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Free Online Shopping Templates To Custom Your Business Website


This article will show you how to construct an online store from scratch while keeping costs down, whether you already have a brick and mortar business and want to grow online or you're just getting started with your first store.

The good news is that ecommerce builders like Shopify and WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and free online shopping templatesmake creating an online business easier than ever.

Nowadays, even web servers like Bluehost are made to make your life as simple as possible.

Additionally, while considering the economic condition, people tend to gravitate more toward online shopping as costs for necessities are likely to increase.

Therefore, creating an online store could ensure the success of your company.

This article will show you how to start an online store using a website builder or WordPress in nine easy stages and assist you in determining which approach is best for you (combined with WooCommerceand Bluehost).

We suggest starting with our section on constructing with an e-commerce builder if you're a tech newbie.

Start with our instructions for creating a store with WordPress if you want complete customization. Please feel free to jump to the section of interest below:

Locate The Best Ecommerce Website Builder

An online tool called an "ecommerce builder" enables you to create your own internet business without needing to know coding, have a lot of computer screens, or have extensive technical abilities.

A brilliant company idea and an internet connection are all you need!

Selecting the ideal online store builder is the first step in opening an online store.

Online store builders are widely available. Others are affordable, some are pricey, some are trustworthy, and some aren't.

We considered simplifying the process of selecting the best option for you because there are so many to choose from.

Below are the two e-commerce platforms we recommend most highly. For large web stores, we advise Shopify, while Wix is better for smaller ones.

Person shopping online wearing a pijama
Person shopping online wearing a pijama

Get Your Store A Domain Name!

The portion of a URL that indicates your store's name is called a domain name.

A successful online store's launch depends on a catchy domain name. Client trust is increased, and your brand is established.

Say you work for Tester News (we can all dream). The domain name for Terster News is bolded in the URL that follows:


The major domain is this. Customers can see it in the address bar and through Google searches. Imagine your domain name as the sign that sits over a high-end retail establishment.

For just $10 to $20 a year, you may get a domain name through Shopify or Wix. As an alternative, you can buy a domain name through a registrar like Domain.com and connect it to your online store builder.

You can add products.

You now need to add your products to the web store you made using a template.

Zero Gravity Product Page

Shopify was used to create ZeroGravity.com, an online store with pages for each of its distinctive products.

When you use an online store builder, you have extensive control over your product pages.

The picture above demonstrates how you can mix flair and simplicity to produce a distinctive aesthetic.

Set Up Payment Options

The next step is to configure your payment method. This is an essential step in turning a browser into a customer.

This is made simple for you by e-commerce website builders. They streamline the procedure to provide you with the best (and most efficient) payment alternatives right away.

Direct connections to numerous different payment methods, including PayPal, Visa, Apple Pay, and Mastercard, are made possible by e-commerce website designers.

Make Your Online Store Public

You should have added your products, changed your site's template, set up your payment and shipping methods, and set up your store's settings by now.

You're almost there.

Still, it's important to evaluate your online store before you're done setting it up.

With ecommerce website builders, it's very easy to test and evaluate your online store before it goes live.

The best way to ensure that your store is meeting customer needs is to test it.

Remember To Use Templates


One of our top-selling Shopify eCommercethemes is Porto. The best part about this eCommerce theme is that it is jam-packed with countless customization opportunities!


With numerous layouts and styles, the all-in-one Shopify template ELLA enables you to build various structures and fit particular needs for various types of businesses.


One of our top retail website templatesis Shella, a well-liked eCommerce theme. Customers adore it because of the gorgeous style of this eCommerce template.


Wokiee gives customers complete control over their eCommerce website through a wide range of design tools and flexibility.

Anyone who purchases Wokiee loves the support forums and setup video lessons, which are two factors in its strong 5.0 rating.


The fact that so many of the top eCommerce themes on Themeforest are Shopify themes is a testimonial to the strength of the Shopify platform.

One such instance is Gecko, which has thousands of sales to its name and a rating that is almost flawless.

This business eCommerce theme is perfect for online retailers of clothing, furniture, handcrafted goods, organic foods, and much more.

It has more than 15 homepage styles, more than 8 shop layouts, and a variety of product page layouts that all work well on mobile devices.


Given its basic design, iOne is a huge commercial eCommerce theme!

AJAX cart and wishlist, Flexslider, autocomplete search, grid and list layout toggle, fast view popup, layered navigation, more than 12 unique demos, and too many layout variations to name.


This is a fantastic alternative for you if you have a large product catalog and want users to find pertinent products fast and effortlessly.

Products are divided into categories for men's, women's, children's, and accessories, as you can see from the store demo.

You simply need to glance at this theme's evaluations to see how well-regarded it is for attributes like customizability, design quality, and versatility.

Laptop with a shop tend logo
Laptop with a shop tend logo

People Also Ask

What Is E-commerce Template?

A template is nothing more than the organization and style that the platform applies to your content.

Templates, often known as "skins," are interchangeable and have an impact on things like fonts on websites, colors and backgrounds.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Website Templates?

  • ThemeForest.
  • Mojo Marketplace.
  • TemplateMonster.
  • Etsy.
  • Creativemarket.

What Is A Template For A Website Called?

A Web page template or page template is another name for a website template.

Final Remarks

It's time to click Publish once you're confident that your web store is beautiful and functions flawlessly.

Keep your foot on the gas pedal while you sit back and take in the sales as they come in. Keep WordPress current and up-to-date at all times to achieve amazing results.

This includes monitoring your SEO as well as running updates.

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