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Top 10 Free Bootstrap Blog Templates 2021

Top 10 Free Bootstrap Blog Templates 2021

Blogging is the result of a deep love for a certain topic, and a blogging website should reflect that enthusiasm. You must build an appealing website with all of the necessary components if you want your material to have a large number of devoted visitors.

Joan Cornish
Aug 01, 2021

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Blogging is the result of a deep love for a certain topic, and a blogging website should reflect that enthusiasm. You must build an appealing website with all of the necessary components if you want your material to have a large number of devoted visitors. 

Whether you have previous experience developing websites or not, establishing the ideal one may not be easy. You may wind up paying a lot of money and wasting a lot of time.

It is critical that your website be built with Bootstrap to ensure that it is accessible on all devices. Your site will be completely responsive and mobile-friendly thanks to Bootstrap.

Why You Should Use Bootstrap For Your Blog?

Building your own blogging site from scratch will initially require a little bit of effort, especially in the department of design. Choosing the right template for your blogging site can be a tedious process, and only because there are so many choices to choose from.

Colors, font choices and alternations, navigation menu placements, social media integration amongst other things are the features one will want to pay attention to the most. While it’s easy to build a personal blog style that reflects versatile thinking, we also want to ensure that our readers are happy with our choices, though it’s important to leave an imprint of personality in every design.

The following free Bootstrap blog templates we are about to explore have all been carefully selected with the latest web design events in mind, as well as to provide a simple templating system where you can easily make and alter any kind of elements that perhaps you feel are obsolete to your vision of a good looking blog.

Whether to launch a standalone blog site or to incorporate any of the following templates in your existing websites, these designs are going to provide an easy to consume content experience that you will come to realize is so important to a successful blogging path.


Miniblog is a free Bootstrap blog template with a minimalist design, as the name implies. It's precisely what you need if you want your readers to have a wonderful time reading your engaging material. Miniblog has you covered whether you want to start a personal, travel, culinary, lifestyle, or fashion blog. You may also opt for a more specialized approach and customize the tool to the specific goal. Miniblog, on the other hand, suits a wide range of preferences and purposes due to its stunning look.

Because the framework is mobile-friendly and responsive, everyone who visits your website will have a good time no matter what device they use. If you want your blog to be as clean and simple as possible, then Miniblog is the way to go. It's the perfect instrument for a result that demands a bright future.


Wordify is a free Bootstrap blog template for writers and journalists, thus the name. You may use Wordify in whatever way you choose, regardless of the topic you're interested in. Wordify adjusts to all of your desires very immediately thanks to its clean, simple, and beautiful design. Even if you use it as is, all you have to do is add your own content and it will be ideal for your needs. Furthermore, feel free to tweak and improve Wordify to take the experience to a whole new level.

Wordify has a slider, drop-down menu, and loads your engaging content on scroll, as well as a number of helpful widgets. An about page and a full-fledged contact area with a form are also included. You'll be surprised to learn that once you start working with Wordify, your final product will be ready for publication far sooner than you anticipated.


Opium is a multi-concept free Bootstrap blog website template that is suitable for a wide range of themes. Opium is ready to meet your requirements, whether you're interested in personal, lifestyle, fashion, cuisine, travel, or DIY blogging. Its excellent and jaw-dropping ready-to-use site design will save you from having to start from scratch when creating your chosen blog.

Opium has a ton of various features and bonuses in store for you. The list of features continues on and on, from a beautiful banner with a slider above the fold to an amazing blog post listing, social network icons, Instagram feed, and newsletter form. With Opium, you can take control of things and manage and maintain a thriving blog. It's a near-certainty that anybody who views your page will be amazed and immediately want more of what you do.


With a platform as flexible as Shapely, you can accomplish a lot and create a lot of various websites for your company ideas. Shapely is a WordPress-only template, unlike the others in the collection, which are HTML templates. Even complete novices may get professional sites up and running in a short amount of time because of the user-friendly design. Don't allow your creativity hold you back; instead, go all in and begin the process of actualizing your blog and having it up and running in no time.

Shapely is mobile-friendly, retina-ready, cross-browser compatible, and search engine optimized, and it welcomes you to translate it. Globalize or localize the tool, add your favorite plugins, and customize it to meet your requirements. It's possible that Shapely will be the exact last template you'll ever need. In fact, it's a near-certainty.


Meranda is a beautiful, simple, and highly impactful free website template that provides a lot of goodies for blogs and online magazines. The package includes everything from home and internal page layouts to other useful features. Meranda is also a Bootstrap Framework template, ensuring complete flexibility and extensibility for a stellar performance.

Instead of cluttering your blog with special effects and other gimmicks, use Meranda to keep things simple. One thing is certain: once you've decided to work with Meranda, you won't want to alter anything about the default structure. Take a look at it; isn't it lovely? Of course, you may make more modification changes to Meranda and make her match your own taste. An integrated contact form is, of course, included with the Meranda package.


Ionize is the design for you if you want to break away from the conventional blog appearance. Even though it is a completely free option, the result will be nothing short of amazing. It's designed with modernity and inventiveness in mind, resulting in a stunning outcome that will turn attention. Ionize is also suitable for a wide range of niches and sectors, therefore there are no restrictions.

Ionize's design is fully mobile-friendly and compatible with all major browsers. Carousels, sticky sidebar navigation, content loading on scroll, and a lovely post style are all included in the package. You're all prepared to make a big splash in the blogging world.


To create your own food blog using Foodblog, you don't need to be a chef. You might be a home chef with a love for creating new recipes and a desire to share them with the rest of the world. In any case, if you're interested in getting into blogging, Foodblog is a contemporary, beautiful, and fashionable free Bootstrap blog template to consider. Foodblog's site design is simple and elegant, ideal for showcasing your delectable culinary dishes and other items.

If you want to base your project on anything food-related, there's no need to go further. Get your hands on Foodblog, download the tool, and take advantage of all of its fantastic features. Foodblog is mobile-friendly, has a full-width slider, an unique recipes page with an advanced search option, and a contact form. You can utilize Foodblog for your restaurant and other delicious projects you're working on with a few changes.


The Philosophy template exemplifies how adaptable Bootstrap is when it comes to creating contemporary websites (or blogs) that adhere to the FLAT design concept. Bloggers and authors who want to add a strong "professional" touch to their blogging experience will like this professional design. 

The design options include a variety of attractive fonts and widget ideas that can all be easily wiped and replaced with anything you believe is appropriate for your personal blogging experience. An open footer section may be utilized to promote your own About page, social network widgets, or simply to market your other content or a mix of all three if required.


Bounty is a free Bootstrap blog template that also allows you to create an online magazine page if that's something you're interested in. Bounty is very adaptable and flexible, easily adapting to your requirements and laws. Furthermore, you can always modify and change it, ensuring that Bounty adheres to your branding requirements to a tee. The tool is well-organized and described, ensuring that everyone benefits from it. Yes, even if you are new to website building, you may benefit from the Bounty free template.

Bounty's main features include a carousel slider, sticky navigation, hover effects, an Instagram feed, and a widget-rich sidebar. Because it's a Bootstrap template, the design is also mobile-friendly. Begin your blogging experience with Bounty right now.


If you're creating a bitcoin blog, Newsbit will save you time and effort. This free Bootstrap blog template is perfect for the crypto business, as it has all of the necessary materials for a successful debut of something new and different that the market was in desperate need of. Because Newsbit is built on the Bootstrap Framework, you can be certain that the tool is adaptable to any screen resolution. Newsbit is also retina-ready and compatible with all current browsers.

With a rich home page and appealing single blog page, Newsbit has a sleek, professional, and to-the-point boxed web design. It has a simple drop-down menu, a functional contact form, a newsletter subscription widget, a top bar, and social network icons. Simply download the template and get started right away. Thanks to the amazing Newsbit, an active bitcoin blog is ready to be live in no time.

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