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Revamp Your Site With Stamina Free Template For Fitness Website


Stamina is a one-page fitness website templatewith a clean design. Not every gym or fitness center owner desires a fully functional website. Some may simply require a simple website that lists their programs cleanly and allows visitors to arrange an appointment promptly. This template is intended for such website proprietors. Even though this is a single-page template, the designer has included all of the necessary pieces to construct a functional website. For instance, you'll find a video background in the header area, as well as a nice scheduling table. With this template, you can easily add the content you desire and build the website in no time. Let’s discuss more how you can revamp your site using the Stamina free template for fitness website.

Sample of Stamina template for Fitness website by Free-Template.co
Sample of Stamina template for Fitness website by Free-Template.co

What Is Stamina Template For Fitness Website?

Bootstrap 4 HTML5 sports website template Stamina is free. Making a sports center, boxing center, gym, or fitness center website is a cinch with this theme. The theme is captivating thanks to a stunning video background header and sticky navigation. The Stamina website has been designed to be fully responsive and compatible with the latest versions of all major web browsers.

Template For Sports Website In Bootstrap 4 Html5 For Free

In addition, the package includes cutting-edge and technologically advanced features. Options like a call to action button and a contact form can be found among the many others. Code that's easy to work with allows you to customize the theme to your liking. Create a stunning creation by learning about Stamina.

Key Features

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Clean and minimal design
  • Fully responsive
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Single-page template
  • Hero header
  • Video background header
  • Sticky top navigation bar
  • Call to action button
  • Services carousel
  • Parallax background
  • On hover effect on classes
  • Tabbed content
  • Newsletter subscription form
  • Contact form
  • Icomoon font icons

In The Box

  • All demo images
  • 2 HTML files
  • CSS & SCSS files
  • JavaScript source files
  • Font Icons
  • Library and plugin files

Libraries And Plugins

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Owl Carousel
  • Flaticon
  • Icomoon
  • Fancybox
  • Magnific Pop-Up
  • Slick

Further Examples Of 2021's Best Premium & Free Fitness Website Templates With A New Design

Are you tired of the same old design and the same themes that appear in every list of free fitness website templates? To that end, we've compiled a list of some of the most recent free fitness website designs that you may use to create your own fitness website. Each of these free fitness website templates is built using the most up-to-date web design and development frameworks. Thus, you can quickly design a future-proof website with these free fitness website templates. Before we go into the list of free fitness website templates, let's have a look at the critical parts and features that every fitness website template should include.

When it comes to fitness website templates, both personal and business website designs are included. If you are a trainer looking for a fitness website, be certain it includes branding elements (one of the main principles of a personal website). Second, the template must include interactive online components that enable you to share your experience with others. Since videos and photographs can clearly describe the majority of fitness services, ensure that the design you chose includes multimedia components before you start building your site.

The following aspects are required for company sites and fitness clubs: interactive visual effects, classes and timetable tables, service section, testimonial, pricing table, and interactive map in the contact part. Additional elements of free fitness website templates include a gallery section and videos.

Because fitness classes are one of the services that people prefer based on location, including an interactive map in the contact section makes it easier for the user to find you. If you intend to host a membership site, you must include a user dashboard. We were able to collect free fitness website templates that include practically all of the elements described above for both personal trainer sites and company sites. With that said, let's get to the list.

Trainer—Free Fitness Website Template

Sample of Trainer Template used in fitness website in Mac PC
Sample of Trainer Template used in fitness website in Mac PC

The greatest free fitness website template for personal trainers is Trainer. This template's clean style will assist you in creating powerful personal branding. You'll have plenty of room to add more information about yourself and your services with the full-width design. White spaces in the design offer depth to the template while also providing a clutter-free visual experience.

Because the Trainer is a multi-page design, you may go into greater detail about your services, pricing, and experiences. With this template, you also receive a gallery page to visually connect with your audience. The gallery page's grid style with plenty of space between each cell allows you to display as many photographs as you wish. The large footer area at the bottom provides ample opportunity for you to include crucial links, contact information, and the gym's operating hours.


Sample of Activitar Template used in fitness website in MAC PC
Sample of Activitar Template used in fitness website in MAC PC

It's easy to create a modern fitness website with the Activitar website template.

You can use a table to neatly display your products, programs, and even class schedules. You can't book classes directly from the table because it's an HTML template. However, you can make changes to the template's code and use it with your own booking system. First-time visitors will be captivated by the website's gradient hues and dark style. It's safe to say that Activitar is one of the greatest premium HTML fitness website templates available right now.


Sample of Muscle Template used in fitness website in MAC PC
Sample of Muscle Template used in fitness website in MAC PC

Muscle is a fitness website template that emphasizes your company's fitness brand. You'll be able to confidently present your brand to the target audience. This template's user-friendly design will encourage visitors to sign up for your fitness program. The default design has a multitude of image and video placeholders. It's just a matter of adding the photographs you desire.

This design has sections for showcasing your best personal trainers, membership plans, and client testimonials. It's easy to use because the basic pages are already built for you; all you have to do is customize them. You can do anything you want with the Muscle template.


Sample of Fitzone Template used in fitness website in MAC PC
Sample of Fitzone Template used in fitness website in MAC PC

Fitzone is a fun and energetic fitness website template for those in their 20s and 30s. This design is the greatest choice if you want to appeal to the current generation of consumers. Modern color palettes and a focus on the user experience will appeal to today's consumers. This template's author has even included a functional BMI calculator, which is unusual for an HTML template for a fitness website. From the front end, every piece and page functions perfectly. This template should be on your shortlist if you value both aesthetics and functionality.

Fitzone 2

Sample of Fitzone 2 Template used in fitness website in MAC PC
Sample of Fitzone 2 Template used in fitness website in MAC PC

Fitzone 2 is a well-designed fitness website template with a strong visual presence. The author of this theme has done an excellent job of balancing the black backdrop with bright red colors to create a gorgeous look. The default design includes numerous photographs; as a result, you may intelligently promote your services and facilities throughout the website. The adaptable style of this fitness website template enables you to use it for personal trainer and gym websites. This template is built using the newest HTML5 and CSS3 scripts, which means that you can easily incorporate any modern tool into it.


Sample of FitnessClub Template used in fitness website in MAC PC
Sample of FitnessClub Template used in fitness website in MAC PC

The FitnessClub website template was created with a thorough understanding of the demands of today's users in mind. There is plenty of room to add movies to give a clear impression of your fitness regimens and training routines. You can also include a section to display videos from your YouTube channel. Because this is an HTML5 website template, it can effortlessly handle all types of multimedia material right out of the box. To make your customization job easier, the designer maintained the code structure as minimal as possible. You can immediately launch your website after configuring the backend.


Sample of GymLife Template used in fitness website in MAC PC
Sample of GymLife Template used in fitness website in MAC PC

This template's strong motivational design will assist you in attracting new consumers to your gym. The author has expertly used photos and movies to convey to the user how wonderful it will be to live an active lifestyle. Modern web elements and a well-placed quick animation effect bring the website to life. It is a multi-page website template that enables you to easily describe your fitness plans to your users. Due to the fact that it is an HTML5 website template, you may use videos and create online courses. With the creator's robust platform, you can build a website with all the features you want.


Sample of Gutim Template used in fitness website in MAC PC
Sample of Gutim Template used in fitness website in MAC PC

Gutim is an eye-catching and image-heavy website template. As is the case with the majority of contemporary free fitness website templates, this one also features a full-width layout. As a result, you'll have more than enough room to list all of your services and offerings in one location. Despite the fact that it is a free template, the designer has provided a high-quality design. Even the icons that are included in this template are high-resolution. The download file includes all icons and graphics used in this design. As a result, developers can quickly and easily work with this template to create a client-satisfying website. Because of the template's open-ended code structure, you have plenty of room to add your own custom features and settings.


Sample of Ponigym Template used in fitness website in MAC PC
Sample of Ponigym Template used in fitness website in MAC PC

The design of Ponigym is more advanced. Features and elements are carefully developed to fulfill the requirements of both current audiences and gym operators. This template's homepage components are well-organized to help users understand your applications. With video spaces, your message will be much clearer and more direct. Use a large schedule planner that has been pre-designed to keep track of all of your classes. If you want to make booking easier for your customers, you may incorporate a calendar into your booking form.


Sample of Gym2 Template used in fitness website in MAC PC
Sample of Gym2 Template used in fitness website in MAC PC

Gym2 is a website design that is both bold and clear. This template contains a large number of photos. This design would be a wonderful choice if you are promoting your brand and want to keep yourself as the focal point of attention. In order to demonstrate your workouts and skills, you have more than enough image space throughout the template. If you like, you may also employ video as a background for a segment, which will keep the users interested. With the addition of the basic page layouts, this template also includes pricing plan pages, gallery pages, and blog layouts in addition to the standard pages. As a result, this template makes it simple to create a website.

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