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Top 4 Easy Guides And Effective Tips For Creating Construction Invoice Template 2021


How Do I Write A Construction Invoice?

First and foremost, as a contractor, you should learn everything there is to know about billing. Contractors should prepare precise invoices that include crucial billing information such as payment dates, an itemized list of services delivered, and the total amount owed.

FreshBooks is dedicated to providing the best invoicing software and customer service. That's why we've put together some basic invoicing rules so you can learn how to send an invoice like a pro. Here's a step-by-step approach to invoicing as a contractor:

Declare The Document To Be An Invoice

This may seem self-evident, but it's critical to explicitly mark the document as an invoice in the header so that your clients know exactly what they're looking at. In a huge, bold typeface, write the word "invoice."

This part is automatically taken care of for you when you utilize an invoice generator, so you don't have to bother about it.

Include Information About The Business

You should also include your company's contact information in your header. Include a logo if you have one. Your name, address, email address, and phone number should all be included.

Although it may seem self-evident, putting your company name is a crucial step in identifying the invoice for your client. The most crucial branding stage is naming your organization, which ensures that your customers know who to pay.

Not only that, but including any additional business information, such as a company logo, makes your invoice stand out and gives your client a professional impression.

Giving your contact information at the end shows your clients that you're happy to be contacted if there are any discrepancies or issues that need to be addressed.

Include The Client's Contact Information

Add your client's contact information underneath the header. Ask each of your clients who the correct billing contact for your invoices is. Dedicated billing departments are common in larger firms, and your point of contact for invoicing will be different from your everyday business contact.

Verifying that you have the most up-to-date client information demonstrates to your clients that you are meticulous and eager to work hard. It also assures that there will be no delays as a result of your invoice being addressed improperly to the wrong individual.

Assign A Unique Invoice Number

Every invoice you send should be allocated a unique invoice number. This will assist you and your clients maintain track of their records. It also makes it simpler to refer to a specific invoice if a payment issue arises. The most straightforward method of assigning numbers is to number your invoices sequentially, beginning with Invoice #001, then Invoice #002, and so on.

Incorporate The Invoice Date

In the top section of the invoice, write the date that you'll be sending it.

Give Specifics About Your Services

After that, make a four-column table. This will be used to keep a detailed list of your services. The first column should include a brief description of the services you performed, followed by the quantity or number of hours worked, your rate of compensation, and the subtotal for each service.

Include Your Terms Of Payment

Include your payment conditions, as well as the payment methods you accept, on your invoice. If you have one, you should also include the terms of your late fee policy.

Remember to mention your payment information so that your customers know where to send or transfer money. You can specify whether you like to pay using Paypal or Google Pay in this section.

If you only accept credit or debit cards, make sure your payment options reflect this. You might even have a payment link for a faster payment procedure - whichever payment methods you use, make sure they're clearly marked to avoid any delays.

Make A List Of The Total Amount Due

List the total amount due for the bill, including any relevant taxes, in the bottom portion of your invoice. Use a large font, bold lettering, or a distinct font color to make this section stand out on the document.

Indicate The Deadline For Payment

In a large, easy-to-read font, write the payment deadline. Make the payment due date as specific as possible. Instead of using ambiguous payment words like "Payment Due in 30 Days," write out the whole date, as in "Payment Due November 30, 2018."

Cheques, for example, take longer than other payment methods. So, to avoid missing the deadline, remember to be thorough in your payment alternatives area.

How Do I Make An Invoice For A Contractor?

The basics for making an invoice for a contractor
The basics for making an invoice for a contractor

In addition to your basic rates, your individual terms should be stated on your invoice for all contracting work. A breakdown of an independent contractor's billing procedure might be included in an invoice form for a multi-service provider.

They may, for example, charge an hourly cost as well as a separate fee for items required to execute the task. As a general rule, when preparing your invoice, you should be as clear and precise as possible. The following items should be included in a conventional contractor invoice format:

Your name or your company's name.

The name of your customer.

Number of invoice and/or work order.

When and for how long you'll be supplying your services.

A description of your services performed for labor costs.

For a fixed fee: The cost of labor is expressed in dollars.

For an hourly rate, enter: The number of hours spent conducting work and the cost of labor per hour.

Total amount for labor costs.

A description of each material used, as well as the cost of materials.

Materials quantity: Materials cost per unit.

Total amount for material costs.

Miscellaneous costs: provide a description, number, and price for these charges (if applicable).

The entire price you're charging, including any taxes that may apply.

Your taxes are not automatically deducted by your employer to comply with federal, state, and city tax laws as an independent contractor. It's vital to note that when you fill out a 1099 form at the end of the year, you'll be responsible for paying those taxes to the IRS. You can avoid withholding too little from your income and being unable to pay your federal, state, and local taxes by including a line item for any applicable taxes.

Keep in mind that you should set aside at least 30% of your income to pay your taxes. Rates vary by state (and sometimes by city), but you'll thank yourself later when you can simply cut a check to the IRS rather than diving into your hard-earned income and savings to pay your taxes. Consider paying your taxes to the IRS in quarterly installments to avoid having to pay them all at once when tax season arrives.

What Is On A Construction Invoice?

Sample of a blank construction invoice
Sample of a blank construction invoice

The contractor's company name and contact information are frequently included on a construction invoice. Also, the name and contact information of the consumer, the invoice's due date, and the amount payment due date(s).

What Is The Best Free Invoice Template?

There are many things to consider in running a business, but one of the most important is maintaining a good cash flow. It is your job as a business owner to ensure that money owed to you by consumers is received promptly.

As a result, having an invoicing tool is critical for any organization because it helps maintain a healthy cash flow. If you're still creating bills with spreadsheets or word processing, it's time to upgrade. This collection of websites will let you create and send beautiful invoices with built-in templates, as well as download invoices in multiple formats (.pdf /.xls) for free.


Sample of a blank Freshbooks invoicing tool
Sample of a blank Freshbooks invoicing tool

With hundreds of free invoice designs to pick from, FreshBooks makes making professional, personalized invoices for your business a breeze.

You can set up and personalize your thank you email, add your logo, and use custom reminders to keep track of outstanding invoices. FreshBooks is a complete cloud-based accounting platform that can help you operate your business, no matter how big or little it is.

Invoice Bus

Sample of an invoice bus
Sample of an invoice bus

Invoicebus enables you to submit online invoices to your clients and receive immediate payment, regardless of where you are in the world.

For those looking for a less restrictive alternative to PayPal invoicing, InvoiceBus is a viable solution. It also enables you to work more autonomously with numerous payment processors and has elegantly designed templates for nearly any function.

Invoice Generator

Sample of a blank invoice generator
Sample of a blank invoice generator

You may use the Invoice Generator to produce a personalized invoice for a number of businesses. All you have to do is fill out the task and cost details, and then pick whether to download or send the invoice directly from the website.

The amazing thing about invoice generators is that you can include discounts and shipping costs in the total, as well as change the currency.


Sample of a blank Skynova invoice
Sample of a blank Skynova invoice

At Skynova, you may create an invoice and download it in Adobe PDF format. You must include basic information about the receivable, such as the date, unit price, and a description, in order to construct the document. After entering the information, you can save or print the professional-looking invoice right away.

Indy Invoice Generator

Sample of an indy invoice generator
Sample of an indy invoice generator

The Indy Invoice Generator leverages the most reputable online payment solutions in the business, and clients are only a click away from paying with their preferred method.

Indy is an all-in-one management tool that makes it simple for self-employed individuals and small enterprises to keep track of their bills.

Invoice templatesoffer all of the information your clients require and allow you to add your own personal branding. Using the Time Tracker application, you can easily link working hours to an invoice and save time.


Sample of an invoicetome
Sample of an invoicetome

On the list, Invoiceto.me is one of the simplest and most uncomplicated invoice generators. It can be used to issue invoices for a variety of jobs.

All you have to do now is fill in the blanks with information about the work and payments. You may then save the invoice as a PDF and use it to seek payments in a professional manner.


Sample of a Create.OnlineInvoices.com
Sample of a Create.OnlineInvoices.com

You can choose and customize from three sorts of invoices at Create.OnlineInvoices.com: tax invoices, simple invoices, and business invoices. You can generate your own invoices using the three templates by filling in your information and saving it as a PDF file.

After you've finished creating your invoice, you can print or submit it immediately from the website.

Zoho Invoice

Sample of a Zoho Invoice
Sample of a Zoho Invoice

Zoho CRM, Zoho Reports, Zoho Inventory, Zoho Expenses, and Zoho Books are just a few of the web-based business solutions available from Zoho. With Zoho Invoice, a platform for creating and managing customer invoices, you may add an invoicing program to that. While the free version offers you complete access to all of the features, it only allows you to create five client invoices per month. They provide four subscription packages that cater to different needs if you want to use more.

Square Invoices

Sample of a blank Square Invoices
Sample of a blank Square Invoices

Square is most known for their credit card scanners, but they also provide Square Invoices, a free invoice generation tool. Square Invoices allows you to personalize your invoice by adding your company logo and selecting a color scheme.

After you've finished creating your invoice, you can either download it or send it to your customer through email, which Square will track and notify you when they've viewed it.

Wave Invoice

Sample of a Wave Invoice
Sample of a Wave Invoice

Wave Invoice is a great option if you want to have a complete accounting software program in addition to making invoices.

Wave Invoice is ideal for contractors, freelancers, and small businesses with less than ten workers since it allows you to create an infinite number of invoices that you can modify and send to clients and customers.

Wave Invoice is a unique feature that allows consumers to pay immediately from their online invoice, which can take a few business days to reach your bank account.

Paypal Invoice

Sample of a blank PayPal Invoice
Sample of a blank PayPal Invoice

PayPal is still, by far, the greatest and safest way to send and receive money. As a result, it should come as no surprise that they also offer an invoice generator service.

You may quickly create the invoice with the information of your transaction, then download it as a PDF file or email it to your customers as a link, just like all the other invoice generators.

While it is free to use, PayPal will charge you a fee if a consumer uses a debit or credit card to make a payment.

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