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How To Use Simple Lease Agreement Template

What Is A Lease Agreement

A Lease Agreement is a contract between a landlord and a tenant that spells out the rental terms and conditions. Depending on the kind of property to be leased, a commercial lease is unique to tenants utilising the property for business or residential purposes. Some agreements, on the other hand, are so thorough that they may exclude potential renters. The answer is to keep things simple. As a result, placing it all on one page makes it not only simpler to understand but also more acceptable to all parties involved.

The basic essential elements in a simple Lease Agreement, such as the parties' names, the subject property to be leased, the period of the lease, the amount, the purpose of the lease and its restrictions, and the fixtures included in the property, are all included in the Lease Agreement PDF template. Save time by using the lease agreement PDF template for your company.

What To Include In A Lease Agreement

In order to establish a legally binding lease, the following must be included (at a minimum) and filled in the template:

The parties – the landlord's and tenant's names. The leased subject's property and address are referred to as the premises. Rent - The amount of money ($) that the renter is required to pay on a regular basis. Term — Indicates when the simple lease will end. Signatures - All parties must sign in order for the agreement to be legally binding.

How To Fill A Lease Agreement Template


The agreement's first part is used to determine who will be bound by it. This contains the agreement's date, the landlord's/property manager's name and address, and the tenant's name(s).

The Location & Type Of Property

Fill in the rental property's complete address. If there is a unit number, it should be written as well. Then choose the appropriate property type from the drop-down menu.

Determine The Length Of The Term

The "term" refers to the duration of the contract. Residential leases may be for any length of time, however, one year leases are the most usual. To finish, provide both a start and an end date.

Pay The Rent

Enter the monthly rent amount ($) that the renter is responsible for. Then, enter the month and day by which the renter must pay the rent (the common date is the first of the month). The landlord should provide a short set of instructions for the renter to follow in order to pay the rent. This might be in the form of a cheque, an internet transfer, or an ACH deposit.

To Make A Security Deposit

A security deposit is a refundable deposit paid by a renter to cover any damage to the rental property that occurs during the lease period. There are no deductions from the deposit for regular wear and tear. The first option should be ticked if the landlord plans to levy a deposit. The deposit amount ($) should next be entered (usually equivalent to one (1) month's rent), followed by the number of days the landlord has to return the deposit to the renter. The bottom (second) option should be ticked if the landlord will not need a deposit.


The parties must 1) sign their names, 2) print their names, and 3) include the dates on which their signatures were written to complete the agreement and make it official and enforceable.

Types Of Lease Agreement Templates

House Rental Lease Agreement

A house rental agreement is a legal document that specifies the exact conditions for renters renting a property. Use House Rental Lease Agreement PDF Template to simplify the process of establishing rental agreements, whether you're renting out a holiday home or a permanent residence. Moreover, You may quickly adjust your House Rental Agreement Template by including additional lease conditions like security deposits and fees, maintenance and repairs, rent, and any other limitations.

The template format for house rental lease agreement

Short Term Rental Agreement

A Short Term Rental Agreement is a legally enforceable contract between the landlord and the tenant that spells out the rules of renting a property for a limited time. This form of contract should be used by landlords and property owners to develop a pleasant relationship with their renters.

Short term rental lease agreement template creating a contract between the parties

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