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Luxe Free Template For Hotel Websites


Because the hotel industry is one of the most successful industries in the world, there is fierce competition in this industry. Despite the fact that many hotel owners overlook the importance of having a website when running their business, websites are becoming increasingly crucial for the profitability of your establishment. A hotel's website could be the primary difference between a fully booked hotel and a hotel that is struggling to find clients.

For this reason, first impressions are extremely crucial in the travel industry because they may make or break a transaction. Rather than going into your hotel for the first time, a guest will get his or her first impression of your establishment through your hotel's website, which is why creating the ideal website for your establishment is so vital. The theme, the design, the layout, and the sliders that display as soon as people open your website, as well as the ease with which the website can be navigated, all contribute to the overall impression that is formed. The more user-friendly your website is, the better impression it is going to leave on the visitor to it. It is very likely that the user will not view the inside of your hotel if the first impression offered by the website is not good enough and he has to go through a lot of hassles to book a room. So, let’s take a look at Luxe free template for hotel websitesand how you can use it to make more bookings and attract more customers to your site.

What Is Luxe Template?

Sample of what Luxe Template for Hotel websites looks like
Sample of what Luxe Template for Hotel websites looks like

Luxe is a free HTML5 Bootstrap hotel and resort website templatethat is responsive. It's a great fit for websites for hotels and resorts. Luxe features a smooth Flexslider on the homepage, a drop-down menu, a fun fact counter, an availability check form widget, and numerous other features. Built using the most up-to-date technology, including HTML5, CSS3, Sass, and jQuery.

Template For A Free Html5 Bootstrap Hotel And Resort Website

Luxe features a multi-page design that is clean and basic while still being beautiful. There's also some stunning typography, thanks to font icons from FontAwesome, Flaticon, Icomoon, and Themify, among other sources. The well-organized and clearly written codes also make Luxe a straightforward tool for customization. Create with Luxe and enjoy the benefits of hassle-free development.

Key Features

  • Bootstrap v3.3.5
  • Multi-page template
  • Hero header
  • Flex slider
  • On-hover effect on features
  • Ghost button
  • Fun fact counter
  • Drop-down menu
  • Availability check form widget on the header
  • Date-picker
  • Tabbed content
  • Parallax background
  • Google map
  • Email subscription form UI
  • Contact form UI
  • Hundreds of font icons

In The Box

  • All demo images
  • 5 HTML files
  • CSS & SCSS files
  • JavaScript source files
  • Font icons

Libraries And Plugins

  • Bootstrap v3.3.5
  • Owl Carousel
  • Animate.css
  • FOntAwesome
  • Icomoon
  • Themify Icons
  • Waypoint
  • Flex Slider
  • Unsplash

Further Example Of Template For Hotel Websites

Luxe Hotel WordPress Theme

Hotel Luxe Wordpress Template sample Landing page
Hotel Luxe Wordpress Template sample Landing page

In addition to the 300 layout and slider options and other features that allow you to construct a user-friendly website that delivers a fascinating and striking first impression, Luxe is a fantastic hotel WordPress theme. Among the features included in the theme are 60 elements and blocks, 8 header styles, 4 footer styles, infinite sidebars, widgets, and a powerful booking system.

The theme comes with more than a dozen ready-to-use demos that make it simple to build a mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly website. The website's user experience will be the same regardless of the device you're using. You will find below the best 10 Luxe theme demos to assist you in creating a wide range of accommodation-related websites, such as a luxury hotel or a resort, or an apartment or motel.

Feature Overview

Sample of Drag Drop Builder Hotel Luxe Template being used in editing a website
Sample of Drag Drop Builder Hotel Luxe Template being used in editing a website
Sample of how Live Customizer in Hotel Luxe Template looks like
Sample of how Live Customizer in Hotel Luxe Template looks like
  • WordPress Live Customizer—Make it Live!
  • Visual Composer Plugin
  • One-Click Demo Importer
  • Advanced Booking System
  • Advanced Coupon System
  • Paypal, Stripe, and Offline Payment Method Supported
  • 8+ Unique Demos
  • 4+ Header Styles
  • 7+ Sliders
  • 4+ Footer Styles
  • 30+ Shortcodes
  • 5+ Custom Widgets
  • Unlimited Color Option
  • Advanced Typography Option
  • Advanced Blog Layouts
  • Youtube Video Support
  • Youtube Video Slider
  • Fully Responsive
  • WMPL Ready
  • Post Formats (Standard, Audio, Gallery)
  • Automatic Updates
  • SEO Optimized
  • Powerful Theme Option
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Custom Contact Form
  • Retina Ready
  • HD Video Tutorials
  • Well Documented

For A Luxury Hotel

Sample of Luxury Hotel Luxe Template used in website
Sample of Luxury Hotel Luxe Template used in website

Your hotel website needs a great WordPress theme if you want to operate a luxury hotel in the Bahamas or anyplace else in the world. Because this is a high-end hotel, you'll want to choose a high-end motif. Luxe is a top-notch WordPress theme for building an all-in-one website that meets all of your requirements. The color picker option in the theme setting in the sample lets you quickly and simply alter the colors in the theme. You have the option of selecting opulent hues to go with your hotel's overall design.

The Luxe theme includes seven Plus built-in sliders to assist you in creating a beautiful and appealing appearance for your site. Sliders take up the majority of the space on your website, which is why having an engaging slider is critical for keeping people on your site. With the eye-catching sliders, you'll also need the ideal header for your website. The layout is ideal for luxury hotels because it's clean and uncluttered.

The theme's booking management system is simple to use. Simplicity is critical for the user-friendliness of your website, which is why the booking system must be simple to access and operate. The booking system, along with the other demo features, is user-friendly and assists you in creating a responsive website that provides the best experience for users on any device, including a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. Your personality will shine through in the demo, and that's a treat.

For An Elegant Hotel

Sample of Elegant Hotel Luxe Template used in website
Sample of Elegant Hotel Luxe Template used in website

If you want to create a beautiful-looking WordPress hotel website for your hotel, Luxe is the theme to choose. The theme's wide range of features helps your website look both stylish and sophisticated. The demo enables you to develop the ideal website that is both user-friendly and simple to construct. As a result, you won't have to go through the trouble of hiring someone to build a website for you. Simply download the demo and fill in the information that you want to see on your website.

To create a memorable first impression of your hotel, try the Luxe demo. It's designed for elegant hotels and gives you the tools to do just that. The sample includes 500+ Google fonts as well as other downloadable fonts to keep your website's text unique and eye-catching. The sample is fully translation-ready and WPML compliant, and it has a language changer on the sub-header to aid users. The layout and style of the sample scream elegance and are an ideal approach to present your hotel to the rest of the world.

On the top, there is a mega menu where you can add all of the crucial tabs to help your users. The booking management system is flawless. You may now add services like managing bookings, coupons, rooms, and other packages all in one location.

The entire example is relatively simple and quick to install, so you don't have to worry about having an attractive website up and running for your lovely hotel. The setup and installation documentation are completely available. Your website is now just a click away.

For Resorts

Sample of Resort Luxe Template used in website
Sample of Resort Luxe Template used in website

When one wishes to have a relaxing holiday with their family and loved ones, resorts are the perfect place to stay. Resorts have so much more to offer than hotels, which is why resort websites must be unique as well. The Luxe WordPress theme is one of the easiest and appropriate website templates for a Resort website.

The demo's booking management system is really sophisticated. You can now manage the number of guests for different room types as well as individual rooms. The theme allows you to create an endless number of rooms, as well as an additional configuration option. Using this sample, you can add the pricing of the room as well as the status of the management that would be provided with the room to your website. You may even specify different pricing for different rooms on different dates using the demo. Different payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, and Offline Payment Method can be supported using the demo version of the application.

The demo's 7+ sliders allow you to display a captivating image of your resort on your website, attracting clients and increasing sales. The demo is simple to use and has a variety of design and layout options. The layouts provide an unlimited number of sidebars and color options. You can use the colors to make a great, vibrant, and enjoyable image for your website. The theme includes 300 layouts and slider options for you to select from. Each combination is unique and easily changeable based on your preferences, so style the overall combination to your liking.

For Apartments

Sample of Apartment Luxe Template used in websites
Sample of Apartment Luxe Template used in websites

Making a great apartment website might be difficult, which is why you should use the Luxe WordPress theme for your apartment website if you want to attract customers to your website. Apartments in the Luxe theme have so much to offer consumers in the Luxe theme's example apartments. It has a ton of useful sophisticated features that are simple to use and appropriate for your site.

The advanced layout version of the demo includes limitless sidebars and 5+ custom widgets, as well as header and footer styles. When you have a lot of different apartment options to show your consumers, as well as the many features that come with them, the sidebars come in handy. The gadgets and widgets that you can add to the sidebars to make the website more user-friendly can symbolize functionality. The demo is ideal for businesses that rent out flats to tourists since it allows you to construct an engaging and informative homepage for your website.

The offline payment method is one of the demo's most appealing features. There are still some people who are hesitant to make an online payment, which is why the demo has also included a check acceptance option. This feature allows such people to become your clients, which benefits both you and them. Apartment reservations have never been easier with the demo's access to a wide range of comprehensive booking management capabilities.

For Bed And Breakfast

Sample of Bed and Breakfast Luxe Template used in website
Sample of Bed and Breakfast Luxe Template used in website

Developing a website for a bed and breakfast hotel can be challenging because the establishment does not provide the same services as a hotel, necessitating the creation of a unique and distinct website. Hotels exude luxury, but bread and breakfast establishments exude coziness and comfort, much like your own home. Luxe is an excellent WordPress theme for your bread and breakfast establishment. The demo is the best and simplest method to build the website of your dreams. In order to give your website a more 'local' feel and look, it gives you numerous slider and design options to choose from.

Utilizing the pre-installed templates, you may develop a layout that is unique to you and incorporate photographs, videos, and blogs. The demo's use of features such as infinite colors, 500+ Google Fonts, typography, and unlimited sidebars make it very simple to add the necessary information to your website in a beautiful and compelling manner while maintaining a professional appearance.

It also allows you to construct a blog-style for your website that is structured in a way that accommodates all types of text and media input, as is demonstrated in the sample. With one click, you can add images, videos, sliders, galleries, and text such as quotes to a page without having to change the layout each time.

When building a website, it's also crucial to consider the speed and responsiveness of the site, which is why the theme is designed for speed and is compatible with all screen resolutions, allowing it to perform flawlessly on any device. The demo is an excellent approach to test and develop the ideal website for your local bed and breakfast.

For Motels

Sample of Motel Luxe Template used in website
Sample of Motel Luxe Template used in website

The Luxe WordPress theme is the perfect option if you want to create a website for your motel. The theme includes numerous features that enable you to create the ideal website for your consumers. The more features you add to the website, the more accessible and usable it becomes. It is the quickest and most straightforward method of creating your dream website with the Luxe theme's motel example.

You can choose from 300 different layouts and slider combinations in the sample. There's also the possibility of customizing the built-in layouts to create your own layout that fits your tastes and personality. You can choose from a variety of header and footer styles, as well as an unlimited number of sidebars to which you can add widgets to make your website more user-friendly.

The sample also includes a variety of styles that may be tweaked using Google's 500+ fonts, limitless color combinations, and complex typography options. Give your text a new style with these tools and make it stand out.

When it comes to promoting on the internet, responsive websites are essential. People nowadays access the internet using a variety of devices such as tablets, computers, mobile phones, watches, and so on, which is why the demo allows you to develop a fully responsive motel website with built-in coding that delivers the same experience to users on various devices. This method is made feasible by the theme's compatibility with various screen resolutions.

For Boutique Hotels

Sample of Boutique Hotel Luxe Template used in website
Sample of Boutique Hotel Luxe Template used in website

The Luxe WordPress theme's Boutique Hotel sample is the ideal method to construct a simple and elegant website for your boutique hotel. The sample includes a number of built-in features that make your task simple and quick. The more you investigate it, the more tempting it becomes.

The demo allows you to build a website that meets your specific requirements. You have the option of using one of the pre-configured layouts and designs or designing your own from scratch.

The extensive booking management system, which offers a lot of functionality, is one of the demo's best features. You can create an endless number of rooms and adjust the cost on a daily basis. You can accept four different methods of payment through the booking system: Offline Payment, Authorize.net, PayPal, and Stripe. Along with booking management, the demo also includes room management, which allows the administrator to change the status and rates of a room at any time and from any location. With the help of the demo, you can construct a pricing plan that allows you to set different costs for different dates.

Because not everyone speaks English, the example includes a built-in translation option on the sub-header that allows your users to choose the language that best suits them. In the same way that the example supports several languages, it also has built-in functionality that supports multiple currencies, making the payment process for your consumers much easier. These capabilities come in helpful because one of the goals of a website is to be user-friendly. They make the entire reservation and payment procedure a breeze.

Additionally, the sample's sophisticated plugins, widgets, and limitless sidebars let you construct an eye-catching website that keeps visitors interested. Other demo features include a YouTube video slider, video background, limitless colors, and unique header and footer designs.

For Villas

Sample of Villa Luxe Template used in website
Sample of Villa Luxe Template used in website

Luxe is a beautiful hotel WordPress theme that perfectly fits villa websites. The Villa website demo lets you construct a website that is easy to use and user-friendly. The sample has several features that make the website appealing and eye-catching.

Using the 300 built-in slider and layout options, you can construct the website that best portrays your Villas. Give your website's homepage an exquisite and outstanding look by employing video sliders or text sliders with stylish headers and footers.

You may also use the example to construct a website that is easily customizable. If you wish to highlight a certain webpage or post on your website, the Luxe theme allows you to personalize specific web pages and posts using the demo's infinite colors, 500+ Google fonts, and the default theme in the backdrop. Say no to uninteresting websites by utilizing the demo to add originality and design to your website.

Everything nowadays takes place on the internet, particularly on social networking sites, which is why the demo contains a template for social sharing. This tool allows you to share your website with friends and customers who enjoy your content on social media. The video also demonstrates how to design an SEO-optimized website in order to maximize the number of visitors to your site overall.


It can be difficult to select the ideal website theme, but we can tell you that Luxe is the best on the market. The theme includes a lot of features that accommodate all of your hotel sites while also making your job easier with demos that are simple to install and configure. You can use WordPress to install the theme or FTP to download it. The procedure is simple and quick, and it comes with a detailed file that will guide you through the entire procedure.

The theme also includes automated updates to keep the style and functionality of the website up to date. The theme includes a safe payment and booking system. Because some people are still afraid to pay online, the theme also accepts check payments as a payment option. Complete Hotel Booking System, Bookings Management, Room Management, Coupon Management, Pricing Plans Management, Extra Packages Management, Multiple Currencies, Block Special Date Management, and four Payment Gateways are the theme's main booking features (Offline Payment, Authorize.net, PayPal, Stripe).

Additionally, the theme includes thorough how-to tutorials that assist users in better comprehending the process and getting the most out of it. A responsive technical team is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with your difficulties and issues. Because the team members are courteous and well-trained, they can supply consumers with suitable replies.

7+ Built In Slider Hotel Luxe Template you can use for your site
7+ Built In Slider Hotel Luxe Template you can use for your site

Quick Installation and Setup—Because we all despise slowness, we devised a feature that eliminates the need for you to wait for installation. Installation was extremely quick and simple. Install the theme quickly in WordPress or via FTP. Installation and setup documentation is also provided. Take control of your website's look and feel with a single click.

Smart and Effective Advertising—Luxe offers a very quick Mega menu solution that can be enabled using the WordPress native menu panel, and you can design awesome icons for any menu element.

Create and Manage Rooms with WP Hotel Booking—Create an unlimited number of rooms with various extra settings such as room price and room status management.

Set Price for Specific Dates—The price of a room can fluctuate by days, weeks, months, or even a complete year and seasons.

Create and Manage Reservations—All reservations will be saved and modifiable. Admin, in particular, can alter the booking status from Pending to Completed and vice versa.

Integration with Contact Form 7—Are you still on the fence about accepting online payments? Not to worry, WP Hotel Booking also accepts offline payments, which is advantageous for those who prefer to mail a check.

Adult and Child Advanced Options—Change the number of guests (adults or children) easily, not just for room types, but for individual rooms as well.

Mega Menu—Using Visual Composer and our integrated amazing advertisement places, you may place your advertisement virtually any place on your website.

Entirely Translatable—Our theme is fully translatable and WPML compliant, with a robust language switcher on the subheader.

Combinations of Layout and Sliders—Luxe includes over 300 layer and slider combinations, allowing you to customize it to your liking. The layers and sliders are distinct from one another, and it is, of course, configurable.

The Customizer in WordPress—The Customizer is a framework for live-previewing every modification made to WordPress. It provides a straightforward and consistent interface for users to adjust different aspects of their theme and site, ranging from colors and layouts to widgets and menus.

Fully Responsive—Almost every new client these days expects their website to have a mobile version. After all, it's practically necessary to have one design for the BlackBerry and another for the iPhone, iPad, netbook, and Kindle, as well as compatibility with all screen resolutions. Therefore, there is no need to worry about gaining these sets of features; they are already incorporated in Magazine. Let us put it to the test.

Library Homepage—A well-designed homepage communicates everything you need to know about a website at a glance. Our homepage reflects our personal style. That is why we provided you the option of customizing your homepage with your own sense of design for the perfect first impression.

Google Font—Along with layout and slider options, Luxe offers over 500 Google fonts. Google offers hundreds of free, open-source typefaces that are also extremely fast to render.

Blog Style—Luxe provides a sophisticated and tasteful blog layout with a variety of blog post forms such as picture, slider, gallery, video, and quote. You may now fall head over heels in love with your own website.

Optimized for Performance—This WordPress theme has been optimized for speed with an emphasis on clean and structured code. It contributes to an increase in conversation rates.

Header and Navigation Styles—Luxe offers a variety of stunning header and navigation styles to suit your preferences. Choose the one that most accurately reflects your personality.

Typography—It's the little things that elevate a project to the next level. One of them is solid typography that has been carefully designed with attention and care. A consistent visual rhythm, typographic nuances such as soft capitals, margin outdents, or the proper usage of hyphens and dashes; there are numerous factors that contribute to this. Thus, we have included all Google font sets to make it simple and useful; you may alter the color, size, and line height, among other things.

Cool Pre-Configured Layouts—To assist you in creating a great website, we have included a variety of page layouts in the Luxe theme. Create a website that includes a blog, videos, and other material.

Social Sharing—It includes a social sharing template. We verified that the website you own is a smart one. Assure that anyone who likes your material can share it with their friends via social media.

Customization of Specific Pages/Posts—With Luxe, you can simply edit specific pages or posts in addition to the default theme settings if you want to emphasize a particular page/post or need a different aesthetic for your entire website.

Unlimited Colors—To make changing colors simple, we've included a color picker in the theme options. Wherever appropriate, you can select your desired colors visually or via hash code or RGB code. The web page could not be simpler or more uninteresting than it is right now.

Endless Sidebars—Another noteworthy feature of Luxe is that it enables you to create an unlimited number of sidebars and give them an unlimited number of widgets of your choice. Surprisingly, you can even easily rearrange the sidebars.

HD Video and Detailed Documentation—We have created sufficient videos and documentation to educate our users about every aspect of our theme. Additionally, there are numerous how-to videos available for quick comprehension.

5 Start Prompt and Responsive Support—We care about our customers and will always go above and above to ensure their pleasure. Our growth is contingent upon customer happiness. We have a very knowledgeable team of technical professionals that make every effort to answer within one business day. Our mission is to provide our consumers with responses that are satisfying, useful, and kind.

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