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How To Use Customer Journey Mapping Template In The Best Way


The process of generating a customer journey map, a visual tale of your customers' interactions with your business, is known as customer journey mapping. This exercise allows firms to put themselves in their customers' shoes and view their company through their eyes. It helps the company to learn about frequent client complaints and how to address them. It assists them in telling the tale of their consumers' interactions with their brand at all touchpoints.

Whether the consumers communicate with the company via social media, email, live chat, or other methods, visualising the customer journey ensures that no one falls through the cracks.

Why Do You Need A Customer Journey Map

A customer journey map may help your teams coordinate around resolving existing issues, finding new user pain points, and eliminating roadblocks to your customers' (and hence your company's) success.

Visualize the end-to-end customer experience using customer journey mapping.

  • Recognize a variety of customer journeys and user experiences.
  • Empathize with present and potential consumers.
  • Personas should be targeted, and issues should be solved more efficiently.
  • Find and prioritize new sources of pain and impediments.
  • Break through silos and improve internal alignment.
  • Improve stakeholder buy-in by telling better stories.

Customer Journey Mapping Types

The optimum customer journey map for any particular case will be determined not just by your consumers, but also by your product or service, your team, and the objectives you're seeking to accomplish by producing one in the first place.

Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all customer journey map example or template. In order to find the best customer journey mapping templatefor your business, explore these types and decide which one suits best for your company.

Current State Customer Journey Mapping Template

When you want to discover existing pain spots and build a common view of the end-to-end customer experience, current state mapping is a good tool to utilize. A present state map—or at the very least the research necessary to build one can also serve as a useful beginning point for a future state map which focuses more on the customer experience as you want it to be.

It is a type of B2B customer journey map that focuses on the emotions and common inquiries that a client could have along their trip. This map also offers suggestions for how to communicate with customers at certain stages.

The researchers are able to find particular (rather than high-level) areas for development due to this detailed degree of information.

Customer journey template for current state with blank spaces for customer experience and actions along with proposed changes.
Customer journey template for current state with blank spaces for customer experience and actions along with proposed changes.

Future State Customer Journey Mapping Template

While current state maps concentrate on the customer journey as it exists now, future state maps consider what the customer experience could look like in the future. While data (such as that found in a current state map) is a vital input, future state travel maps also need some creative guess and interpretation. In addition to experiences and responses, these customer journey maps concentrate on consumer hopes and wishes (future sentiments).

When you want to investigate prospective consumer expectations and build new experiences and value, future state journey mapping is a good tool to employ. Teams may unify around a shared purpose by mapping out a future customer journey.

Template mapping future customer journey through flow chart with four sections
Template mapping future customer journey through flow chart with four sections

Circular Customer Journey Mapping Template

The customer journey may be shown as a circle or loop for certain firms, such as SaaS companies with a subscription model. For organisations that depend heavily on recurring income or goods with a strong viral component, a non-linear map might underline the significance of retention and advocacy.

It's noteworthy since it accounts for a variety of outcomes, including churn and reevaluation. If these are key issues for your team, you might tweak this style to convey additional information about the customer's mindset at each point of their journey.

Customer journey template showing consumer's actions in circular flowchart
Customer journey template showing consumer's actions in circular flowchart

Creating Customer Journey Map

Begin by getting to know your customer. Create user personas for customers at various stages of the buying process to accomplish this. Afterwards, investigate your customers' goals to learn exactly what they want to accomplish as they go through various customer experiences at various stages.

Create the paths that different user personas might take when interacting with your company using a user flow flowchart. Referring to the flowcharts, identify the major and minor touchpoints and the user goals associated with them. Make a note of them in your customer journey map.

Examine the information gathered to find potential stumbling blocks or pain points in the customer journey. Make a note of these in your user journey map. To get feedback, share the journey map with the rest of the marketing/sales/product team. This is where real-time collaboration feature comes in handy.

Identify ways to remove roadblocks to help your customer's journey go more smoothly. Embed the customer journey map in your intranet and other internal websites or share it with everyone, so they can easily access it and help update and improve it.

Blank customer journey mapping template in grey color
Blank customer journey mapping template in grey color

Determining client demands, challenges, and interactions with your firm may seem daunting and unneeded at times. Understanding each customer's experience at each point of the customer journey, on the other hand, is critical to converting business insights into long-term improvement initiatives.

Therefore, creating a customer journey map may assist you and your firm in visualizing how consumers feel at all brand touchpoints, allowing you to anticipate challenges, boost customer retention, and uncover crucial data to make the best business choices possible. Using these customer journey mapping templates, a company can improve its customer relationships.

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