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Top Jewelry Store Templates


Using many of templates, WordPress can be used to create a variety of e-commerce stores.

However, each theme needs to have at least one ready-made eCommerce demo for a jewelry store in order to be included in this collection.

You can quickly build the framework for your online jewelry store by importing this content, after which you can add your own products, pictures, and text.

The jewelry store templatesin this collection will give you everything you need, whether you want to build a sizable e-commerce jewelry website.

Why Launch A Jewelry Website?

The jewelry industry is booming fast. By 2025, the jewelry market is projected to increase from $230 billion (in 2020) to roughly $292 billion.

Ads and viral trends on websites like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram are helping many jewelry businesses achieve phenomenal success, so increasing your own market share is definitely possible.

Jewelry is portable. Saving time, boosting sales, and cutting costs are all crucial as a business owner.

Picking, packing, and shipping procedures are greatly streamlined when working with small, light products like jewelry.

This is especially true if you work with a third-party fulfillment provider who is familiar with the specifics of jewelry fulfillment.

You can start off easily. An eCommerce jewelry business is scalable due to the wide range of products you can sell.

Start with a small number of SKUs and widely publicize them to test your business concept.

Find your winning products and perfect your marketing strategy by experimenting with your store and tracking your progress by periodically changing your content and product offerings.

Golden rings
Golden rings

Design Your Own Jewelry

While many sellers begin with a focus on artisan jewelry, scaling handmade jewelry products can be very tricky.

If you enjoy designing jewelry but still want to create a scalable business, you’re in luck.

You can develop a large, loyal following.

If you are able to successfully build your brand, develop an effective marketing strategy, and invest in adequate ad spend, you can then utilize social media to reach potential buyers from around the world.

Many organizations employ ambassador programs or fund celebrities to model their products, and committed customers are typically willing to promote your brand online through comments, shared postings, and reviews.

Benardine.comis an example of a jewel reviews blog.

Your Intended Audience Is Waiting For You

Jewelry is undoubtedly a well-liked and rapidly expanding industry, but by mastering your marketing mix, you can outperform your rivals.

Conduct rigorous market research to better understand your target market. Then, enchant them with your products and content.

The bulk of jewelry consumers, according to GWI, are in their early 30s and log onto social media for roughly three hours every day on average.

Since they are brand-aware and pay attention to influencers, carefully expanding your brand and stepping up your social media presence will be a crucial component of your marketing strategy.

Jewelry makes it easier to be eco-friendly. GWI found that 57% of individuals said they would pay more for environmentally friendly or sustainable products, demonstrating a desire for green policies.

Fortunately, jewelry requires little packaging.

If you skip the unboxing experience entirely, you may promote your eco-friendly packaging to customers and wow them with your dedication to sustainability.

Customers are searching for thoughtful presents.

Forbes claims that consumers are now more likely than they were before the outbreak to buy thoughtful gifts.

Consider adding a sentimental or significant element to your jewelry when choosing a niche.

Jewelry Startup Marketing - How to Scale Jewelry Ecommerce with ZERO Marketing Budget and Knowledge

The Best Jewelry Website Templates


A selection of templates from Botiga are perfect for jewelry e-commerce companies.

If you check out the Botiga demos, you'll discover that this theme is prepared to assist you in opening a new jewelry e-commerce store or redesigning an existing one.

This sample offers you a variety of alternatives for online product display, all in a sleek and contemporary package.

The Botiga Pro version, which comes with the jewelry store example, gives you access to a number of helpful features.

A multi-step checkout process, support for product swatches, and different layouts and styles for your site's header, footer, and other areas are a few examples.

If you want to allow other vendors to sell their goods at your store, the most popular multi-vendor WooCommerce plugins are Botiga compatible.


You may choose from several different pre-built jewelry store demos with the multipurpose WordPress eCommerce theme Karo.

Karo includes a ton of practical eCommerce functionality. Because of this, you can make sure that your online store has the professional functionality needed to give your customers a satisfying user experience.

Strong filters that make it easier for your customers to find what they're looking for and support for product variant swatches are a couple of examples of these eCommerce capabilities.

Karo also integrates with the top WooCommerce extensions, such as those that give your jewelry store multi-vendor marketplace capability.

If you want to promote your products on your website rather than actually sell them online, you can also use Karo in lookbook mode.

Karo can assist you whether you plan to open a single-vendor jewelry store or one with multiple vendors.


A demo version of the multipurpose WordPress theme Divi was created specifically for online jewelry sales.

All the templates you need to build a premium online presence for your business and promote your products in style are included in the jewelry store demo.

The primary goal of the default homepage layout is to display images in a variety of sizes, from large full-width photos to smaller images.

The homepage's overlapping sections and other jewelry demo layouts will help your website stand out from the competition.

You can create any type of online store, with the freedom to market and sell your products however you want, thanks to full support for the WooCommerce plugin.

You have a lot of control over how your customers can buy your jewelry through your website thanks to features like setting up payment plans and support for multiple payment processors.

With the robust Divi Builder tool built into this theme, you can also quickly edit any of the pre-built content.

The Bloom email opt-in form plugin, which can help you expand your email subscriber list of potential new customers, and the Monarch social sharing plugin are included with every purchase of the Divi theme.

Divi is the best option for this kind of eCommerce business because it has a collection of jewelry-specific templates.

Orange jewel in a ring
Orange jewel in a ring


Aurum is a simple e-commerce theme that is ideal for putting your products front and center.

The eCommerce samples, including the jewelry choice designed specifically for them, are all very fashionable.

All of the page templates your store will require are present in this jewelry demo.

This will make it easier for your checkout, shopping cart, customer account, and product pages to all have a uniform appearance.

In order to provide a favorable user experience, the search results, error, and contact page templates all share a similar appearance.

The Aurum theme comes with a library of shortcodes to let you add valuable content to your jewelry e-commerce store.

These shortcodes enable you to quickly add banners, buttons, logos, and testimonials to your website.

Additionally, you may use the shortcodes to add particular products to any area of your website.

This feature can be used to help you highlight your best items throughout your site.

A drag-and-drop page builder, giant menus, and a transparent header area are some of Aurum's further standout features.

If you want your store to have a design that doesn't draw attention away from your products, Aurum is a good option.


A jewelry store theme called "Bijoux" places an emphasis on handcrafted items.

There are two jewelry website demos available for you to choose from with this theme, and the templates are beautifully designed.

The collection templates can be used to highlight your jewelry, even though many of the Bijoux templates have spaces for displaying images of your pieces.

The ability for each type of jewelry to have its own collection page makes it simple for your visitors to locate the items in which they are most interested.

Bijoux is effective for both online jewelry sales and collection display.

Therefore, you can use Bijoux to build both a website where you can share pictures of your jewelry and an online store where you can sell jewelry to your visitors directly.

The supported Elementor page builder plugin can be used to change any of the templates that make up the theme demos.

Bijoux is a fantastic-looking and incredibly user-friendly WordPress jewelry theme.


Another multipurpose theme that is ideal for using with WordPress to establish an online jewelry store is Kallyas.

When it comes to launching your eCommerce website, the two demos made especially for building online jewelry stores.

With just a few clicks, the demo content can be imported, freeing you to upload your products and edit the text.

Thanks to support for the popular WooCommerce online shop builder WordPress plugin, setting up your eCommerce store is simple.

With the integrated live front-end page builder tool at your disposal, you can easily alter the demo content if you want to be creative with the layout and style of your new jewelry e-commerce store.

Designing your own custom layouts from scratch isn’t a problem either.

In fact, Kallyas is one of the collection's options with the most flexibility due to the abundance of features and tools that come with it.

Kallyas offers the appearance and features to support your success, whether you want to launch an eCommerce jewelry enterprise or use WordPress to develop an online watch store.


DiCi is a WordPress jewelry eCommerce theme with numerous pre-built store samples.

High-end jewelry and other similar stores would do particularly well with this theme.

However, you can still use DiCi to give your jewelry store a premium appearance even if your inventory isn't of the highest caliber.

DiCi was designed to work with the well-known Elementor page builder plugin, so it is simple to open the templates from the store demos and make edits using a drag-and-drop interface.

This includes the product templates, which give you the flexibility to display your items however you like.

The premium Slider Revolution plugin is one more helpful tool included in the DiCi package.

Your chances of selling more items through your e-commerce jewelry store may increase if you use this tool to make slideshows of your products.

This theme includes a variety of pre-built slideshows, which you can quickly edit using Slider Revolution before adding your own pictures and text. DiCi also has lots of useful e-commerce features to help your store function well.

With a high-quality design, DiCi is ideal for creating high-end online jewelry stores with WordPress.

Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic is perfect for a range of different projects, including creating a jewelry website.

While the 50+ Massive Dynamic Website Demos are all very impressive, the jewelry store demo is the one we’re most interested in here.

The Massive Dynamic theme includes the Massive Builder tool. This advanced drag-and-drop page builder tool has all the features you’ll need to customize the appearance of your site.

As well as personalizing the theme’s demo content, you can also use Massive Builder to create new advanced page designs for your site.

Other tools included in the Massive Dynamic theme package include the Slider

Revolution slideshow creator, a premium pricing tables plugin, a social sharing tool, and, for extra flexibility, the WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder.

Massive Dynamic has also been built to work with the best WordPress plugins, including the WooCommerce online store builder plugin.

With a true point-and-click live text editor, Massive Dynamic and its page builder make editing your website easier than ever before.


Reprizo is a jewelry and watch shop WordPress WooCommerce theme that offers five beautiful and minimalist demos.

While the core WooCommerce plugin makes it very easy to quickly launch an online store, its huge library of add-ons gives you the option of enhancing your shop so that it’s set up in the exact way that your business requires.

One reason to choose Reprizo is its collection of fashionable eCommerce templates, which let you present your goods with elegance.

You can quickly adjust all of the templates included in the Reprizo bundle because this theme supports the Elementor page builder plugin, whether you want to rearrange the contents of the pages, add new elements, or change other aspects of how they look.

Reprizo is a theme that would be suitable for selling watches or other sorts of jewelry.


A chic jewelry store demo and more than 100 additional eCommerce demos are available in XStore.

The theme options control panel makes it simple to modify the XStore demonstrations.

This provides you with the choice to alter the fonts, colors, layout choices, and other aspects of how your site looks.

To make sure your eCommerce store has the proper appearance, you may also combine and match the templates from the many XStore samples.

XStore also includes practical eCommerce features because AJAX technology has been included in it.

A robust search function, product filters, wishlist features, and more will be available to you.

If you want to build an online jewelry marketplace, the theme is also compatible with multi-vendor plugins.

The Luxury

The Luxury is an eCommerce theme designed to help you sell upscale jewelry and accessories online.

The Luxury theme offers you two styles to choose from when building up your jewelry e-commerce store, with the dark design being suggested for selling watches.

Both online businesses and online portfolios can be developed using the Luxury theme.

This makes The Luxury a wonderful option for anyone selling photogenic products that depend on high-quality images to convert visitors into purchasers because of the provided page templates.

The included Master Slider plugin also makes it very simple to add slideshows of your product photographs to your website.

If you want to use high-quality photographs to draw customers to your products, the Luxury theme is an excellent option.

How To Start An Online Jewelry Business in 2024 (For Beginners)


PeakShops is an eCommerce theme with multiple uses that includes some chic jewelry store demonstrations.

The pre-built jewelry store demo has been created for online stores with substantial product inventories.

If you do have a variety of different items you'd like to sell online, PeakShops in its default configuration should work really well because the homepage design has many important aspects for showcasing your jewelry products.

There are also hundreds of templates for the different areas of your shop.

To help you present your products in the best light, there are numerous listing templates available.

Additionally, you'll have access to a variety of product page templates.

You'll discover that you have a lot of creative power over the appearance of this theme.

With the variety of pre-built headers available, you can quickly customize this significant area of your store, and the various menu items and sidebar configurations give you even more customization options.

If you wish to have greater control over the appearance of your store, there are innumerable settings and choices that are accessible via the WordPress Customizer interface.

PeakShops comes with the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin, so you can easily customize all of the templates.

PeakShops should be able to assist you in using WordPress to create a one-of-a-kind and feature-rich online jewelry store.


Basel is a flexible WordPress theme that may be used for any project involving eCommerce.

Basel includes a sizable collection of layouts and templates, including 40 eCommerce examples (one of which features a jewelry store).

These are excellent for customizing your store's separate pages.

There are several grid layouts available among the various layout possibilities, including the well-liked masonry grid pattern.

There is a good selection of templates for the product pages in your store as well.

As a result, you have a wide range of alternatives for how to present your jewelry and other products.

You can select which header templates you want to use using the theme options control panel. Additionally, you can choose the layout for your website.

There are various layout options, including full width, boxed, and a few others. It's also simple to change the sidebar's default position.

The potent WPBakery page builder plugin is included in the package to guarantee that you have complete control over your eCommerce store.

A drag-and-drop front-end user interface will allow you to make both minor and major modifications to your website.

When it comes to store demos, eCommerce functionality, and customization possibilities, Basel covers all the basics.

Golden Accesory over a magazine
Golden Accesory over a magazine

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Creating an online jewelry store is a swift and successful approach for many vendors to enter the eCommerce market.

You can use online jewelry sales to build a basic, scalable eCommerce model with unlimited success potential, whether you are a dropshipper, a jewelry fanatic, a fashionista, or just a businessperson who looks for opportunities.

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