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Create Top 9 Impressive Infographic Template With 10 Free Tools In A Professional Way


An infographic (or information graphic) is "a visual representation of information or data," according to the Oxford English Dictionary. An infographic, on the other hand, has a considerably more precise purpose.

An infographic is a compilation of images, charts, and little text that presents a subject in an easy-to-understand manner. However, it's important to remember that an infographic's graphics must do more than just entertain and engage. They must assist us in comprehending and remembering the infographic's information.

In most cases, an infographic is divided into two pages: the first includes the graphical components that are used to depict the data/information, and the second contains the text. The second section includes language that explains how to interpret the graphs in-depth, such as why particular data or indications are included, the source of the data, or the context for the numbers. This kind of explanatory text makes it easier for everyone to understand the visual components and minimizes the chances of misinterpretation.

An infographic is a compilation of images, charts, and little text that presents a subject in an easy-to-understand manner. However, it's important to remember that an infographic's graphics must do more than just entertain and engage. They must assist us in comprehending and remembering the infographic's information.
An infographic is a compilation of images, charts, and little text that presents a subject in an easy-to-understand manner. However, it's important to remember that an infographic's graphics must do more than just entertain and engage. They must assist us in comprehending and remembering the infographic's information.

Top 10 Tools To Create Interesting Infographics Template


Canva is a popular application for altering and enhancing photos for various social media sites. It also includes an infographic creator. You can make and download infographics for free with Canva. If you use this tool to generate infographics for your social media feed, you won't need to hire a graphic designer.

For producing infographics, Canva provides hundreds of design components. Grids, vectors, icons, and pictures are all available. To depict figures in your infographics, you may choose from a variety of charts.

This free infographic generator is simple to use and has a variety of tools that make the job of visualizing data, facts, and figures a breeze for you.

Using Infographic Templates in Canva


Venngage allows you to make infographics in three simple steps. Choose from a selection of 100 different templates. After that, you can use their library to add icons, charts, graphs, and other elements to your infographics to make them more informative. Finally, you may customize your infographic by adding changes such as fonts and colors.

You don't need to hire a professional graphic designer if you don't have one on staff. This tool's configurable templates make it simple to create infographics in only a few clicks. You may select from a variety of charts, templates, and graphs. You may pick from a variety of pictograms, icons, and drawings to make your material more fascinating and eye-catching.

How to Create an Infographic with Venngage [Tutorial]


Piktochart is another tool you can use to generate visually appealing infographics. Choose from a large number of themes, modify and build an infographic, then publish your infographic across various social media networks in only three steps.

You can make interactive charts, maps, graphs, and more with Piktochart. All you have to do now is import your data, choose a chart or map for your infographic, and you're done. On Piktochart, you can choose from a large collection of free icons and pictures. You may also add your own pictures or symbols to the mix.

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Easel Ly

You can also use Easel ly to create infographics. You can pick from hundreds of professionally created infographic templates with Easel.ly. Nearly 90% of your work will be completed with these templates. Easel.ly has a large collection of drawings, charts, graphs, icons, and pictures. You may modify infographic designs to your liking with these components from the Easel.ly collection.

Easel.ly also gives you the option of uploading and embedding your own pictures or artwork. After you've finished making your infographic, you can share it, modify it, embed it on your website, and even ask another member of your team to edit it.

How To Easel.ly Create Your First Infographic!


Visme is available in three distinct plans. The basic plan is completely free and allows you to create up to five projects. The basic plan gives you access to all of the premium sheets and templates as well as the ability to create up to 15 projects. You may also choose the full package, which gives you access to all of Visme's features.

You may choose from hundreds of professionally designed templates on Visme. You may also design and build your own layouts. By entering or importing data, you may create charts and graphs. After that, you may modify and update the infographic by adding videos, maps, polls, and surveys, among other things. More than 60,000 icons are available for you to pick from.

How to Create an Infographic in Minutes With Visme - Infographic Design for Beginners


You can make infographics in a couple of minutes using Infogram. Infogram has four distinct kinds of plans from which to select. There are many options available, starting with the basic plan, which is free. Other plans include the team plan and the pro plan. They also have a plan for businesses, which you may learn more about by contacting them. This subscription includes the most features and tools, as well as access to over 10,000 projects.

To create interesting content, you may utilize over 550 maps and 35 interactive charts. These include maps, charts, and graphs, among other things, to help you view your data in the most complete and entertaining way possible. You may select from 20 pre-made templates or modify and create your own infographics using Infogram.

This program is simple to use and includes a plethora of icons and pictures. Using their data editor, you can simply drag and drop data around and manage it. You may also export data in high-resolution formats for sharing on social networking sites.

Vizualize Me

Visualize Me is a unique kind of infographic creator. It aids in the creation of an "infographic resume." Simply log in and begin building your resume in the same way you would with a Word template.

You may also link to LinkedIn to automatically fill in some of the information. On the left, you'll be able to enter your information and choose an infographic resume topic.

Visualize.me Tutorial - Create a free infographic resume


Snappa is an infographic creator that enables you to create and modify infographics in less than 5 minutes. There are over 50,000 stock pictures to select from. There are a dozen different templates from which you may choose the one that you want. All of these templates are also editable, allowing you to personalize and fine-tune them using this tool.

You may also experiment with adding and removing images to create the kind of infographic you desire. Snappa has over 70,000 images and 200 typefaces to choose from. It has capabilities that make dragging and dropping the tool a breeze. You may also change the size of your images and fonts. Using this tool to add logos is also extremely simple.

Creating Infographics with Snappa


Animaker is mostly a program for creating animated videos, but it also allows you to create animated infographics. Users may select and choose narrative components from a built-in collection of animated characters, scenarios, symbols, and pictures to create an animated infographic step by step.

Animaker, like other programs, provides a number of animated templates to utilize as the basis for your infographic.

How to Make Animated infographics - Animaker tutorial


BeFunky is a picture editing program that also includes an infographic maker. This application includes hundreds of design components and easy-to-use templates to help you improve and arrange your information into a fantastic infographic.

You may modify the easily accessible infographic templates with BeFunky by adding pictures and other design components. This tool allows you to further personalize and modify your colors, text, and layout to produce the content you want.

This basic and easy-to-use infographics tool comes with a wide collection of stock pictures. This application is available for free and may be used to generate excellent, engaging infographics that can be shared across social media networks.

Facebook Infographic - Animated Template

9 Types Of Infographic Templates

The 9 Types of Infographics [TIPS AND EXAMPLES]

Statistical Infographic Templates

A statistical infographic is an ideal infographic to use if you want to illustrate survey findings, provide data from various sources, or back up an argument with pertinent statistics.

The emphasis of a statistical infographic is on your data. The graphics and layout will aid you in telling the narrative behind your facts. Charts, symbols, pictures, and eye-catching typefaces may all be used as narrative tools.

Informational Infographic Templates

The ideal infographic for effectively conveying a new or specialized concept, or giving a summary of a subject, is an informational infographic template.

An informative infographic is usually split into parts with descriptive headings. Your infographic design will flow better if you number each component. Furthermore, we've discovered that consumers like infographics with numbers in the headline.

By far, one of our most popular infographic templates is this one. With 5 points, it keeps the information short. Descriptive headings and vivid symbols aid in the straightforward communication of each topic.

Timeline Infographic Templates

The ideal kind of infographic for illustrating the history of anything, emphasizing key dates, or providing a summary of events is a timeline infographic (for example, a project timeline).

A visual like a timeline infographic may help generate a better image of a period since people prefer to make sense of time geographically. Lines, symbols, pictures, and labels are all visual aids that assist in emphasizing and clarifying periods in time.

This basic timeline design, for example, uses a bigger font to highlight each year. Each period of time is represented with a colorful symbol.

Process Infographic Templates

While a timeline infographic will emphasize certain periods in time, a process infographic is an ideal infographic for giving a summary or overview of the stages in a process.

You may use process infographics to simplify and explain each stage. The majority of process infographics have a simple top-to-bottom or left-to-right flow. Your method will be easier to follow if you number the stages.

The headings of each stage in this process infographic template, for example, are each a distinct color. Notice how the colors of the numbered symbols on the infographic's right side match the headings.

Comparison Infographic Templates

Many individuals struggle to choose between numerous alternatives. A comparison infographic is an ideal infographic to use if you want to compare alternatives in an impartial manner or if you want to make one option seem superior.

In most cases, comparison infographics are divided vertically or horizontally along the center, with one choice on each side. This comparison infographic template, for example, provides an impartial comparison of two phones.

Geographic Infographic Templates

Do you wish to display location-based data, demographic data, or huge amounts of data using geographic infographic templates? A geographic infographic is your best option in such situations.

Map charts are the main visual in geographic infographics. For various kinds of data, different styles of map charts are more effective.

This geographic infographic template, for example, utilizes a heat map to depict areas in a hierarchical order.

Hierarchical Infographic Templates 

A hierarchical infographic may arrange data from greatest to least important.

The pyramid depicting Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is a well-known illustration of this. The most essential requirements of mankind are at the bottom of the pyramid, rising to the least significant demands of humanity in the smallest section at the top. A pyramid chart may be used to represent a variety of hierarchical data.

List Infographic Templates 

If you want to offer a list of advice, resources, or examples, make a list infographic!

The aim of list infographic templates is to make them more visually appealing than a standard list. Bullet points may be replaced with visuals like icons, and innovative fonts and colors can make each thing stand out.

It will improve your information flow if you number the points on your list. The various colored circle icons in this list infographic template make each number stand out from the rest of the page.

Infographic Resume Templates

Employment seekers must discover innovative methods to stand out in the current job market, which includes using infographic resume templates. As a result, graphical resumes have become more popular in recent years.

In most instances, infographic resumes will not be able to completely replace a conventional resume. They are, however, an excellent visual document to bring to an interview, post on your portfolio site, or include in an email application.

This infographic resume template, for example, has a subdued, minimalist color palette. A sidebar and simple icons offer some minor touches to the design.

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