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Best Options For Downloading iPhone X Wallpapers For Free


The iPhone X comes with a slew of new wallpapers, including seven dark-themed Dynamic backgrounds and six new Live wallpapersthat aren't accessible on older iPhones (three of which will be coming in iOS 11.2 next month).

The full versions of these new wallpapers need an iPhone X, but if you don't have one, you may download still versions of each below as a workaround. The seven dynamic wallpapers come in a variety of colors, including multicolor, green, yellow, orange, red, purple, and blue.

These are the first new dynamic wallpapers for the iPhone since iOS 7 introduced the style. These updated versions feature black backgrounds that look great on the iPhone X's OLED Super Retina display, and they replace the previous versions that had color backgrounds.

When animated, the floating circles do seem to draw attention to the sensor housing notch. Six different live wallpapers are included with the iPhone X. These don't move as much as dynamic wallpapers, but they do "play" when you deep tap them from the lock screen.

The first three are based on the iPhone X packaging (and come packaged with the new iPhone), while the last three are based on the iPhone X commercials (and are only available in the iOS 11.2 beta for now).

Multi Shade colour iPhone X Wallpapers
Multi Shade colour iPhone X Wallpapers

Top Free Sites To Download IPhone X Wallpapers HD

If the stock photographs on your iPhone are becoming old, here are some locations to look for new ones and how to alter them in the first place.

Best Desktop Wallpapers 2020!

Live Wallpapers-Black Lite

This might be the best live wallpaper for you if you have the latest iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro models. Because all of these phones have an AMOLED screen with individually lighted pixels, a black background will help you save battery life while still looking great.

The Black Lite – Live Wallpapers that I'm showing you today are a series of entirely black wallpapers with a live morphing jewel in the center. On AMOLED devices, the wallpaper looks just stunning.

A few wallpapers are available for free, but most are behind a paywall. Fortunately, the pro edition is reasonably priced, so you won't have to shell out a lot of cash.

Wow, Pixel 3

This live wallpaper will be just up your alley if you like vintage pictures. Wallpapers from 8-bit adventures may be found in the WOW Pixel live wallpaper program. There are a few notable heroes, each with their own unique tale arc shown in the live wallpapers.

The live wallpapers on this page are all about expressing emotions. There are several wallpapers to reflect your feelings, whether you are furious, sad, or glad. The greatest thing is that these live wallpapers look great not just on the iPhone X range of devices, but also on the iPhone 6s and later generations such as the iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and others.


On the Pexels website, there are over 1,000 free iPhone wallpapers, with more being added every day. Landscapes, fruit, unusual art, cityscapes, and other images may be browsed for hours.

To locate iPhone wallpaper, just use the site's search engine and apply any criteria you like, such as orientations, sizes, and color schemes. Downloading photos is free, but if you want to like or collect pictures on the site, you'll need to create a free account.

When you've found a photo you like, tap it to inspect it, then choose "Free Download" from the drop-down option. Pexels will automatically download it to your phone; go to Files and search for the image under Recent. If you're interested, Pixel will also offer information on the photographer's Twitter and Instagram profiles.


Pixabay is another place to look for iPhone wallpapers. To choose an iPhone wallpaper that you like, go to Pixabay, which is comparable to Pexels. Filters may be applied to photos, vector graphics, sketches, and more.

When you've chosen a photo you like, choose Free Download and the appropriate size for your phone. You may register for a free account on the site to like photos, but you are not obligated to download any of them.

The image should be saved again to Files in the Recent Folder. You may contact or follow the photographer by heading to their profile on Pixabay, which has a social network feel to it.

How Do I Change My IPhone X Wallpaper?

Changing the background on your iPhone is simple, and there are many options.

  • Open your iPhone's Settings app.
  • Choose Wallpaper from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose a new wallpaper.
  • Choose a photograph.
  • Once you've chosen a picture, you may scale it to match your screen.
  • You can have the wallpaper appear on your home screen, lock screen, or both.

How Do I Download Wallpaper To My IPhone?

Return to the Home Screen of your iPhone and hit the Settings button. Select it from the Wallpaper selection by scrolling down. The wallpaper(s) you just downloaded from your email will be the final image in your Camera Roll. Select the one you wish to use as your lock screen and/or home screen wallpaper by tapping on it.

How Do I Get My Original IPhone Wallpaper Back?

There's a section named "Apple wallpapers" under Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Choose a New Wallpaper. This folder includes all of the wallpapers that come with the phone. If you're referring to a downloaded picture, you won't be able to change the wallpaper to it without redownloading it.


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