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Best Templates For Websites In Nigeria - How To Build A Website In Nigeria


The majority of businesses in today's digital Nigeria need websites, we look great examples of websites like The Guardian or The Nigerian Blogger (discover them here) and we are excited to become part of this trend of nigerian blogs.

So it makes sense that any owner of a small company would look up "how to construct a website". Making a website can be done in a variety of ways. I'd like to share the main points and recommendations with you now.

If you're from Nigeria, you might be wondering if it's possible to make a website for free using the best templates for websites in Nigeria. Being really honest, the basic response is no.

I wouldn't list any solutions that are entirely free. Even if you are using a free website creation tool, you will still need money to cover the cost of your internet connection.

Developing Websites In Nigeria

The best course of action would be to work with a reputable web design firm in your city or town. Since it would be easier to reach, a local business should be able to provide greater assistance.

The best business would have years of expertise and top-notch talent on staff. This ought to result in a website of exceptional quality.

As a result, they would be in a position to sit down with you, talk about your needs, and present the best option.

Experts in search engine optimization (SEO) would be on the staff of a reputable business.

They would be able to combine website development with SEO services. SEO may also be a supplemental strategy. A business website's success or failure depends on SEO.

The cost of this choice is the primary drawback. A web design company with a good reputation may be the most expensive option, but they also offer the most value.

Hire A Self-employed Web Designer

The next best choice for building a website from Nigeria would be here. In Nigeria or anywhere else on the globe, you can hire a freelancer.

It is advisable to use one of the well-known freelance websites to find a freelancer.

These include freelancer.com, upwork.com, and fiverr.com, as examples.

Applying significant factors will help you narrow down the pool of potential freelancers and make a decision.

These include their nationality, their acknowledged qualifications, their track record, and their years of experience.

Ones you can handle domestically are revealed if you set the nation filter to "Nigeria."

They are typically less expensive than businesses, but they could also be less dependable and professional. Although there is a small danger involved, the escrow service provided by top freelance websiteshelps to reduce it.

The escrow service ensures that you only pay the freelancer after you have reviewed their work and are happy with the level of service they provided.

Fingertip with nigerian flag
Fingertip with nigerian flag

You Created The Website

If you merely want to study website design or you don't have the money to employ a company or a freelancer, you can develop the website yourself. For this to work, you must have the time and capacity to pick up new abilities.

Online, you may find a ton of free lessons on how to create your own website. Youtube would be the main website for free video tutorials.

If you're willing to pay for them, you'll find tutorials of higher quality. Websites like LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Khan Academy, Udacity, and edX offer premium web design training.

A website like Udemy frequently provides significant savings.

Self-Building Website Builders

These are available through web hosts, which either provide them separately or as part of web hosting packages. Web4Africa is only one of these web hosts. Web4Africa offers free domain registration, free web hosting, and reliable technical support for SSL certificates.

The functions are often restricted when the Website Builder service is offered for free and/or in conjunction with a web hosting provider. Standalone and premium versions typically have the highest power.

This suggests that paying for the top Website Builder solutions is unavoidable.

Usually, this service would have a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Via drag-and-drop techniques, they let the customer create the website on their own using a web browser or mobile app.

They typically include written and video instructions to help customers get started quickly.

Systems For Managing Content (CMS)


Since then, platforms like Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress have developed into extremely strong content management systems. For instance, several WordPress themes (templates) have developed into independent systems.

The finest ones need some learning and are not entirely free. You would need to invest time and perhaps money to understand how to handle the best themes. A few of the more expensive WordPress themes include video tutorials.

You can either purchase a web hosting account from a hosting provider that offers WordPress or create a free account at WordPress.com to access WordPress

WordPress.com only has a few themes to choose from, but the version from Web Hosts has the most options, so that's the one that's recommended.

WP5 is a new recommendation. WordPress Version 5 was released in December 2018 and includes a brand-new function called Gutenberg.

With the new feature, you can make a website from scratch without having to buy a paid theme.

Nigeria's Best Website Templates

Green Nature

The responsive WordPress theme Green Nature was created specifically for websites devoted to nature, the environment, environmental issues, charitable giving, activism, green, animals from Africa and the wild, non-profit organizations, foundations, and the earth.

This theme includes crucial elements like the take action form that is used on numerous well-known non-profit websites and the donation mechanism (Paypal and Stripe).

Our themes include the drag-and-drop GoodLayers page builder, which makes it simple to create pages.

This theme also works with the most popular e-commerce plugin, "WooCommerce," as well as the WPML language plugin.


This theme is ideal for non-profit organizations that work in the fields of food waste management, child adoption, food assistance, aid to the underprivileged in Africa, homelessness, recycling, and NGO.


Safaria is the first theme on ThemeForest with a focus on safari material. We created this template for your company's unique safari, zoo, or other animal-related travel needs.

It is distinctive, strong, wild, and contemporary, and it will give you experiences you've never had before.

Charity Help

Charity Help was built specifically for all types of nonprofit, fundraising, and NGO websites.

It contains a built-in bootstrap grid, which speeds up the development process. This PSD template was created specifically for websites related to NGOs in a variety of sectors and all types of fundraising groups.

It comes with 13 PSD files that are fully layered and flexible.

Nigeria exchange symbol
Nigeria exchange symbol

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In Nigeria, it is feasible to design and run a successful website.

Use a website builder or content management system to create the website yourself, hire a professional web design firm, or hire a freelance web designer.

You can choose a website based on its quality while weighing your resources, including time and money.

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