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Safely Celebrate Birthdays With These Birthday Parade Invitation Free Template


Over the last year, celebrations have taken on a new appearance. However, that demonstrates our capacity for ingenuity in the face of unforeseen events. While the COVID-19 pandemic may have prohibited us from attending in-person birthday celebrations for loved ones, health and safety concerns have prompted us to invent alternative ways to gather. One possibility — and an excellent substitute for a Zoom party — is a drive-by birthday procession. Continue reading for our top ideas for birthday parades and birthday parade invitation free templateyou can send to all your friends, family, and even your neighbors!

What Is A Birthday Parade?

Convoy of cars pulling into driveway for birthday parade
Convoy of cars pulling into driveway for birthday parade

A drive-by birthday parade is exactly what it sounds like: a procession of automobiles gathered to commemorate the birthday of the guest of honor. Guests decorate their automobiles, crank up the volume on their music, and drive-by to express their best wishes. The decision to stop to drop off a gift or say hello from a distance is based on health concerns and personal comfort levels. You can design a birthday parade as a surprise or as a non-surprise; just make sure that the guest of honor is prepared to watch from their doorstep, porch, or front lawn (maybe even with a drink or special treat in hand).

How Does A Birthday Parade Work?

Purple yard sign for birthday parade with purple balloons
Purple yard sign for birthday parade with purple balloons

It is simple to host a drive-by party.

Really, all you need is a bunch of people and a bunch of cars. I'm all about making festivities as simple as possible! Whatever happens after that is entirely up to your imagination. The only things you need to arrange for a drive-by party are willing participants and a lot of kindness. Everything else, from car decorations to delightful little gifts, is provided. We need to get creative and discover methods to interact without becoming too close in these times when getting together might not be an option.

To keep your sense of community while sticking to social distance requirements, consider hosting a drive-by party. Let's face it, the current state of affairs has driven even the most reclusive among us to distraction. If you ask me, the way extroverts are dealing with this situation is beyond ridiculous. Having a drive-by party is something new, and it allows those who want to stay separate to keep connected. I believe they're brilliant, so here are some creative birthday party ideas that don't involve any physical touch.

Before we get started, I'd like to highlight that these ideas are purely for inspiration purposes only. It is your obligation to ensure that all necessary safety precautions are taken before attempting to organize a drive-by party or car parade. This includes taking into account any applicable local regulations as well as other safety precautions for both automobiles and people that will keep everyone as safe and sound as possible on every stage of the journey. Thank you very much!

Birthdays are typically a time when family and friends gather to commemorate that special someone's milestone birthday. As a result, since we won't be able to meet together, let's get our cars ready. What do you think about a car parade?

What is a birthday car parade, and how does it work? Family and friends can make placards and paint their automobiles with birthday greetings to help spread the word. You can even gently toss gifts out the window of the car, or you can simply put up a little table or spread a blanket for the recipient to sit on as you drop them off. Make certain that they are not breakable. If there is enough space, the cars can even line up along the street, and everyone can sing Happy Birthday from their car windows if they so choose.

How Do You Invite Someone To A Birthday Parade?

Drive-by birthday parties and birthday parades have been popular throughout the years, and each one has its own unique twist for the birthday child.

  • Make a special place for the birthday child or fantastic pals to sit or stand.
  • Make a unique front yard decoration. Gina at Sign Dreamers agreed to rent us a yard letter sign.
  • To add to the ambiance of the procession, play your child's favorite music.
  • As guests drive-by, hand out individually packaged cupcakes, doughnuts, or other refreshments. Alternatively, place the sweets on a long table at the far end of your property for people to take if they choose.
  • Assemble the customary goody bag for your visitors.
  • Invite your pals to decorate their cars or motorcycles.

How To Organize A Birthday Party Parade

To begin, you'll need to decide whether you want everyone to arrive at the same time and prepare in a staging area before proceeding in a continuous parade format, or whether you'd prefer a drive-by birthday party where people can drive by during a specific time period and say hello to the child who is celebrating his or her birthday. There is also a third form of a parade, which we will examine in more detail later.

Distribute Drive-By Birthday Invitations

Create unique invitations online or via mail for the drive-by birthday parade. Invite friends and relatives and inform them of the date and time of the drive-by birthday celebration so that everyone can arrive at the same time. This way, you won't have to bother about guests coming and going during the day. Invitations are also an excellent approach to inform your visitors about the party's theme, whether or not you'll accept gifts, and any other noteworthy activities.

Decide On A Birthday Theme

There can be a theme even if attendees are traveling by your house rather than staying for a day-long celebration. Costumes, balloons, yard signs, and party favors should all incorporate the theme. You may even personalize a personalized message that includes the theme by adding emojis that match the party theme or adding emojis that match the party theme to your yard letters.

Dress Up Your Front Door And Lawn

Use extra decorations to match your yard letters to extend the birthday theme to your lawn and front door. Create personalized birthday banners to put on the front door or porch, complete with bright balloons and streamers. By making the party a focal point of your entire yard, you'll increase attendance, make it more enjoyable for guests, and give it a more traditional feel for children's parties.

Encourage Participants To Decorate Their Automobiles

White car adorned with happy birthday sign and balloons
White car adorned with happy birthday sign and balloons

Individuals traveling past your residence can also participate in the festivities by adorning their automobiles in a birthday theme. Washable window markers, streamers that can hang from the doors and side windows, and removable letters that can spell out a personalized message on the side of the car are all available at many party stores.

Use Chalk Designs To Make Sidewalk Art

Allow children to participate in the décor by having them draw images and use chalk to write a message to drivers on the sidewalk. This will keep the kids occupied while they wait for the guests to arrive, and it will make the celebration more personal for them. Include your theme in the birthday chalk designs if you have one.

Set A Cake Aside For Guests

You can still put up a table with the cake that guests can reach from their automobiles, even if they are not stopping their cars and coming inside. The honoree's name can be written on the cake, and the birthday party theme can be incorporated into the design, exactly as it was before the quarantine. If folks driving by have children in the backseats of their vehicles, this is a terrific addition.

Include A Table For Gifts And Goodie Bags

White table with birthday decor with goodie bags for attendees
White table with birthday decor with goodie bags for attendees
Cookie in sealed plastic with thank you note for attending birthday parade
Cookie in sealed plastic with thank you note for attending birthday parade

Aside from cake, a table can contain a station where guests can drop off gifts and receive goodie bags during a drive-by birthday celebration. Ensure that the table can be reached from a car window so that guests do not have to exit their vehicle. These stations can be on different tables, but if they're on the same table, make sure there's a clear separation between where people drop gifts and where the goodie bags are to minimize misunderstanding.

Include Music In The Festivities

Allow the birthday boy or girl to play their favorite song on loudspeakers as people drive by to create a lively party environment. Additionally, you can request that each guest play their own song as they drive past in celebration of the birthday boy or girl. Simply because this is not a traditional party does not mean that party traditions cannot be included.

Have A Birthday With Virtual Social Distancing

You can hold an online meeting for guests using video chat sites like Zoom or Google Hangouts in addition to having guests drive by your place. This enables the birthday recipient to interact with and converse with their guests rather than simply viewing them from their car. Additionally, you can incorporate birthday decorations into the background of the chat to maintain the birthday vibe. To practice social distancing, this is a great activity for adults to interact with their friends and family, have a drink, and catch up!

Chauffeur The Honoree Instead

Drive the birthday child or girl to the homes of friends and family members instead of having people drive by your house to wish them a happy birthday! Instead, the participants might decorate their front lawns and set up a gift and treat booth. This way of driving by birthday is handier for some people.

For Absent Guests, Use Cardboard Cutouts

Do you have friends or family members with whom you'd like to celebrate, but you're forced to maintain a social distance? Getting a snapshot of their entire body or just their head printed on cardboard cutouts or large head cutouts is a great idea. When you call them on the phone, it's as if they're right there with you. For social media or photo albums, cardboard cutouts are excellent props to have on hand when photographing an important occasion.

10 Templates For A Drive-By Birthday Parade To Honor A Loved One In A Safe Manner

Birthday Parade Ideas For Kids

Birthday parades are enjoyable for people of all ages, but they are particularly thrilling for children under the age of five—especially if your child is regularly enthralled by cars that chance to pass by them on the road. These birthday parade ideas can help them to take their celebration to the next level.

Unicorn Parade

Pink invitation with unicorn cake for birthday parade
Pink invitation with unicorn cake for birthday parade

Each automobile will suddenly feel more magical if you add some streamers and a horn to it. In the front yard, you may also set up an inflatable unicorn for attendees to snap photos with. Invite guests with a unicorn cake card and phrases like, "Calling all Unicorn Riders." You may either drive past or jump out and ride a real unicorn.

Dinosaur Parade

Green invitation with dinosaurs on paper for birthday parade
Green invitation with dinosaurs on paper for birthday parade

Kids love dinosaurs, and it's easy to see why: these creatures never fail to bring out the youngster in everyone. Get an inflatable dino for your front yard and surprise the parade kids with a larger-than-life photo opportunity. Choose your favorite dinosaur party template and consider the following invitation wording: Honk, beep, roar, and wave! It's a Dinosaur Party Parade on the road! Come on over for a dino-mite time and treats!

Joint Ice Cream Birthday Parade

Blue invitation with ice cream truck on paper for birthday parade
Blue invitation with ice cream truck on paper for birthday parade

Combine birthday parades and invite even more friends with Cheree Berry's Summer Swirl card if a friend's birthday is close to your child's. Make it an ice cream social even better. Bring an ice cream truck to your driveway for the classic automobile procession.

Petting Zoo Parade

Different farm animals in invitation for birthday parade
Different farm animals in invitation for birthday parade

Can't make it to the zoo? No problem. Bring the zoo to your location! Provide a petting zoo and a pony for the children to enjoy! Look for a local farm that will set up a small petting zoo in your yard for a drive-by petting zoo celebration that you can invite your friends to. Guests are welcome to stop and interact with the animals if they so like, or they can simply observe the creatures from a distance.

Wording for the petting zoo parade: We hope you will be able to stop by and visit the animals, or simply drive by and wave! Please feel free to do whatever makes you most comfortable! Please do not bring gifts because your attendance is your gift! Please, however, wear a mask!

Cheer Parade

Cheerleaders holding banners and pompoms in invitation to birthday parade
Cheerleaders holding banners and pompoms in invitation to birthday parade

Every now and then, everyone could use a cheerleader. Organize a mini pep rally by having guests decorate their cars in the colors of the local cheer squad. With the wording: Sarah turns 11 this year, it's time to sing, dance, and rejoice!

Monster Truck Or Race Car Drive-By Birthday Parade

Race cars with racing flag in invitation to birthday parade
Race cars with racing flag in invitation to birthday parade

A vehicle parade is a terrific option to consider if your child already enjoys cars. Encourage attendees to decorate their automobiles in keeping with the concept by putting a large number on their vehicles. It's a good idea to set up flags or even a makeshift finish line if possible. This Paper Source pit crew card is a perfect choice for your race car parade invitation.

Wizards And Wands Parade

Owl with hat holding invitation on beak for birthday parade
Owl with hat holding invitation on beak for birthday parade

With a wizard theme, a vehicle parade might feel a little more mystical. Invite visitors with a Paperless Post Birthday Magic Card and invite them to use all things mystical as inspiration for their car decorations. Consider the hues of stars, moons, and even wizard houses. It would also be encouraged to dress up in costumes.

Adults' Birthday Parade Ideas

Birthday parades aren't only for kids, though, and they may be a fun alternative to a Zoom party. These birthday parade ideas will add a particular touch to your celebration.

Birthday Parade With Doughnuts And Coffee

Chocolate donut with sprinkles on top invitation for birthday parade
Chocolate donut with sprinkles on top invitation for birthday parade

What could be a better way to begin the day? Set up a station for attendees to stop by and pick up a doughnut and a cup of coffee on their way to the party in the morning to share their birthday greeting. The Donut Card from The Indigo Bunting is a great way to get things started. Set the tone for the event by informing your visitors that this is a "donut" they will not want to miss.

Driveway Party

Green bring your own chair invitation to driveway birthday parade
Green bring your own chair invitation to driveway birthday parade

Don't know whether to throw a drive-by or a socially distant driveway party? Combine them with a bring-your-own-chair party. Allow guests to park their cars at the end of the birthday procession. Then, in a driveway or parking lot, arrange your chairs. Make a playlist and get the driveway party started in a secure manner.

Puppies On Parade

Dogs wearing party hats with balloons for birthday parade
Dogs wearing party hats with balloons for birthday parade

This amusing concept does not necessitate the use of cars. Encourage your neighbors to dress up their pets in their birthday best and parade them around your lawn. With our Kennel Club invitation, you can invite the entire neighborhood. Someone mentioned a puppy parade, didn't they?

Recent Media Coverage On Drive-By Birthday Parties

Coronavirus: Could drive-by birthday parties be the new normal? | 7NEWS

People are missing connections with their loved ones and peers, according to the media. "When you can't have the celebration you usually have, you are losing the human connection," says Dr. Xygalatas, an anthropology and psychology professor at the University of Connecticut, according to a New York Times article. "People are seeking methods to make up for that," he continues, "by coordinating activities so it feels like we are one." These drive-thru birthday parties are an attempt to bring people from all over the world together while socially separating them.

The article includes examples of this kind of party, such as a 6-year-old child from New York who had a "walk-by" birthday party on his special day, thanks to his family and neighborhood.

A "stand-by" birthday celebration was held for a New York teacher, who had her employees stand six feet apart outside of a building to wish her a happy birthday.

A 35-year-old woman celebrated her birthday with seven of her friends who remained parked in their automobiles outside her home, according to the same source.

A heartfelt story about Ohio cops and firefighters throwing a drive-by birthday party for a 12-year-old boy with cerebral palsy is told in a News Break article. They gave the youngster cake, presents, and sang to him. The gathering was organized in the style of a parade, with fire engines and police cars participating.

Finally, according to a report in the Taunton Gazette, a 7-year-old girl in Taunton, Massachusetts had one of the largest drive-by birthday celebrations on April Fools Day, with over 30 vehicles and about 50 cupcakes for the guests. The cupcakes were given out in plastic bags to the participants at a safe distance of six feet.

It's getting to the point where people are going stir crazy and looking for new methods to socialize without having to be in close quarters with one another. To keep COVID-19 under control, we must practice social distancing even as we yearn for human connection and socializing. Even in the midst of a crisis, we can still celebrate the birthdays of children and loved ones thanks to unselfish deeds like these.


It is merely one of the many ways in which we have adapted and joined forces to assist reduce the spread of COVID-19. Streaming concerts, teacher parades, telecommuting, and video conversations are just a few of the significant initiatives that have been used to help flatten the curve. Everyone may do their share by adopting social distancing and adhering to health and safety regulations and best practices, among other things. We will work together to get through this.

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