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Reliable Change Management Plan Template To Use This 2021

Reliable Change Management Plan Template To Use This 2021

Changes in a company, regardless of their scope and nature, can be a make-or-break episode, and a change management plan template can aid in making changes successful. One particular maxim from Heraclitus, who lived around 500 BC, according to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, still rings true this 21st century. To paraphrase what the Greek philosopher once said, change remains to be the only constant thing in this world.

Joan Cornish
Last updated: Dec 27, 2021 | Nov 09, 2021

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Changes in a company, regardless of their scope and nature, can be a make-or-break episode, and a change management plan template can aid in making changes successful.

One particular maxim from Heraclitus, who lived around 500 BC, according to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, still rings true this 21st century. To paraphrase what the Greek philosopher once said, change remains to be the only constant thing in this world.

Business organizations face, tackle, and struggle with change from time to time. People – from the top management down to the rank and file – may propose it, agree with it, oppose it, or become ambivalent towards it. Nevertheless, time will come when they will individually and collectively deal with changes within the organization and in the company itself. A change management plan can ensure that things will go smoothly once changes have started to be implemented.

People will need a reliable change management plan template to guide them in carrying out the changes they aim to apply.

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Change Management Plan Template For Free

employees having a board meeting

Individual experts and trustworthy websites offer various definitions to the term “change management.” Interestingly, most of them seemed to agree on one thing when they described change management as a “systematic approach.”

This article chooses a simple definition, one that comes from the sixth edition of Oxford Dictionary of Business and Management. It defines change management – also known as change enablement – as “a systematic approach to dealing with both planned and unplanned change in an organization.”

To make change management systematic – in other words, structured or organized – is to create a change management plan.

Below are six samples of a specific change management plan template free for any business organization to use, courtesy of the award-winning software company Whatfix:

Change Proposal Template

change proposal template

There must be a strong reason, a good justification, and a sound and intelligent explanation behind a proposed change. All the pertinent whys should be clearly understood and answered. Whatever objective or motive for such change will serve as a guide in the overall change management process, particularly in making the appropriate change management plan.

Change Leaders Template

change leaders template

Specific people in the business organization must be involved in the change management process to make things happen, and such people will be designated as change leaders. Look for change leaders that are diligent, dedicated, and driven because they will be the principal figures working behind the change management process.

Change Management Communications Plan Template

change management communications plan template

Understanding why a change is happening is vital because people could be prone to resist change. Once they understand, they can be convinced and motivated to accept such change. Therefore, designing an effective communication strategy will aid in explaining to people the changes going on in a business organization.

Change Management Analysis Template

change management analysis template

This part of a change management plan template is where the change leaders will examine the positive and negative results of each change being implemented. Each process needs scrutiny to check if the objectives laid out are attained or not and to determine if adjustments should be made.

Change Management Tools Template

change management tools template

The tools being referred to here are software tools, such as BMC Remedy Change Management 9, Rocket Aldon, and Whatfix. To implement change, certain change management tools will be needed, and the use of each should be explained.

Change Management Training Plan Template

change management training plan template

As the business organization adjusts and adapts to whatever changes are being implemented, the transition will require people to undergo certain kinds of training. Such training will prepare them throughout the entire change management process.

Each change management plan template presented here will be discussed in the succeeding section as you learn how to write the said plan.

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How Do You Write A Change Management Plan?

women at the meeting

Creating a change management plan template involves identifying the specific steps to be undertaken, people to designate, software tools to use, and training to provide, among other things. Anticipating doubts and resistance and doing something about it are part of the change management process.

With the change management plan template already presented in the previous section, each component of a particular template below is briefly explained.

A. Change Proposal Template

  • Proposed Change - Identify and explain what change will be implemented.

  • Tell when such change will happen and who will be affected by it.

  • Reason(s) for Change - In details, explain the need for such change.

  • Justify its importance/necessity to settle doubts and to avoid or at least lessen resistance.

  • Intended Outcome(s) - Identify the projected result(s) of such change.

  • Estimated Duration - Indicate the estimated period it will take for the change to be implemented as well as the estimated time in carrying out the whole change management plan.

  • Estimated Costs - Calculate and specify the predicted costs of implementing the change.

  • How much will be paid, for example, for professional consultation or the use of certain technology.

  • Additional Factors to Consider - Whatever factor that is not covered by the previous sections of this template will be discussed here. For example, a new upper management position was created and will therefore need to hire a new person to fill it in. How will such change affect employees?

B. Change Leaders Template

  • Change Leaders - Look for those who wield a broad influence in the business organization as well as those who excel in communication and possess strong leadership traits.

  • Title & Role - Indicate the job title and role of the chosen change leaders.

  • Reason for Involvement - Justify why a specific person was picked as change leader.

  • Key Responsibilities - Identify and explain the particular tasks these change leaders will do.

  • Related People - Identify the specific people that the change leaders will be working with directly and on a regular basis.

C. Change Management Communications Plan Template

  • Change Management Model(s) - When working on a communication strategy, determine what change management model will be used because the model will have a weight on such a strategy.

  • Change Leaders - Check your change leader template to know who will be the change leader assigned to handle the communication strategy.

  • Events or Actions That Require Communication - Name what the assigned change leader should communicate to others (e.g., announcement for meetings or training).

  • Date Of Communication - Outline core events that need to be communicated and indicate when they will be communicated.

  • Change Leader(s) in Charge of Communication - Simply choose the person that fits the role best.

  • Audience - Identify your target audience and then proceed on how to address their questions and concerns through the communication strategy you devised.

  • Reason(s) for Communication - Explain the necessity of every communication to be conducted (e.g., explain why should a bi-monthly departmental meeting occur).

  • Method(s) of Communication - Tell how communication will be carried out by enumerating the different communication channels you will utilize.

team brainstorming

D. Change Management Analysis Template

  • Change Management Model(s) - Pattern your analysis strategy with the change management model you picked.

  • Event or Action - Identify what needs to be analyzed to find out if the projected result or objective was achieved or not.

  • Original Date of Event or Action - Progress can be better checked if the dates of specific events or actions will be tracked down.

  • Date of Analysis - The analysis date could just be the same as the event or action date. The main purpose for this, however, is to make sure if additional analysis should be made at a later time.

  • Issues - Point out the mistakes, faults, or shortcomings to note how to improve things.

  • Successes - Point out what went on as planned. Consider even small but positive outcomes.

  • Action Needed - Discuss matters with change leaders on what to do for a certain situation, outcome, or problem.

E. Change Management Tools Template

  • Change Management Model(s) - Whatever software tools that will be used will not affect the change management model used but indicate it anyway as a reference.

  • Tool - Enumerate and describe the change management software tools you will use.

  • Purpose of Tool - Provide good reasons behind the use of such software tools.

  • Change Leader - Identify the change leaders who will be in charge of the software tools.

  • Users - In addition, identify other people/employees who will use the software tools.

  • Cost of Tool - Indicate the cost for each software tool because price acts a strong factor on whether the use/purchase of such tool will be approved or not.

F. Change Management Training Plan Template

  • Change Management Model(s) - Identify what model (will you be combining two models?) will be used. Some change management models include Bridges’ Transition Model, Lewin’s Change Management Model, and Satir Change Model.

  • Type of Training - Explain the training’s main focus.

  • Audience - Identify the target participants.

  • Intended Outcome - Specify the aims of the training in a detailed manner.

  • Method of Delivery - Mention how the training will be carried out.

  • Tools & Equipment - For reference, you may refer to the information you included in your change management tools template.

  • Training Leader - The people who will be assigned should strictly adhere to the designated schedules/dates.

  • Planning Time - Plan carefully the ideal time to be spent for a particular training.

  • Duration of Training - This will guide the training leader(s) in assessing if a certain length of time is appropriate for a particular training.

  • Cost of Training - When doing this, be mindful not to include software tool-related costs because it will be indicated in a different change management plan template.

What Are The Components Of A Change Management Plan?

team having a meeting

London-based management consultancy r10 identified six components of a change management plan, namely:

Leadership Alignment

It’s important to know who are the key people who shall play crucial roles in making the project succeed. The change management plan should be able to convince them to support and participate in the project.

Stakeholder Engagement

This time, identify the main stakeholders, who may include middle management people as well as other employees. Determine how much support they can render to the project and how much influence they will have over it.


Create awareness to increase understanding from the stakeholders and to attract engagement from them. Mo

Change Impact and Readiness

Comprehending how much the stakeholders are ready for such change and assessing how much influence the said change will have on them is vital. The result of such assessment will determine what approach to take to build up the readiness of the stakeholders.


Change leaders should look for “knowledge gaps,” according to the article by r10. Training can help fill in those gaps and make people less resistant and more ready for change.


As this article started with a quote, allow it to end with another famous quote, and this time, from American statesman, scientist, and writer Benjamin Franklin: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” Remember this the next time you participate in drafting a change management plan template.

Change management entails a great deal of planning involving the right people – and all for the right purpose. Knowing how to create a change management plan template will be a good start for everyone involved in the process.

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