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How To Use A Roblox Shirt Template


What Is Roblox

According to its marketing, Roblox is an 'Imagination Platform,' allowing its users to create and play millions of 3D online games for free. There are currently 178 million active accounts on the network, which has seen 64 million monthly users since its inception in 2007. Both Android and iOS users may get it as an app, and it's rated for those above the age of 12 with the advice of a parent. Tablets, PCs, Xbox Ones, and Amazon devices can all be used to play the game.

According to the description, it's a website made by gamers, for gamers. The platform's other primary purpose is socializing, and users are encouraged to do so. By using the site, users can: "Imagine, engage and relate with others in numerous ways," socialize, talk, play, and create. Users of the Roblox Suite can design their own game or construct a new environment with the help of their 'virtual explorers' or other people who are online.

Roblox avatar wearing red adidas shirt with full sleeves
Roblox avatar wearing red adidas shirt with full sleeves

What Is A Roblox Template

In Roblox Studio, there is a Story Games template that has everything but the story code. These pre-made planets can be used as a starting point for your own creations. You can use different templates to create any design of your choice. You can get as creative as you can and create clothing according to your ideas. Roblox gives users complete control over the appearance of their characters, which is a huge plus because otherwise, everyone would look the same. Here we give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a Roblox shirt template.

Roblox Shirt Template

Everyone wants to stand out and have a unique, totally customized look for their avatar, which is where our Roblox shirt template tutorial comes in help. With easy-to-follow directions and templates, we'll show you how to make t-shirts and shirts. You may now unleash your imagination and turn your avatar into something fashionable, so others are envious of it.

Creating clothing in Roblox is a great way to express yourself, learn more about 3D graphics on computers, and show your artistic side to other players. Unfortunately, only Builders Club members can manufacture shirts and pants, but anyone can make a t-shirt! If you decide to manufacture a t-shirt, create a design that will stand out among other members who do not belong to the Builders Club.

If you want to post your shirt, you'll need to be a member and have 10 Rubox. Read on if you're interested in learning how.

To begin, download the clothing templates and use them as a canvas for your original artwork.

  • Go to the "Develop" option in the top-left area of the screen, which is the third button to the right of the "ROBLOX" logo button. This is where you'll find a template for your project.
  • Select "Shirt" from the drop-down menu under "Build New." You may also simply look for the word "Shirts" in the previously existing list.
  • Look to the right of the "Create New" button for the "Create New" button. "Create a Shirt" should be the title of the project. Below is some text that says, "Did you make use of the template?" If you don't have it, you can download it. In the text, the last three letters of the phrase "download it here" are hyperlinked to a picture of the template. By clicking on those terms, you will be sent to the template picture, which will open in a new tab.
  • Make changes to your template. The parts of the template are square (and rectangular) solid color portions in the colors Red, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, and Pink, with the colors Red, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, and Pink as accent colors. It will take some practice to master the template, but the red areas represent the front of the torso and arms, the yellow areas represent the right side, the green areas represent the left side, the teal areas represent the top, the pink areas represent the bottom, and the blue areas represent the back.
  • You can save the file as a PNG, JPEG, or BMP image format.
  • Return to the "Developer" button and then back to the "Create a Shirt" button.
  • Locate the template you want to use. Below the phrase "Did you utilize the template?" is a question mark. If you haven't already, download it here", then click on "Choose File" and navigate to the location where you saved it.
  • Fill in the blanks with the name you want to give the template. It is compatible with alternative symbols.
  • To upload a file, click "Upload." It may take some time for your shirt to be uploaded. If you upload your shirt during a time when the servers are not as busy, such as the morning, it will take a minimum of thirty seconds, and it may finish in that time span depending on how active the servers are at the time of your upload.
  • If you want to advertise your shirt, you can purchase an advertisement. Create a shirt by selecting it from the "Create a Shirt" or "Inventory" or "Character" menus. You should be sent to a page with the title of your shirt at the top of the page. If you haven't previously, click the configure option and pick "Advertise" (unless you wish to put the item up for sale if you haven't already). Instead, select "Configure this Shirt" from the drop-down menu.
  • Advertisements are available in three sizes: Banner (728 x 90 pixels), Skyscraper (160 x 600 pixels), and Rectangle (300 x 250). Create your advertisement in any software of your choosing and, once again, tweak it to your liking; however, the complete form will appear on the screen.
  • Upload your ad by selecting it from the drop-down menu to the right of "Upload an Ad." The title of the ad is the text that appears when the mouse is hovered over your ad. Then select "Upload" from the drop-down menu.
  • Offer a price for the advertisement in either Tickets or Robux. The advertisement will be displayed for twenty-four hours before being automatically removed.

Roblox T-Shirt Template

The simplest solution is to make your avatar wear a t-shirt. Simply generate an image with at least 128 128 pixels resolution using any image editing software such as Photoshop, GIMP, or MS Paint. Your avatar's front torso will be covered in the image you chose. After you've finished creating your image, you'll need to upload it to Roblox, and the process is the same for each item of clothing. Below is some assistance with the uploading procedure.

Designing T-shirts is the most straightforward option because it simply requires a picture to be placed on the front of the avatar's chest. Beginners should start with a plain T-shirt.

Please be aware that the T-shirt design you've created will only appear on the front of your avatar. A 512x512 pixel image is perfect. Save your image and then upload it to Roblox when you're done. It takes roughly 20 minutes for Roblox to approve your T-shirt after you've uploaded it. By clicking the gear icon to the right of the item and selecting Configure, you may alter the item's title, categories, and description.

The Item for Sale button can only be activated if you have a membership and are selling your T-shirt. Your T-shirt is now ready for sale; you just need to decide on pricing.

Roblox Shirt Template On Mobile Phone

It's easy, simply go to the Roblox website and create t-shirts on any device you want, whether it's an android, an iOS, or anything else. If you’re going to make a t-shirt on a mobile device, just click on the three dots on the top of your Google or any other browser.

If you notice this Roblox creation and click on it, you will be taken to the t-shirt portion of the game.

What's The Process For Uploading The Design?

Congratulations on finishing your project! It's now time to submit them for approval by a moderator.

To get started, go to the Roblox create page.

Depending on your design, select Shirts, Pants, or T-Shirts from the left column.

To add the design you want to upload, click Choose File.

Give your design a fun and creative name.

Select the Upload option.

Your design will appear in your creations and can be worn by your avatar or sold to other Roblox users once it has been approved.

Sites To Use For Making Creative Designs 

If you know how to edit photos, you can use Photoshop to create your design. If you don't have access to Photoshop, there are a number of websites where you can get similar editing styles for your design. Copyrights should be considered if you utilize a Roblox template. To make things easier, you may use sites like Teespring or Redbubble, as they perform well. Other sites, such as Corel Draw, can help you create unique designs for your shirt.

Roblox shirt template with directions and measurements of torso and arms
Roblox shirt template with directions and measurements of torso and arms
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