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What’s A Magazine Article Template?


Many designers seek to publish the content they write in an organized, presentable and eye-catching way. Magazine templates work for this. Have you ever stopped to take a detailed look at a magazine? Look at it and realize its composition and the design of each page? All those elements that compose it are thanks to a previous design.

To design a magazine article templateyou need experience, organization and planning, otherwise, it can be very difficult to do it the first few times, especially if you have never worked with long texts, but if you have a template from which we can base ourselves, our work is easier, and allows us to move faster.

One fact that we have to keep in mind is that magazine design has been changing over the years and now they are used more digitally than physically, the principles and skills required are the same to work on it.

Why Is A Template Important In Magazine Design?

Sample of a ready made magazine article template
Sample of a ready made magazine article template

The field that deals with magazine design is editorial design because it combines clever compositions, original designs, and creative typography. All these elements together, create very attractive magazines and although it is true that it is difficult to start from scratch, but having a base makes the work to be done easier and that is the objective of using templates, you already have an idea of ​​how you can do your work And in what way can you modify it according to what you are looking to project on the receivers.

The designer has a very important role when choosing a template that is consistent with what you are looking for, as well as, in the way in which you share, understand and display the information in your work, because it will be the main basis to be able to project your work and communicate it to others.

And if that were not enough, in addition, magazine design has become a challenge, since digital is taking over this type of publication and is changing the way it is done.

Although time has advanced and with it different ways of doing work today, as is the case with digital magazines, print still remains an important medium that will help people to express themselves creatively. However, magazine designs are undergoing many changes with the advent of new technologies.

Many graphic design professionals are working on editorial design.

The design of articles, magazine templates, fonts, all of this needs the detailed attention of specialists. This type of publication requires following guidelines and rules so that they fulfill the mission with which they are produced.

It must be borne in mind that, to a large extent, the success of magazines depends a lot on how they communicate to the public and on the ability to tell a story, but of course their presentation is important as mentioned above, it must be attractive to the reader. , so that you are interested in reading it and getting into it.

Editorial design is a field that is subject to many rapid changes and to the need to have magazines on time, since information is power, and whoever communicates it first has a lot to win. However, you can always carry out some actions that you always have to do and that will help you save time.

Magazine templates are a great base for making your own unique and creative designs. The size, pages, master items, and basics are already set up for you, which means you can get caught up in the fun part of the task: editing the template to suit your magazine theme and style.

Some Tips For Designing A Magazine From A Template

How to design a magazine with templates

The design of the magazine will be what will start that interest in the readers, because this allows them to identify the voice of the publication.

You must think about the readers, because the impact or relevance of your publication depends on that. We need to know what to design for the audience because it will make us reach the right audience and for this we must know the topic well to be developed and known to our audience.

The skills that an editorial designer should have are very similar to a graphic designer. However, the following must be taken into account:

Steps To Create A Magazine By Editing The Template

Color: Editing swatches allows you to change large portions of color in an instant.

Images: we will see how dividing your images from your backgrounds can create an instant 3D effect that looks amazing on covers.

Type: Subtle adjustments to fonts and text formatting can have a transformative effect and really change the personality of your design. We'll also see how to create your own font styles to format your pages.

Everything We Need To Know About Creating A Magazine Design And Why The Template Is Important

Cover First

As a reader, you know that the cover is the most important part of magazine design, and that is why it has to be done not just right, but perfect. It must fulfill its objective, and that objective implies that it must function properly on several levels.

An example could be that the cover should be able to stand out enough to attract other people's attention when placed next to other publications on a shelf or on a counter. It has to attract, surprise and reveal a story that the reader cannot resist.

When you create a cover, try to do it in a way that can be adapted to both print and digital formats, as some designs do not work well digitally and others do not work well in physical format. Also, there are cases where the audiences are completely different.

Use The Grid

Grid methods are key in graphic design, especially for magazine layout. The grid will help you a lot to create a correct resolution for your design, the sensations that you have with the different grids are very different.

This is why the ideal is to place the text first and then make the grid on it, since the size will be what marks the base of it.

The Type Hierarchy In Magazine Layout

If you think about it, when we talk about magazine design, it is not enough just to pay attention to the creative part.

Magazine layouts, in fact, are based on a clear typesetting, from the main to the title. Finding the right type and pattern will help the magazine in general and its publications in particular to find their specific voice and attract readers.

There are many different approaches, but one of the most important is minimalism. Some complementary features can create more impact especially when it comes to choosing fonts for the news itself.

Use The Blanks

In a magazine, blanks are essential, not only does it serve to give the reader's eye a break, but it also helps us to give structure and hierarchy to the magazine's publications. Before starting to design, plan and organize where they will be strategically placed.

Best Websites With Magazine Templates

WordPress Magazine Templates

Screenshot of some samples of WordPress magazine article templates
Screenshot of some samples of WordPress magazine article templates

This platform provides us with multiple and interesting magazine templates to work in the design that we have in mind, if the designer is looking for a magazine theme for the website this is the perfect platform. We have access to multiple free and paid templates.

Envato Magazine Templates

Sample of an Envato magazine article template
Sample of an Envato magazine article template

This platform is ideal for those who are looking for illimited templates. We need to subscribe to the page to have access to all the templates and start working.

Flipsnack Magazine Templates

Screenshot of Flipsnack Magazine Templates webpage
Screenshot of Flipsnack Magazine Templates webpage

Flipsnack is one of the best options online to make templates, here we have more structured and professional templates, if you are a perfectionist and want quality in your work this is the ideal platform.

Shutterstock Magazine Templates

Sample of a Shutterstock Magazine Templates used for a food magazine
Sample of a Shutterstock Magazine Templates used for a food magazine

Is more focused on professional photos but also allows us to design with base templates to create our magazines and we could get an awesome magazine with professional photos.

Adobe InDesign Magazine Templates

Samples of some Adobe InDesign Magazine Templates
Samples of some Adobe InDesign Magazine Templates

This platform contains multiple collection templates from professional designers, we have access to create awesome magazine templates for our project, we could get awesome results.

How Do I Know Which Template Is Right For Me?

The designer should choose a suitable template based on two main factors: First, consider how the final magazine will be structured: if we want a content page, different sections, more or fewer pages, etc. Some templates are more complex than others, with multiple master pages creating different page layout styles throughout the template.

If we want our magazine to be simple, go for a simple template, rather than trying to cut down on a huge and complicated layout. Second, find a template that’s similar in style to our desired end product, this could be theme based, for example, narrowing down options to templates labeled 'fashion' will be a good starting point in finding a suitable template for a fashion or lifestyle headline.

Or maybe go for style on the subject, we can easily adapt a minimal fashion magazine template to become a minimal travel magazine.

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