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Achieve Beauty Using Perfect Face Template


The "golden ratio," a mathematical formula used throughout the European Renaissance, was employed by great artists and builders to plan their masterpieces. This mathematical formula has been used by scientists thousands of years later as a way to explain why certain people are seen as beautiful while others are not.

Many books have been written about facial anatomy and how it affects not only our view of someone but also our behavior toward them. There are characteristics that we consider authoritative, feminine, amusing, solemn, and so on. Despite the fact that there are over 7 billion people on the planet, some traits and dimensions are universally and subconsciously understood as "appealing." Face anatomy is a critical consideration in commercial photography, especially when promoting products in the beauty business, as you might expect.

Some facial experts have established that this mask represents what our brains consider to be "beautiful" after years of research and studies. Everything has been calculated down to the proportions of the lips and the space between the eyes. Doesn't it make it appear a little cold and robotic? Our brains, on the other hand, prefer order and proportions, so it's only natural that face anatomy that adheres to our concepts of order and appropriate proportions would be called "beautiful."

What Is The Perfect Face Template?

Perfect Face created by scientists
Perfect Face created by scientists

The perfect face templateis an anatomical representation of the 'ideal' face form as depicted in beauty and glamour publications. Cosmetics artists, photographers, and those who work in the fields of art and beauty can download the perfect face template and use it on any face shape to produce the best style of makeup, or in Photoshop to make any face photogenic.

Once you have a firm grasp on the golden ratio of the human face, you may use it to produce magnificent pictures and artwork. With the use of a flawless face template, makeup experts provide the best makeup and contouring.

How Do You Get The Perfect Face Template?

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Transformation Is Simple With The Perfect Face Template

Getting more Instagram likes brightens your day? This is the tool you need to master in order to achieve a transformed look in any style. Use this template to get an idea of which traits to enhance with cosmetics and which ones to cover before going to the salon or giving yourself a DIY makeover.

What if I told you that Is it a must to create the appropriate face for the personality type in commercials? A nasty female form with a thin jaw and a rectangular jawline is portrayed as a perfect feminine figure who is pleasant and kind. Start by producing a slender, feminine jawline if you want to create a pleasant and inviting portrait of yourself.

To achieve a feminine look, work on the bridge of the nose to make it symmetrical, and modify the form of the brows, eyes, cheekbones, and lips using the perfect face template as a guide. Lips provide a lot of information about emotions and should be improved by using this template to express the feeling you want.

High cheekbones, brows that aren't too long or too short, and upturned, larger lips are all desirable. Slimming the neck enhances the appearance of your face, making it ideal for any style. For outstanding photos that capture any mood, you'll need the proper face template. Here are the essentials.

The Perfect Face Template - Anatomy Of The Face For Makeup And Hair Artists

Blond woman edited Face Anatomy For Makeup And Hair Artists
Blond woman edited Face Anatomy For Makeup And Hair Artists

To establish a balance in features utilizing makeup and hairstyling, hairstylists and makeup artists must have a thorough understanding of facial geometry. For example, highlighters can be placed on the corner of the eyes to provide the illusion that they are separated for eyes that are close together.

When you have the perfect face template, contouring, shading, and highlighting can be utilized to balance the features. If you have a long face, for example, accent the cheekbones with a highlighter. The face anatomy is a guideline for creating a look in any genre, topic, or mood while using themed makeup.

Perfect Face Template – Animation

Sketches of Perfect Face Template for Animation
Sketches of Perfect Face Template for Animation

To make anime characters, you can utilize the perfect face template. It's simple to generate facial expressions, moods, and emotions once you understand the basic structure of the human face. The most basic way is to start with an oval or round face shape and stylize it with a beautiful jawline and hairline. When using any angle of the face, utilize the golden ratio guideline to produce a symmetrical face with balanced characteristics.

Perfect Face Template – Portrait Artist

Samples of hand sketch portraits of man woman
Samples of hand sketch portraits of man woman

Do you enjoy sketching portraits of people? To begin creating portraits, you must first master the anatomy of the human face. Face anatomy can be used as a guideline to create any face form and expression, allowing for the ideal portrayal of expressions, angles, emotions, and more.

Perfect Face Template – For Cartoonists

Samples of Perfect Face Template For Cartoonists
Samples of Perfect Face Template For Cartoonists

You can adjust the size of the face to make humorous cartoon characters. If you are a newbie, sketch facial expressions using facial characteristics such as eyes, lips, brows, and so on, using the standard face template as a framework. Using the normal face template as a blueprint, create a slew of characters for your plot.

Face Proportions And Ratios To Create Harmony

When sketching a portrait or applying cosmetics to achieve the perfect look, there are a few aesthetic elements you can use to achieve harmony. These rules can be utilized to create visually attractive photos and artworks that reflect human feelings and moods in a variety of sectors of art, including photography, styling, and artworks.

The Rule Of Thirds And The Rule Of Fifths

A male face divided into equal horizontal thirds
A male face divided into equal horizontal thirds
A male face divided into equal vertical fifths
A male face divided into equal vertical fifths

Choose the width of your eyes and draw vertical lines with that width to create a balanced face using the rule of fifths. In both art and science, Leonardo Da Vinci employed the rule of thirds to create balanced structures.

Because it is used in artworks, photography, cinematography, and other visual fields, the rule of thirds is known as the golden rule. Draw two horizontal lines, one above the brows and the other below the nose. With this rule, you can achieve a well-balanced face.

How Do You Find The Golden Ratio On Your Face?

The Golden Ratio has been used by mathematicians to quantify the beauty of objects and people for ages.

After noticing its frequent appearance in geometry, the Ancient Greeks discovered what we now know as the Golden Ratio. The ratio has a constant value of Phi=1.618 and has been utilized to optimize beauty and symmetry in art, architecture, book design, and even music.

The golden ratio was used to construct the pyramids by the ancient Egyptians, and these perfectly symmetrical constructions are still considered one of the world's most amazing architectural marvels.

The Golden Ratio was even used in Feng Shui in Asia to provide order and harmony to a space through balancing and symmetry.

To construct something aesthetically acceptable to the human sight, Leonardo da Vinci and his colleagues Renaissance artists used the ratio to define symmetry in buildings, including the human body.

Scientists and mathematicians are still using this measurement to define face symmetry and explain why society has set specific beauty standards hundreds of years later.

It's possible to discover a common tendency by calculating the facial proportions of several famous people who are frequently praised for their beauty.

Some of the world's most beautiful people have enviably symmetrical looks.

We don't need to be measured to recognize that Natalie Portman, Beyoncé Knowles, and Bella Hadid are stunning, so it's no surprise that they have some of Hollywood's most even, symmetrical features.

Beyoncé is most well-known for her stunning vocals, but her intriguing facial characteristics are almost as enthralling. Just like the ancient Greeks would have desired, her piercing eyes are evenly spaced apart from her hairline and her lips.

Beyonce smiling facewith diamond necklace
Beyonce smiling facewith diamond necklace

When Natalie Portman smiles, her flawlessly sculpted bone structure makes her appear as though it were created by Renaissance sculptors from marble. It's clear to see that the length of her face is close to 1 1/2 times its width, which follows the Golden Ratio.

Natalie portman face photo
Natalie portman face photo

Bella and Gigi Hadid are two of the most gorgeous sisters to ever walk the face of the Earth, yet it is Bella who most closely resembles the ancient ideal of beauty. Her eyes, nose, and lips are all properly positioned and proportioned to her face's overall shape.

Bella Hadid face golden ratio equation
Bella Hadid face golden ratio equation

There is nothing more entertaining than imagining if Renaissance artists would have thought we were worthy of painting, even though we all know that genuine beauty lies under the surface.

Here's How To Use The Golden Ratio Test To Assess Your Beauty

  • To assess symmetry, the length and width of the face must first be measured. Take a measurement from your hairline to the tip of your chin. Then, at its widest point, measure the width of your face (which is usually at your cheekbones).
  • The length is then divided by the width. According to the Golden Ratio, the optimum outcome is approximately 1.6, which means that a beautiful person's face is approximately 1 1/2 times longer than it is wide.
  • The following step is to determine the distance between your features.

Measure three segments of the face: from the hairline on the forehead to a point between the eyes, between the eyes to the bottom of the nose, and bottom of the nose to bottom of the chin. The Golden Ratio test determines that if the numbers are equal or close to equal, this is more beautiful.

  • Lastly, your features are measured to determine symmetry and proportions.

The length of an ear equals the length of the nose on a "perfect" face, and the breadth of an eye equals the distance between the eyes.

Ideal beauty is measured using these measurements by determining how equal your proportions are and how much your measurements deviate from the Golden Ratio.

Mathematicians and scientists claim that symmetrical, even characteristics appeal to the human eye. If your measures aren't completely even, don't sweat it. Some of the most gorgeous people have stunning traits that defy symmetry.

How Do You Draw A Face With The Golden Ratio?

Dr. Kendra Schmid, an assistant professor of biostatistics, uses the golden ratio and 29 other measurements to study facial sex appeal. These measurements are calculated to determine a person's beauty on a scale of 1 to 10. What does she measure?

Woman's face ear to nose eye to eye measured
Woman's face ear to nose eye to eye measured
Woman's face forehead hairline eyes to nose measured
Woman's face forehead hairline eyes to nose measured
Woman's face length and width measured
Woman's face length and width measured
  • Dr. Schmid begins by taking measurements of the patient's face, including height and width. After that, she computes the ratio by taking the length and dividing it by the breadth. Golden ratio experts say a person's face should be around 1.5 times longer than it is wide. This is considered a lovely result.
  • Afterward, Dr. Schmid takes measurements along three segments of the face: from the hairline on the forehead to a point halfway between the eyes, from that location halfway between the eyes to the bottom of the nose, and from that point halfway between the eyes to the bottom of the chin. Unless the numbers are equal, a person is considered more attractive than another.
  • The final step is for statisticians to assess various facial characteristics in order to determine symmetry and proportion. Dr. Schmid believes that on a perfect face, the length of an ear is equal to the length of the nose, and the width of an eye is equal to the distance between the eyes, respectively.

Dr. Schmid believes that no one has ever scored a perfect 10 and that the majority of people fall between 4 and 6.


When you have a strong understanding of the face anatomy, it is simple to generate breathtaking photos and images in any theme and genre of your choice. Designers and creative professions must have it. However, it can be used to make glossy and perfect images for social media accounts, advertising, and so on.

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