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Keep Everything On Schedule Using A Shooting Schedule Template

Keep Everything On Schedule Using A Shooting Schedule Template

For film and video production projects, a shooting schedule template can be used to keep an eye on the various stages of the production process. All of the key information needed to produce a film or movie may be found in this comprehensive project plan.

Joan Cornish
Last updated: Nov 17, 2021 | Nov 10, 2021

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For film and video production projects, a shooting schedule template can be used to keep an eye on the various stages of the production process. All of the key information needed to produce a film or movie may be found in this comprehensive project plan.

What Is A Film Shooting Schedule?

What Is A Film Shooting Schedule

In most cases, the assistant director is the one who creates a film schedule template. This is a key document in the film industry since it keeps everyone on the team up to date on the progress of the project and its specifics.

Everything from cast and crew to special effects and locales are included in a well-organized shooting schedule template.. Because of this, the project's success is largely dependent on the document's performance, especially when time is an issue.

You can draft this document ahead of time and make changes to it as the project progresses. You'll also need to construct a post-production schedule template once the project is complete.

What Is The Media Industry's Definition Of A Production Schedule?

The main component in making a video or a film is footage shot with a camera. It is critical for crew personnel to know what they will film prior to arriving at the shooting sites – and you may convey this information using a shooting schedule template.

The team must initially agree to work from a production schedule document in order to avoid any problems. This timetable comprises all of the project's information and, as such, leaves no possibility for misinterpretation or miscommunication. The following are some of the most critical components of a shooting schedule example:

  • Equipment Security
  • Jewelry and Clothing
  • Key Contacts
  • Models, Actors, and Interviewees
  • Parking
  • Prohibited Footage
  • Security
  • Scripts
  • Shot list and timings

What Is The Best Way To Create A Shooting Schedule?

Best Way To Create A Shooting Schedule

Being a filmmaker is both exhilarating as well as frightening in equal measure. Fortunately, you can use a procedure from the start of the project to reduce the number of decisions.

In order to create a shooting schedule template that will make everything easier and more effective, this technique consists of a series of sequential phases. The methods below can be used as a guide to creating a useful shooting schedule template:

  • Begin with the sequence of events in the scene

The first step is to arrange the scenes in the script's chronological order. This creates an excellent visual overview of your story. Additionally, a chronological shooting sequence can greatly assist your creative team by ensuring that their characters progress in a logical and consistent manner.

  • Make a list of all possible filming locations

Additionally, your itinerary should include all filming sites. With this information, you may group together all of the scenes shot in the same places into a block, preserving the scenes' chronological order inside the blocks.

You can also create scenarios that take place in a number of different locations, but that is scheduled in a single spot for recording. The primary goal here is to minimize the number of scenes between locales.

  • Take a look at your workload

The next stage is to figure out how many scenes you can shoot in a day based on the number of locations. A location-based sort can help find filming sites that just require one day of shooting and hence don't need additional effort.

Filming multiple locations in less than a day is also an excellent strategy. Just make sure that any set modifications necessitated producing the least amount of time and expense possible. Combining performers, extras, and technical resources is a skill that must be mastered.

  • Take control of your financial resources

Individual shots are required for places that need more than one day of filming. Before anything else, you must ensure that you are as cost-effective as possible by judiciously integrating resources.

Depending on the scope of your project and the number of sites involved, shooting might become extremely challenging. In order to keep track of how long each day of filming will take, it's a good idea to break it all up into manageable chunks before you begin.

  • Establish a manufacturing schedule

Why do this so late? As strange as it may seem, this delay has an advantage because you already have an idea of how you can arrange things around your scheduled filming days.

You may now select which days you want or need to move venues on, which days you need to take a break, and which days you can disperse your shooting schedules on any available vacancies in your calendar with this information in hand.

It's customary to adjust calendar dates at this point in production to ensure a more efficient filming schedule. Generally, of all the processes involved in preparing this timetable, the allocation of scenes takes the most time.

It's time to call it a day when you feel that all of your scheduled shooting days are realistic. However, if you continue to get the impression that some of your shooting days would only work on paper, you need to create a more manageable plan. This is an area where you may need to exercise some dexterity.

  • Continue to be receptive to alternative possibilities

You've allocated all the scenes, planned all the filming days, and evaluated the crucial sequences' flexibility. However, you are not yet finished. You must still review your calendar to determine if it can be improved further in terms of imponderables.

  • Consider the worst-case possibilities as well

It is always prudent to incorporate intricate sequences into the plan, but in such a way that they stay adaptable. This helps you avoid incurring unforeseen charges, which can wreak havoc on the production of your film.

The critical point here is that you have foreseen every possibility. Always keep in mind that nothing is more inconvenient than discovering that you are unprepared for an unforeseen event during the shooting process.

Sample Shooting Schedule Template

Shooting Schedule Template Download

Shooting Schedule Template Download

A necessity for any filmmaker, the shooting schedule template is extensive yet simple. It is required to keep a shooting schedule and finish the film on time. This template has sections for Date, Scene, Location, Cast, and so on. The template is free to download. The template is available in Word, Excel, and PDF.

Shooting Schedule Template Word

Shooting Schedule Template Word

This template, as the title suggests, is a template that contains all of the necessary information for creating a shooting schedule. This template is in Word format. This is a complete template that film production can use as a model for successful film production. This template is free to download online.

Film Shooting Schedule Template

Film shooting schedule template is a useful tool for both film producers and actors. It contains the entire film schedule. The lovely format can be downloaded and altered to suit our needs. This template is available in Word and PDF. You can get it for free online.

Simple Shooting Schedule In PDF

Simple Shooting Schedule In PDF

In order to have a successful filming schedule, all members of the cast and crew must work together as a team and have enough time to both work and relax. Is it necessary to create such a plan? So, what are you still sitting on? Make a shooting schedule by downloading this schedule template!

Shooting Sports Schedule Template

Shooting Sports Schedule Template

Not just for films or other audio-visual projects, shooting schedules can be created for a variety of reasons. And each project's schedule is different from the next. You should download this sample schedule template if you need to develop a good sports shooting schedule for your company.


These shooting schedule templates are tried and tested, in addition to being a reliable source. They specify the amount of time a scene should take so that schedulers can get inspiration from these templates. Furthermore, these templates are well-researched pieces, so everything is in one place. All you have to do now is choose the one that best meets your demands.

As an example or a working document, you can download a shooting schedule template. All you have to do now is download it in the format of your choice, make any necessary changes, and print it.

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