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Top 5 Digital Marketing Plan Templates 2022


A digital marketing strategy may be thought of as a road map for your efforts. Because you'll be working with several team members, you'll need to organize your efforts and distribute and schedule them across all of your digital platforms.

One thing is certain: a marketing strategy must have a roadmap, which is where project management software might come in handy for your marketing department. In today's world, having a digital marketing plan is critical for almost every sort of organization.

Unlike conventional marketing, digital marketing allows you to effectively communicate with the people who matter most to your company and your precise target audience. Create a great digital marketing strategy with the help of the best templates listed below and begin planning and organizing as soon as possible.

One Page Logo Design Brief

With this adaptable design brief template, you can perfect your company's newest logo.

Healthcare Project Plan

This trendy project plan template will help you promote your excellent healthcare services.

Construction Project Plan

With this thorough project plan template, you can make your next construction project a success.

Agile Project Plan

This engaging project plan template will keep your team on track.

Mobile App Marketing Plan

With this detailed marketing strategy template, you can give your mobile app a boost.

A Complete written Digital Marketing Plan Template content in green theme
A Complete written Digital Marketing Plan Template content in green theme

Digital Marketing Plan Templates Free Download

Use a free Digital Marketing Plan Template in Excel, Google Sheets, or a Gantt chart to manage your marketing initiatives. It is available for free download and editing.

Use GanttPRO - the program designed to build sophisticated Gantt charts in minutes to produce professional, ready-made marketing templates.

The regular ready-made activities are included in the digital marketing strategy template. This template provides you with a pre-defined marketing project framework. You can easily import and export Excel files to work on your projects online, organize dates, track progress, and estimate marketing budgets.

Create new tasks or utilize pre-made ones. You can use pre-made standard tasks or create your own to create as many as you need, establishing start and finish dates and visually appealing your project in minutes. Make a hierarchy out of your assignments by grouping them together and creating subtasks.

If you modify the dates of dependent tasks in your timeline, the auto-scheduling mechanism will automatically update your real estate marketing strategy. Keep track of your progress. Our digital marketing plan template ensures that no activities or costs are overlooked when calculating the budget.

Digital Marketing Plan Template Excel

Microsoft Excel templates that make marketing easier are completely free. After you've finished writing all of your social posts for the week, month, or quarter, arrange them by social network and submit your Excel file to your preferred social media site.

Excel performance metrics and colorful bar and line graphs are used when it comes to marketing. There's no lack of data to track, and if you feel like you're delving too far into the weeds or losing key facts when things become too detailed, a marketing dashboard may assist.

This tool enables you to add campaign-specific metrics, which will appear in graphic and easy-to-read displays. As a consequence, you'll be able to see how money and activity across several projects are doing. There's no need to start from scratch when using Excel spreadsheets to create detailed reports of your marketing analytics to deliver to your supervisor.

Digital Marketing Plan Template Hubspot

Outline your company's marketing strategy in one clear, cohesive plan with our free marketing plan template featured resource. The following parts are included in this template:

  • A Summary of Business
  • Initiatives in Business
  • Market Strategy for the Target Market
  • Marketing Channels on a Budget
  • Technology in marketing

With so many marketing and advertising platforms to choose from, arming your marketing staff with a strategy for what to do and why is it a wise step. It may be used to plan your budget, team structure, and preferred outlets. To begin planning and laying out your marketing strategy, download the template today.

Digital Marketing Plan Template Planning

In digital marketing, the most successful tactics for reaching valuable leads interested in your organization are found in digital marketing. Defining your brand is the first step to achieving success with your digital marketing strategy.

It's critical to understand the ins and outs of your brand in order to sell it to your target market. The next phase in your digital marketing strategy is to identify your target demographic by establishing buyer personas.

Buyer personas are fictitious characters that embody the characteristics of the individuals you want to sell your goods or services to. They represent your ideal consumer and the kind of person who is most likely to buy from you.

Setting objectives is the third phase. Setting objectives is essential for determining if your marketing effort is beneficial in assisting your company's growth. When setting goals, be sure to include both modest and large objectives. Small goals should help you stay on track to achieve your larger objectives.

The next step is to choose your digital marketing techniques. Choose the correct digital marketing tactics if you want to learn how to construct an efficient digital marketing strategy. You know who you're attempting to reach and what your objectives are, so the next step is to figure out how to get there.

Setting a budget is the fifth step in creating a digital market plan template. Your campaign's budget is quite important. Before you begin executing your tactics, you must first determine how much money you have to spend on your digital marketing strategy. With a marketing budget in place, you can better allocate your funds to the services you need. You may break down a budget and assign funds to multiple channels after you've established one.

How Do I Write A Digital Marketing Plan?

  • Make a plan.
  • Define your target market.
  • Perform competitor analysis.
  • Make a SWOT analysis of your situation.
  • Make a budget for yourself.
  • Determine your distribution networks.
  • It requires particular strategies.
  • Make a schedule for yourself.

If you also want to create a Business Plan Templateyou might as well want to read more about how to make business plans.

What Are The 5 Elements Of A Marketing Plan?

5 Digital Marketing Plan Templates. The 5 P's of marketing are as follows:

  • product
  • price
  • promotion
  • place
  • people

Those are important marketing aspects utilized to strategically position a firm.


A smart marketing strategy clarifies what you and your team will concentrate on to achieve that growth and the digital marketing plan template provides a straightforward marketing strategy template. The digital marketing strategy template will provide you with a framework for developing an integrated digital marketing strategy for your company. Also, it will enhance your digital public relations. You can read out more about how to enhance digital public relations here.

Use this digital marketing strategy template to plan and measure full coverage of all the digital marketing activities you need to boost leads and sales throughout the customer lifecycle. It improves performance and aids in the achievement of your marketing goals at every level.

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