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The Best Christian Wallpapers Apps For Your Phone


Are you tired and bored of using the same wallpaper for your phone? Are you looking for something new? Something that could help you grow and develop your faith as a Christian? A wallpaper to remind you of God’s love and guidance? God’s words have the power to change our lives and help us to stay on the right path. The word of God can motivate and inspire us to become who we truly are in Christ. Your smartphone is indeed a powerful tool that can help you get closer to God. There are different apps available online where you can download Christian-themed apps that can help grow your spiritual life. The Online Bible, Daily devotionals, Bible quizzes, and more are among them. Some sites also offer articles about worship, you may click hereif you want to know more. Some apps also allow you to download beautiful wallpapershaving God’s message on them and this is what this article is about. We’ve compiled the best Christian Wallpapers appsfor your phone.

Why Use A Christian Wallpaper?

Woman holding a phone with a bible verse for wall paper
Woman holding a phone with a bible verse for wall paper
Black Phone with a Bible Verse Wall Paper
Black Phone with a Bible Verse Wall Paper

As Christians, it's easy to be distracted by what we know to be true. Our thoughts tend to wander. Still, we check our mobile phones hundreds of times each week. Now imagine that every time you look at the lock screen, you are reminded of the deep truth of the Bible. It's powerful. We know that Christian Wallpapersis not a solution for everything, but we can all agree that it's a step in the right direction and a great reminder for righteousness. It doesn't take much time and effort to change your phone wallpaper. But once you do it, it might have a big impact on your daily life.

Best Apps To Download Christian Wallpapers

Three mobile phones with Christian Themed wallpaper
Three mobile phones with Christian Themed wallpaper

Keep God at your fingertips all throughout your day with beautiful and meaningful Christian wallpapers on your phone. There are apps that offer wallpapers that are formatted to work on nearly any iPhone or Android device. Therefore, whatever phone you have, you will be able to find the Christian wallpaper that's right for you. For more tips, you may read this article on how to download wallpaperson your phone. Here are the Best Apps where you can download Christian wallpaper.

Thanksgiving Bible Verses

Whenever we are in a difficult or challenging situation, it may not immediately come to our mind to thank God. Thanksgiving gives you a reason to thank God for helping you. It doesn't matter how hard this situation is, this app offers wallpapers that contain a message to praise the creator. Even in good situations, the app will give you inspiring words of worship in your heart. This app provides HD themes suitable for iPhone and iPad. Simply press and hold an image to save it quickly and easily. It provides wallpapers tailored to the Christian way. It features a passage of the Bible on each wallpaper to help you get the word of God of the day. The word of God is powerful so are the words of God on the wallpapers to inspire and give you peace of mind to lessen your worries. It is indeed a very great app though it does not have many Bible verses it gets updated from time to time.

Baptist Church Wallpaper

This wallpaper app is packed with many features. The app contains categories such as Church, Nature, Bible passages, and more. HD quality wallpapers are displayed, so you get great graphics. The background image is displayed with Bible quotes written. Over 200 Christian wallpapers are constantly being added to the app database.

Inspirational Bible Quotes

This app is most likely similar to the other Bible verses apps on this list. The only difference is that instead of Bible verses, their quotes are inspirational and will inspire you every day. It also has WhatsApp Stickers App which can be used in your WhatsApp messages. It includes loads of wallpaper in HD exceptional that may be used as Wallpaper or stored in the gallery.

Christian Bible Verses Wallpaper

It provides wallpapers tailored to the Christian way. It features a verse of the Bible on each wallpaper to help you get the word of God of the day. The word of God is powerful and the word of God on the wallpaper may turn your life around. There aren't many verses in the Bible, but it's a great app that is updated regularly. You can download the image just by pressing and holding the image. The wallpapers can be saved in HD quality so you have a good view.

100+ Holy Bible Wallpapers

Upgrade your phone’s screen with Wallpaper having Christian themes. The wallpapers in this app are meaningful and motivating that will not only give you visual pleasure but will lift up your soul and develop closeness to God. The app supports iOS 10 and periodically receives an update. Different varieties are in the app such as New, Love, Popular, Thanksgiving, Spiritual that has custom Bible-based wallpapers.

Common Types Of Christian Wallpapers

Eight image designs of Christian Themes wall papers
Eight image designs of Christian Themes wall papers

Keep Jesus within reach all day with these beautiful Christian wallpapers for your phone. Here are some types of Christian wallpapers you can choose from.

  • Bible Verse Phone Wallpaper - Verse in the Bible is powerful and it is a perfect thing to put as your phone background.
  • Cross Wallpaper - The Cross is a symbol of freedom and hope because of the sacrifice it represents.
  • Christian Easter Phone Screensavers - Easter eggs are fun, but there is no better way to reflect the true meaning of this holiday than a Christian wallpaper featuring verses and quotes about the resurrection.
  • Thanksgiving iPhone Wallpaper - As Christians, we strive to foster gratitude. It's a great way to remember everything you have to thank, also by looking at it over the phone. Christian Wallpaper has Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving poems that remind us every day of the things we should thank for.


For years, we have focused on proclaiming the truth of God's Word through artwork. We did this primarily through Christian art prints. However, we have found that we can also do this through the devices we carry around every day. According to a recent survey, the average person checks the phone nearly 100 times a day. Every time you use your iPhone or Android, you will see a lock screen. The lock screen is the screen that is displayed when you check the time on your mobile phone. It is displayed every time you open the app using your smartphone. Literally, a blank canvas to display whatever we want. Then, why not have a display of God’s inspired Word? Christian Wallpaper is a great way to keep God's promises at your fingertips all day long. It will help you connect to Bible truth in new ways. It stimulates conversations about God and His Word. We really hope this article helps you choose the best Christian Wallpaper for your phone lock screens.

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