may easily align your billing statement using a spreadsheet tool like MS Excel by downloading a template from Microsoft. You'll be able to combine the data with your accounting and tax software as well.

Make The Template Your Own

You can now customize the template's format, content, and other elements to meet your specific requirements. Instead of generic information, including your company's name and other characteristics.

Keep It For Future Reference

There's no need to include the customer's name on the invoice you're charging. You can skip including the customer's name and address on the template. These details can be entered when you create the actual invoice. You can even use a mail merge to automate this procedure.

List Of Purchase Orders And Work Orders

A column on your invoice should list all purchase orders and work orders. This will make it simple for your customers to keep track of the orders they've placed. Purchase orders and work orders are usually included in most invoice designs. If the template doesn't have enough room for work orders and purchase orders, you can add a new column to accommodate them.

The Formula In The Template

Check to see if the template includes a formula for calculating totals based on your input. The total of each line in the template must be calculated by the template. Furthermore, the template should provide a method for calculating the total cost by multiplying the total number of products by the per-piece price. It should also provide a formula for calculating the sum of all lines and providing the customer with the net pricing.

Using an invoice template, making professional billing statements is not a difficult chore. At the same time, it aids in the smooth running of the accounting process, and clients find it simple to make timely payments.

You may use an online application like Invoicera to make a professional billing statement in minutes and mail it to your clients, making the billing statement generation procedure even easier.

What Should A Billing Statement Include?

Different parts of a Billing Statement
Different parts of a Billing Statement

Interest charges, fees assessed, and the cardholder's closing statement balance are all included on a billing statement. The majority of credit card companies provide monthly billing statements to their consumers.

Billing statements are an important form of communication since they show a borrower the minimum monthly payment required to keep their account current. It also includes information such as the transactions that occurred throughout the month, the total interest charged for the month, and any fees that the credit issuer added to the balance. It also indicates the closing statement balance, which the borrower can pay off completely.

How Do I Create A Billing Statement In Word?

How to Create Billing statement Form Template in MS Word Office

A basic blank invoice template isn't always sufficient. If you're having difficulties choosing the correct one among the many blank invoice templates available, have a peek at FreshBooks' template collection. You can be on your way to editing your invoice in minutes once you've discovered the correct template for your industry.

The Microsoft Word template, on the other hand, is an excellent place to start if you just need a simple blank invoice template. A full step-by-step guide to creating an invoice from a Word template may be found here:

Open A New Document In Word

To create a new invoice using a Word template, open Microsoft Word, go to File, and choose New From Template from the menu. Depending on your business, unique design style, and type of services given, you should be presented with numerous alternatives for downloadable invoice templates to pick from.

Templates For Invoices

One sample of a Billing statement invoice in MS Word
One sample of a Billing statement invoice in MS Word

In Microsoft Word, you can either navigate through the template options or filter them to display the most relevant ones first. To do so, go to the upper right corner of your screen and type "invoice" into the search bar. Find a template that meets your company's requirements. Sales invoices, service invoices, and other invoice types are all available as templates in Word. Pick a design that complements your company's identity.

You have the range and possibilities to make your business stand out with free blank invoice templates. Because billing is a vital element of the service process, your customer will appreciate your professionalism.

Download The Invoice Template

Double-click the invoice template you've chosen once you've discovered one that fulfills all of your requirements. The template will be displayed in a new Word document. You can choose from a variety of customizable printable invoices when you use Microsoft Word. You can send your invoice directly to your clients' inboxes via email, or you can mail it to them if they prefer the old-school method.

Create Your Own Invoice Template

After that, modify the invoice template to reflect all of the pertinent data of the project you just finished. To make your invoice correct, a free invoice templatewill be prepared to reflect all of the most crucial business facts. Filling in the blanks accurately is critical, since providing incorrect information may cause your payment to be delayed.

Save Your Invoice

Save the completed invoice to your computer whenever you're satisfied with it. You can save it as an editable.docx document, as well as a PDF document, so that the final version you give to clients cannot be modified by anyone.

It's good to save your invoice as a word doc first if you think you'll need to add more details later. This offers you the flexibility to add new services later, as well as change your hours and material costs. However, you'll want to save it in a final PDF file before sending it to your client. Keep this in mind when sending bills to your clients via email.

Send Your Invoice

Send your invoice to the client via mail or email, whichever manner is most convenient for you. Include a brief cover note that summarizes the most critical information, such as the outstanding balance and the payment deadline.

Simple Billing Statement Template Sample

When you receive monthly payments from a customer, such as a renter in one of your rental properties, you can utilize this sort of billing statement. A billing statement is comparable to our free invoice template, but unlike an invoice, it can also be used as an accounts receivable ledger for a specific client because it shows individual transactions and the current amount . For additional information on how to use this template for invoice tracking, see the section below.

This Billing Statement spreadsheet can serve as a simple replacement for other small business billing software. You may maintain track of a customer's account balance, invoices, and payments, and send a statement to the customer to notify them of a balance outstanding.

Billing Statement Template PDF

A straightforward invoicing statement. There is space for descriptions, charges, credits, and other information. It features lines and is created in portrait orientation. It comes in PDF, DOC, and XLS (spreadsheet) file formats.

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