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Top 3 Best Website Builders For Creating Church Website Template: WordPress, Wix, And Squarespace


Are visitors to your church's website able to locate what they're looking for? Your church's website's objective is to deliver information. Your church website is failing if important content is missing or difficult to find.

The look of your website is the first thing that people notice when they visit it. That style should complement your message in order to connect with your audience. Using the proper template to build your website will help you unify your style and messaging.

What Should A Church Website Include?


The majority of people choose to visit a church that is close by. Take as many of these steps as you need to make it simple for visitors to get your whole address in a matter of seconds.

Every page should have your address (footer or header) On your homepage, include your address.

Make a page that includes your address, directions, and a map.

Include a link to this page in your menu and on your homepage.

Service Hours

If a tourist finds your church but does not know when you meet, they are unlikely to go. If you use enough of these concepts, a visitor will be able to find service times in a matter of seconds.

Make a page providing details on the service.

Include a link to this page in your menu and on your homepage.

Display the current time on your homepage or in your header.

On the same page, you could want to display your location and service times. If you're going to use multiple pages, make sure they're all linked to each other.

Who We Are

Before coming to your church, people want to know what it's all about. Here are some ideas for the first paragraph.

Basic information, such as your location, should be shared (link to a Location page)

Tell us about your pastor (link to his bio)

Describe your mission (what your church values). Give a brief overview of your church's history.

If you belong to a religious group, mention it.

Show a couple of photos, both inside and out.

Also, give visitors a sense of what to expect and explain your viewpoint. You might want to keep these on their own page. For simple access, link to them from your About Us page.

What To Anticipate

A page like this can be quite beneficial because it provides an opportunity to make newcomers feel at ease enough to visit for the first time.

What kind of services do you provide?

How long have they been there?

What is your preferred method of worship?

What is the standard dress code?

Is there a child care facility nearby? (Don't underestimate the significance of this)

You might want to make a little welcome video. Allow your pastor to say a few words and/or provide a quick Sunday morning tour so that folks can see what they're getting themselves into.

What We Believe

Christians fresh to your area will value your statement of faith. Make a list of your doctrinal beliefs in a clear and concise manner. The majority of people are not theologians, and they shouldn't have to be in order to understand what you believe.

Profiles Of Leaders

Profiles Of Church Leaders
Profiles Of Church Leaders

So far, the majority of the stuff that has been recommended is geared toward those who might attend your church. Staff profiles are available for both newbies and regulars. They give newcomers a sense of who lives in the area. It's a useful source of individual contact information for regular attendees.

At the very least, make a list of ministry personnel.

Please provide a brief biography as well as a photograph.

Don't forget to mention the person's job title.

Make contact information public (phone, email, social media)

Is Wordpress Good For Church Websites?

Symbol of a church with computer image above it
Symbol of a church with computer image above it

All churches require a functional website, but few have the financial resources to do it. What should a church do? My preferred solution is WordPress, which I've seen thousands of churches adopt in the previous few years. It's a low-cost solution that's easy to use but adaptable enough for most churches' needs (typically under $100 to build and $10/month to host).

Without any coding or design skills, a staff member or volunteer may construct and manage the site. Because WordPress is free, you can even employ an expert and save money. I recommend WordPress to churches for a variety of reasons.

I advocate creating your own website because it is simple to do and saves money for your church. After you've built the site, you'll feel more at ease administering it and teaching others how to do so. Although you are not limited to church-specific themes, there are plenty that are developed expressly for churches. A decent theme provider would give detailed documentation as well as customer assistance.

Instead of building your church website yourself, you can save time by hiring a professional. This necessitates a greater budget, yet it is usually still within reach when using a prepared theme (versus a totally custom theme which would be very expensive).

Step One: Pick A Church Theme

When choosing a church WordPress theme, keep these points in mind.


You'll want something that reflects the personality of your church. Color, font, and background modification options are available in some themes. Check out the theme's demo on your phone to see if it's mobile-friendly and loads quickly. Today, mobile web browsing is quite popular.


WordPress allows you to construct custom pages (such as Ministries, Statements of Faith, and so on), as well as maintain a blog and share photos. Select a theme that works with plugins to display church information such as sermons, events, locations, and team profiles.

There Is No Lock-In Effect

Avoid using themes that have their own post types for content like sermons and events (you will have to re-enter content when switching themes). Because some content features belong in a plugin, I created the free Church Content plugin (supported by themes from different developers).

Assistance And Documentation

Although WordPress is a do-it-yourself option, it does not require you to be self-sufficient. Choose a theme provider who provides detailed documentation and support for the themes they sell.

Policy On Refunds

If things don't work out, some theme suppliers will return your money, so verify their refund policy. Every theme seller, in my opinion, should offer unconditional refunds.

Step Two: Register For Web Hosting

Different kinds of web hosting available for pc to mobile
Different kinds of web hosting available for pc to mobile

Almost all church websites can be hosted on Linux-based shared hosting. This is the most frequent hosting option, and it costs around $10 per month. Check out WPExplorer's hosting suggestions (these include a one-click WordPress installation feature). Also, keep in mind that DreamHost offers free hosting to non-profit organizations. If your church is a 501(c)(3) organization in the United States, it may be eligible.

You will be prompted to choose a domain name (for example, yourname.com) and enter billing information when you sign up for hosting. They will assist you with using your current domain or registering a new one for you (usually around $15 per year). After completing the online signup process, you will be given access to your hosting control panel.

Is Wix Good For Church Websites?

Screenshot of church website used a template in Wix
Screenshot of church website used a template in Wix

Wix is a wonderful option for church websites since it has a large number of themes and numerous features that churches want, such as donations, online streaming, and event calendars. Take a look at our professional evaluation of Wix to learn more about everything it has to offer. If you do decide it's the correct builder for you, be sure to take advantage of any current coupons or special offers.

Visit the Templates page from within your account.

Choose the category you want to look through. Drill down into a subcategory if necessary.

To see a previewof the template, click View.

If you're ready to put it on your site, click Edit to begin customizing the template.

Is Squarespace Good For Churches?

Samples of church templates in Squarespace
Samples of church templates in Squarespace

It can be difficult to choose the finest website builder for your church because there are so many possibilities. For churches seeking an all-in-one website builder that looks amazing and is simple to set up and manage, Squarespace may be a good choice. While every website builder has advantages and disadvantages, here are seven reasons why Squarespace is a wonderful choice for your church.

100+ Templates That Can Be Used In A Variety Of Contexts

Squarespace has more than 100 different templates from more than 20 different template families. This provides a great deal of versatility in terms of features and aesthetics. You can also choose between a template with a lot of modification options and one with very few. In any case, and regardless of the template you select, you'll have a site that looks beautiful and meets your goals.

Setup In A Single Click

Unlike other website builders, Squarespace allows you to start developing your site by just clicking "Create a New Site." There's no need for hosting or installation, so you can bypass all of that and get started constructing your website in pieces.

Drag-And-Drop Builder

Squarespace allows you to create a fantastic website without having to know how to code. Squarespace features a robust drag-and-drop builder that lets you see exactly what you're getting in real-time. This makes it simple to update the webpage.

Cover Pages

Squarespace cover pages are ideal for displaying information about major holidays like Easter and Christmas. Squarespace offers 19 cover page templates that let you create a page for visitors while maintaining the look and feel of your main website. These cover pages are attractive and can help you speak effectively.


More people are using their phones to interact with your website than ever before. It's critical to have a website builder that looks amazing on all platforms. By default, all Squarespace themes are mobile-friendly, so your website visitors can get a fantastic image of your church from their phone or tablet.

Simple Events Display

The Squarespace events display is visually appealing and provides visitors with the information they require. Squarespace will automatically populate their events page with the name of the event, the date and time, a featured image, and a description of the event. This is a fantastic opportunity to have a volunteer update your website's events! Squarespace does not yet handle repeating events, which is a significant limitation to note.

Tools For SEO And Marketing

You should be concerned about your Google ranking if you aren't already. The built-in SEO and marketing features in Squarespace are simple to use and help you stand out in your community. In addition, Squarespace is always improving its capabilities to aid your SEO and marketing efforts.

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