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Creating A Gaming Website With Our Recommended Templates


Gaming has long been a significant industry, but the emergence of e-sports has really helped it take off. You might be interested in learning how creating a gaming website works if you're an enthusiastic player who wants to contribute or an entrepreneur searching for new markets to enter.

You can produce content to capitalize on this enormous market with your own gaming website. To host multiplayer games, you may even set up your own private server.

We'll examine the world of gaming websites and their appeal in this post. Next, we'll look at how to create your own gaming website in just five easy steps. Let's get going!

An Overview Of Gaming Websites

The gaming industry is massive. There could be as many as 2.7 billion players worldwide by 2022, and it was predicted that the business as a whole will be valued at around $160 billion. That gives a huge chance for website owners to draw in a large amount of prospective traffic and a very engaged audience.

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There is a huge potential for advertising impressions given the sheer number of people interested in this sector. If you're seeking other cash sources, affiliate marketing is another option because gamers adore their gear.

Finally, you may host your own dedicated game server on your website. In comparison to using a public server, this can have a variety of benefits, including better performance and a more private experience. Your server can be a stand-alone feature or an addition to a site with a broader purpose; either way, it will be well-liked by visitors.

Creating A Website For Games

You're probably wondering how to make a gaming website at this point.The five steps listed below should get you going. Please take note that this approach is based on the assumption that you wish to utilize WordPress as the foundation of your website (here are some reasons why).

Plan Out Your Gaming Website

It's a good idea to have a plan in place for the type of website you want to run before you start building a gaming website. There are several options available to you:

A Gaming Blog

Your gaming blog might cover a wide range of topics, including everything from game studio coverage to new game and hardware releases. A blog is a great way to increase website visitors, which makes it possible to use a variety of monetization techniques.

These include affiliate marketing, material available only through subscriptions, and ad revenue.

A Website That Reviews Video Games

Reviews and comparisons of video games can be incredibly helpful for customers who are trying to decide where to invest their hard-earned cash. As a result, there is a lot of potential for this kind of website.

Additionally, there is some overlap with a blog that covers gaming in general, so you could merge the two if it would better serve your audience.a site devoted to competitive gaming or even websites about the entertainment industry with a section of videogames like IGN or Bingepost.

The popularity of professional gaming, sometimes referred to as "e-sports," has exploded in recent years. With supporters all across the world, it has grown into a billion-dollar industry.

Esports Website

A website devoted to e-sports might provide analysis and opinions in addition to covering games and tournaments, player rankings, and forthcoming special events.a place where a game server is kept. Private server hosting for your preferred game can be both a fulfilling personal activity and a potential source of income.

Many of the drawbacks of public servers, such as overpopulation, speed bottlenecks, and nasty users, are avoided by these private arrangements.

Choose A Domain And Register It

You must pick and register a domain name after setting up your hosting package in order to launch your website. Your domain name serves as your website's permanent internet address and makes it easier for visitors to find and access it.

Make Your Gaming Website Unique

The installation of WordPress is the first step in creating your website. The process is made simple by the fact that many hosting companies either install WordPress for you when you sign up or offer a one-click install. These choices are often located in your web host's control panel.

Create A Gaming Server

Last but not least, as we just indicated, you might want to set up a game server for your website. Although it may seem challenging, the procedure is actually quite simple. Additionally, most games provide thorough instructions that guide you through the process.

In short, you must install any dependencies the game needs after setting up hosting for the server, and you must then configure the server for the game you're installing.

Depending on the game and your particular server goals, the actual procedure changes. Here are some common games' configuration guides to get you started:

Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 are examples of video games to open a server. It's crucial to carefully adhere to the game developer's directions because the process can be a little complicated.

There are also dedicated communities for several games where you can find further assistance if you need it. If you're looking for the best Minecraft server hosting ideal for all users, please see our prior article.

Boy playing with a nintendo Switch
Boy playing with a nintendo Switch

Good Templates For Videogame Websites


An esports website template called Necromancers offers a unique user interface and perspective. This one was created by a prestigious ThemeForest author. However, the creators of this template created a special user interface for an esports group.

The fact that this template is simple to modify is crucial. You can quickly add or remove pages or sections without encountering any additional difficulties. Additionally, this one has practically all the required pages. Therefore, simply modifying the current page is sufficient.


You can use Bonx, a beautiful bootstrap gaming template with an intuitive page structure, for your upcoming gaming website project. It offers outstanding performance across all platforms and browsers and adheres to all current web development trends. The Bootstrap Framework, on which Bonx is based, gives your website the versatility it needs.


Begam is a completely responsive, well-documented, and adaptable HTML gaming template. It will be difficult to locate a free HTML5 template for a gaming website that has these features.


Jugaro is an excellent addition to our collection of HTML gaming website templates because of its brilliant colors and contemporary style.

More than 45 pages of Jugaro can be customized. Use them all or just the ones that work best for your site's content. It has well-commented code that is responsive and that you may modify if you feel comfortable doing so. The gaming website template is also cross-browser compatible, allowing users of any browser to access your website.


For your forthcoming or current game website, are you looking for a beautiful and well-structured HTML template? So you might want to check out Wicodus. This one can be used as a landing page or a gaming store.

The creator of this template made extensive use of pre-built plugins to guarantee quality and a positive user experience. The author will also provide you with a ton of assistance.

People Also Ask

How Do I Build A Gaming Website?

  • Decide what type of gaming site you'll create.
  • Sign up for an appropriate hosting plan.
  • Register a domain name for your site.
  • Choose a theme and customize your gaming website.
  • Optionally, make a dedicated game server.

What Is A Good Website To Make Games?

  • Stencyl.
  • Game Maker Studio.
  • Unity.
  • Unreal.
  • RPG Maker.

Are Gaming Websites Profitable?

Websites for gaming are made to make money. Since every article in a gaming magazine gives the house a statistical advantage over readers, its long-term profitability is all but inevitable.


Gaming is hot right now, whether you're a gamer personally or trying to expand your internet business. Creating a gaming website has great traffic potential and offers several ways to make money, from affiliate sales and private servers to basic ad revenue.

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