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How To Create A Business Plan Template In Nigeria


Would you like to start a small business in Nigeria in 2022? Studies show that times of economic and financial crisis are the best times to start a business. The good news is that you don't need a lot of capital to make a small business successful in Nigeria. With good business ideas and good implementation strategies, we are on the path to a successful business venture. In this post, we will discuss how you write a Business Plan Template in Nigeriaand a few validated business ideas you can start with.

What Is A Business Plan?

A paper with the words Business Plan written on it as well as another paper with a diagram and magnifying glass on top of it
A paper with the words Business Plan written on it as well as another paper with a diagram and magnifying glass on top of it

A Business planis a written document that outlines your ideas and strategies for building, managing, and eventually expanding your new business venture. A well-constructed business plan templateis vital to the success of your entrepreneurial endeavors. A business plan helps you to set milestones for your business venture. You may share this plan with your preferred investors or partners who may want some reassurance on the viability of their investment in your business.

The best way to create a successful business plan template is by including everything in an organized and concise document discussing your marketing strategies, financial projections, team bios, timelines, and more.

How To Create A Business Plan Template?

Writing a well-thought-out business plan for your business when starting up is one of the vital things that you should do. Unfortunately, many small business owners find this process to be difficult and tedious. Writing a business plan essential for your business’s success. A business plan gives you a clear direction, keeps you on track, and is usually a requirement when you start proposing business grants or loans for your business ventures.

  • Do Necessary Research - Research everything that you need to learn about your business. Most importantly before starting a new business, you should have a good vision and experience in the venture you’ve decided to build. If you want to know more things about Nigeria, you may visit this websiteas it showcases the latest information about Nigeria.
  • Business Model Canvas - A business canvas serves as a concept of describing a business in a general manner. This will give you the chance to display the important outline of your business as well as the entire key areas of your business which can be described in the form of a diagram and graphs.
  • Financial Study - The financial aspect of your business plan tends to be the most complicated aspect and it’s fine to seek the help of a financial expert to help you at this stage to avoid errors and for you to have realistic financial figures.
  • Summary - Be concise, direct to the point without overlooking important facts. Keep in mind that you want prospective banks, investors, partners, or wholesalers to quickly understand your plan, find it realistic, and be motivated by what they see in your business plan.

Business Plan Contents That You Can Follow If You Are In Nigeria

A business plan emphasizes what should be done to start your business. The plan should contain a business model, the nature of your business, the cost structure, and the sources of revenue and profit margins. Although the content and elements of business plan components can of course differ from business to business. Nevertheless, a business plan templateor business plan model for most businesses would almost certainly include at least some of the contents which we will discuss further. You may definitely consider using this template if you are in Nigeria.

  • Executive Summary - This is the first part of the business plan to be read by potential partners and investors. In the case of a poorly written executive summary, the executive summary is often the only part of the business plan that gets to be read and reviewed. Therefore, it is very important to make your Executive Summary as interesting as possible.
  • Business Description - This is where you describe your company and what it does. You can put your business’s history, how it was formed and what your core values and mission statements are. These are the things that tell your story and in order for the readers to connect to you.
  • Market Analysis and Strategies - This is where you discuss your competition and the state of the market. Your market analysis is an exercise in seeing if your business fits in the market and how you are superior to other competitors.
  • Organization and Management - This will highlight the logistics of the organization such as the responsibilities of the management team, the tasks assigned to each business division within the company, as well as the capital and expense requirements related to the operations of the business.
  • Sales Strategy - This is the process of matching the business purpose or mission with a sales plan, then placing goals and sales tactics. The sales strategy will also analyze courses of action and allocate resources to achieve goals and tactics.
  • Financial Projections - Financial data is always at the last part of the business plan, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. This is where you discuss how you can achieve your revenue projections.

Businesses That You Can Do In Nigeria


Some of these small business ideas are neither great nor new. But if you are smart, have the right team, risk-taking personality, passion, and patience, you can be a multi-million naira (or dollar) company. Here are 10 small business ideas that will quickly make you millions in Nigeria.

  • Agricultural business - Having an estimated population of over 170 million people, the Nigerian agribusiness sector is one of the largest sectors in Africa. Agriculture sub-sectors which are poultry farming, fish farming, cassava farming, palm oil farming are already earning millions for successful farmers in their fields. Surely, there are a lot of small business ideas in agriculture sectors that you can venture into.
  • Web Designing Agencies - A web designing business in Nigeria, can promote through SME events, blogging, social networks, and several other channels. Helping small businesses grow up to create great web designs and set up blogs can be a real money-earning business venture.
  • Education - Nigerians take education seriously thus may decide to invest in non-traditional education sectors like special education, adult education, educational websites, educational technology, and even educational resources.
  • Retail Stores- With basic necessities like clothing, groceries, medication, the retail store industry in Nigeria deserves a spot in terms of investments. It doesn’t need to be large, even with a small retail store, you can still generate substantial income.
  • Real Estate - With a number of real estate companies in Nigeria now focusing on either residential or commercial real estate, the opportunities in this industry are simply emerging. In Nigeria, real estate businesses are typically done through offline sales channels, but you can set up an online channel and offer properties that are for sale.


The business ideas shared in this article are proven lucrative in the Nigerian market especially for small businesses. But for you to succeed in any of the above-listed businesses, you need to have the right business plan. We then hope that you can use the above information in creating your business plan for your future business venture in Nigeria.

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