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Top 4 Best Websites To Download Animated Wallpapers For Desktop & Mobile

Top 4 Best Websites To Download Animated Wallpapers For Desktop & Mobile

Dynamic wallpapers may bring your screen to life (although they may reduce the battery life of your device more than a static image). Animated backdrops are available in two forms: several sequential photographs or a movie (or even gifs).

Joan Cornish
Last updated: Dec 01, 2021 | Nov 25, 2021

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Dynamic wallpapers may bring your screen to life (although they may reduce the battery life of your device more than a static image). Animated backdrops are available in two forms: several sequential photographs or a movie (or even gifs).

To make an animated backdrop, you may use a variety of apps. Typically, you will be required to pay for these programs, but they are rather affordable. We'll go through two of them in particular: Video Wallpaper Push And Wallpaper Engine.

Animated wallpapers

Top Websites To Download Animated Wallpapers Windows 10

Why settle for ordinary, static wallpapers when you can simply acquire an animated one instead? The notion of looking for the perfect wallpaper is as ancient as Windows itself. There are hundreds of wallpapers available for Windows, but finding the ideal one may be difficult. To provide you with the finest alternatives for customizing your desktop, we've compiled a selection of the best-animated wallpapers for Windows 10.

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DeskScapes is the tool we suggest for installing animated wallpapers on Windows 11 (also compatible with Windows 10 and 8) and comes with a 30-day trial. Download and run the application installer; at the conclusion of the installation, a window will appear, prompting you to input the program's user license or begin the 30-day trial.

To give the application a try, choose "Start 30 Day Trial" and begin using it without restrictions for a month. Once the program is open, choose the animated wallpaper you want to use and click "Apply" in the bottom right corner to apply it and have it appear on your desktop right away.

As soon as you pick the animated backdrop, you can add 60 special effects, make minor tweaks, and modify the color saturation using the buttons on the right side of the program (Adjust, Effects, and Color).

The application comes with a lot of wallpapers, but if you don't like them, you can download more by going to the top left icon and choosing "Download additional backdrops."


Vibrant Wallpaper

For individuals who desire animated wallpapers on their PC, there are a variety of options available, including the wonderful Lively Wallpaper, an open-source project with features such as dynamic web pages as a backdrop, audio viewers as a background, video backgrounds, and much more.

Even this solution, such as Wallpaper Engine, automatically stops the wallpaper when a game or program is launched in full-screen mode to avoid wasting resources. Multi-monitor setups, high definition resolutions up to 4K, and multiple ultra-wide aspect ratios are all supported by Lively Wallpaper (21: 9, etc.). In conclusion, all the necessary functions are accessible, with the exception of the live wallpaper editor. An amazing free alternative to the services that are already available.

 Vibrant background images

Wallpaper Maker

The Wallpaper Engine is a piece of software that provides some of the greatest live wallpapers for Windows 11. It doesn't come with a free trial, but it's one of the best of its type at $3.99.

The program has a variety of complex options, including numerous visuals and movies, as well as the ability to establish a live wallpaper for an application or a specific website.

You may also customize animated wallpapers using the Wallpaper Engine, which includes certain interactive wallpapers that respond to the way you move and click the mouse. The Wallpaper Engine supports a variety of screen aspect ratios, including 16: 9, 21: 9, 16:10, and 4: 3, so you can use live wallpapers on your Windows 11 PC even if you have several monitors.

A function that stops live wallpapers during games is one of the features that encouraged us to suggest Wallpaper Engine. This means that live wallpapers will have no negative influence on your system performance.

It also enables you to use the Wallpaper Engine Editor to design your own unique live wallpapers, as well as share and download new live wallpapers for your PC. MP4, WebM, m4v, MOV, and WMV are all supported video formats.


WinDynamicDesktop is the fourth component in the WinDynamicDesktop package. WinDynamicDesktop is one of the free solutions that are exclusively available for Windows 11. The software integrates dynamic backgrounds from Mac OS X to Windows 11.

You can quickly download the dynamic wallpaper pack and apply the live wallpaper in seconds by clicking the install link. Nothing has to be configured or changed. The greatest thing is that, in addition to the macOS live wallpapers, they have lately released several new live wallpapers. WinDynamicDesktop has an unusual feature in that it sits on the taskbar and changes the wallpaper based on the time and day of your location.


Does Animated Wallpaper Drain Battery?

They do, in fact. Live wallpapers eat power since they rely on your phone's CPU and GPU for rendering.

Are Wallpaper Apps Safe?

Lookout later clarified its worries, stating "there is no proof of malicious conduct," but the data gathered by the applications remained "suspicious." VentureBeat updated their article, which had spread like wildfire by this point.

Are Live Wallpapers Bad?

Your phone's battery life should not be affected by live wallpapers. According to Asherking, they use a lot more batteries. However, if the wallpaper is properly configured, it will not appear while you are using another application or the screen is turned off.

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