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List Of Top 11 Websites To Download Free HD Anime Phone Wallpapers


For decades, anime was only available to die-hard aficionados of the genre or to those willing to hunt down rare, imported VHS cassettes to get their dose. Anime is now larger than ever due to increased licensing that has brought more series to American shores.

If you've come to our site (on purpose), whether for the first or fiftieth time, chances are you've browsed for anime wallpapers. This might be for your desktop or to have your waifu as your phone's wallpaper.

If you want something special, or even better, something of great quality, you must know where to look. So, if you're looking for the greatest free anime wallpapers that don't require you to pay for them, where do you go? There are a handful of options.

Fairy HD Anime Phone Wallpapers
Fairy HD Anime Phone Wallpapers

Top Websites To Download Anime Phone Wallpapers HD

If you're a lover of anime and haven't been able to find any gorgeous wallpapers depicting your favorite character, fear not. To save time, I tried out a few applications and websites and chose the best one for you. So, without further ado, here are some interesting applications and websites where you can get anime wallpapers. Let's get started.


Konachan is a wonderful location to get anime wallpapers, particularly if you don't mind a few obscene images (so, sometimes NSFW). While it contains high-quality wallpapers, it does not place a premium on them.

Yande. re, on the other hand, is nearly entirely dedicated to high-resolution photos, though they aren't usually wallpapers. However, since neither site has broad parts or surfing, you must have a basic concept of the series or character you're searching for.

Ande.re home page screenshot
Ande.re home page screenshot


Danbooru is a site that looks a lot like Konachan, even down to the design, except it's far more NSFW. Despite this, there are some very wonderful photographs tucked away somewhere between the filthy ones. Many of them, though, maybe discovered somewhere else where shoulder checks aren't required while surfing.

Screenshot of Danbooru home page
Screenshot of Danbooru home page


This is my personal favorite site for anime wallpapers since it often offers the most diverse selection of wallpapers, not just the same ones you find elsewhere. In addition, many of them are high-quality, high-resolution photographs that work well on bigger screens.

All of that said, never visit the site without using an adblocker; it has a serious pop-up issue, which is why the above URLs go to the Berserk page. You'll be OK if you use the search option.

Zerochan home page screenshot
Zerochan home page screenshot


This is the site for you if you want your photos to be high-resolution scans of art books and the like. It works out since they are often of wallpaper form and size. However, there isn't much in the way of fanart, if any at all, which may be a bonus in and of itself.

Minitokyo home page screenshot
Minitokyo home page screenshot

Deviant Art

Deviant art is a term used to describe art that is When it comes to wallpaper, Deviant Art is hit or miss. You have some excellent artists and graphic designers who can create fantastic wallpapers, as well as some mediocre ones who are still learning. You'll have to sift through a lot of garbage to get the good stuff, but it'll always be unique.


Many anime artists have gone to Pixiv, which is basically an Asian weeb version of DeviantArt. The only drawback is that in order to view the full-sized photographs and download them, you'll need to register an account.

Pixiv home page screenshot
Pixiv home page screenshot


Shuushuu is, in my opinion, better for mobile anime backgrounds and avatars than desktop wallpapers. Occasionally, but not usually, you will come upon a good photograph with the proper dimensions. You may, however, save the fantastic photographs you uncover and upload them to our next anime wallpaper suggestion website.

R/Anime Wallpapers

Reddit is the solution to all issues. While you may go around r/AnimeWallpapers to see what's new, the first page is usually dominated by currently showing anime. When I went, for example, it was 60% Sagiri from Eromanga-sensei.

However, the main advantage of r/AnimeWallpapers is the ability to submit requests. You may occasionally ask the community to build a wallpaper out of a picture that isn't the appropriate proportion for your desktop and receive a response.

If you don't receive a response, it's usually because it would be too time-consuming or because you didn't follow the posting guidelines. They also have a sister subreddit, r/AnimePhoneWallpapers, which is dedicated to mobile anime wallpapers.


This is a standard desktop wallpaper site, but it does have an anime area. While you may search for characters or shows, the tags on most of the wallpapers are broader, so you're unlikely to get many results. This is a nice alternative if you simply want to explore or browse by resolution since it also has a lot of excellent anime scenery.


Wallhaven, like WallpaperCraft, features a large collection of high-quality wallpapers to choose from, as well as a readily accessible search bar for more precise searches.

W/ 4chan

You don't have to go to some of 4chan's more shady or sensual areas if you don't want to, but /w/ is still a fantastic place to look for anime wallpapers. You may go through the most recent posts or search their archive for older picture threads. Typically, the threads are carefully labeled by series or character, resulting in good, accurate search results.

–/W/ 4chan home page screenshot
–/W/ 4chan home page screenshot

Why Are Anime Backgrounds So Detailed?

Characters are usually always animated, and since animation takes a long time to create, they will only add as much detail as they can. Typically, foundation colors, several essential shadows, and a few highlights are used.

What Is The Meaning Behind Anime?

Anime refers to animation in its most basic form. Outside of Japan, however, the word "anime" has come to imply "Japanese animation" or, more generally, any animated program or film that employs defining elements of Japanese-style animation, such as brilliant colors, dramatic panning, and distinctive facial expressions.


The most common technique for getting free anime wallpapers is to do a basic image search on Google. While this generally yields excellent results, it will never show you everything. The most popular wallpapers on Google Images are usually the ones that everyone has seen.

If you're looking for something unique, or even better, something of exceptional quality, you'll need to know where to look. and this article will help you to find the best anime wallpapers for your device.

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