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Top 5 Easy Tips And Guides For Making A Word Search Template 2021


A word list of at least 10 words is required to build a word search puzzle.

A single theme or topic should be the basis for the word list. Consider a favorite television show or film.

Only the letters a-z and a maximum of two spaces or dashes are allowed in words. When words are added to the word search grid, spaces and dashes will be eliminated.

The maximum length of a word is 14 letters.

All puzzles generated will be available for at least 30 days on the site, with the finest riddles being added to our collection permanently.

In your riddles, do not include any personally identifiable information.

How to Make a Word Search in MS Word

30x30 online word search for horror film characters
30x30 online word search for horror film characters

Managing Your Information

Select Spreadsheet from the New menu on the Google Docs menu bar.

This is where you'll compile a list of vocabulary words for your word search. Add a column heading labeled "Vocabulary Word" to cell A1.

Add your collection of vocabulary terms to the cells underneath the column header "Vocabulary Word," one word per cell.

Select Spreadsheet from the New menu on the Google Docs menu bar.

Double-check that your spreadsheet is open. Select all of the information-containing cells in your spreadsheet. Cells A1 to A7 will be selected in the example spreadsheet above.

Select Gadget from the Insert menu on the Google Docs toolbar.

Choose the Gadget for Word Search. This might be listed under the Featured section, but if not, go to All and look for the Flash Cards Gadget among the various devices.

Under the gadget list, click the Add to spreadsheet button. The gadget will be added to your spreadsheet as a result of this action.

The window for the Word Search Gadget will appear. Check that the cell range is accurate, that the number of heading rows is 1, and that the number of rows and columns you want in your word search are correct. Close the window by using the Apply and Close button. The following is an example.

On your spreadsheet, your gadget will now display. If you choose an image search, photos will be added to your word study automatically. You can resize the gadget by clicking and dragging it, just like a clip art image. You may also drag the gadget to a different spot on the spreadsheet by clicking and dragging it.

You might want to fiddle with some of the settings to make sure the device is right for you. At any moment, you can alter your gadget by clicking the Edit button in the upper left-hand corner and changing any of the settings. To apply the changes and exit the editing menu, select Apply and Close.

If you're going to share your spreadsheet with kids, it could be a good idea to move your gadget over the vocabulary terms you put in there to prevent cheating. Alternatively, you can move the gadget to its own sheet by clicking on the arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the gadget and selecting Move to own sheet.

How Do You Make A Word Search Game?

10x10 Find Exercises word search
10x10 Find Exercises word search

Step 1 – Decide On A Theme

You are free to choose whatever you want and draw inspiration from anyplace. It's entirely up to you whether you choose Harry Potter, movies, animals, or even regions and countries. I chose animals for this walkthrough, which you can see in the photographs below.

Step 2 – Determine The Size Of Your Grid And The Number Of Hidden Words

You have a lot of flexibility here, just like with your theme pick - the only true rule of thumb is to make your puzzle square and not too small, as this limits your options for choosing words.

I'm going to use a 14x14 grid for my example puzzle because it allows me to utilize long sentences without making the game too big. Filling up a 30x30 grid, for example, would rapidly become a job, therefore I'd suggest limiting the size around 14x14.

It's also entirely up to you how many words you'll employ. In a grid of this size, I'd suggest you shouldn't have less than 10 or more than 20, and I settled with 12 words in my sample. There's no need to decide on an exact number ahead of time; simply make a rough estimate of how many words you'll need and observe how the grid appears as you get closer.

Step 3 – Get Your Grid Going

To begin your grid, you'll need graph paper or any type of paper with a ruler, as well as a pencil. After you've constructed your grid, choose some theme words and begin filling it up.

There are eight distinct methods to fill the grid with words; there are four primary choices, all of which can be inverted. Your word can be spelled as follows:

From the top to the bottom

From the left to the right

From left to right, diagonally

Right to left in a diagonal

And in all of those directions backwards. Now comes the fun part: you get to choose the words from your theme and start writing them wherever you want, in any direction you choose. You may overlap words or not, based on your preference.

Step 4 – Complete The Grid And Calculate The Difficulty Level

Filling up the grid requires some effort, which is why I recommend keeping your grid no larger than 14x14. That said, it's really straightforward – all you have to do is fill in the blank spots with letters!

When filling in the grid, you have a few options that will make things more or less challenging. You could, for example, just fill in letters that appear in the words you've chosen, eliminating letters like Z and W in this case. You can also include some gimmicks in the form of partial solutions in your puzzle. For example, in this puzzle, I've spelt out "E-L-E" and "Q-U-I-D" without actually writing the words "elephant" or "squid."

That's how a word search is made! Please send us your puzzles on Facebook if you undertake this activity with your children, and we'll share them with the rest of the globe. Enjoy!

How Do You Create A Word Puzzle?

Blank Canva make your own word search template
Blank Canva make your own word search template

Step 1 – Make A List Of Words You'd Like To Include

The first step in making a word search puzzle is to brainstorm the words you'd like to add. It's easier to keep it simple by focusing on a single theme, such as family names, vocations, or hobbies. Make a list of everything you can think of. The puzzle will grow in size as you utilize more words.

Step 2 – Establish A Grid

The next step is to make a grid for the words to be placed in. On a piece of paper, you can do this. Simply draw the column lines with a ruler, evenly spacing them. Graph paper would be ideal for this project.

I like to keep the grid flexible, so I put it in the middle of a piece of paper so that I may add another row or column if I run out of space. Make sure you have a lot of rows and columns. My initial grid had 20 columns and 16 rows in it.

Step 3 – Arrange The Words In A Grid

Putting the words on the grid is the next stage in making a search and find puzzle. Your initial word can go anywhere on the grid. Make sure there is adequate room for the word where you want it to go. The characters are aligned vertically, horizontally, or diagonally in a straight line. A sentence containing more than one word must be condensed into a single word with no gaps between the words. You can even put them backwards unless you're building a puzzle for extremely small children. Use a letter from one word when working on another and try to keep the words as close together as possible to save space.

Step 4 – Finish The Puzzle And Clean Up

You may have extra words for which you can't find space or extra space for which you don't have words after you've entered all of the words into the puzzle. That's fine; we'll clean it up later.

Extra Words

You can add a row or a column to include your word if you have any remaining words. You can also choose to skip the word if that is your desire.

Blank Columns Or Rows

If you have any empty columns or rows, like I did, you can add more words or eliminate each vacant row or column. The blank column on the left, as well as the two blank columns on the right, will be removed. Select Delete Cells from the context menu when you right-click on a cell in the column. Then select the option to delete the entire column. If you're doing this on paper, you may either space out your words so that they take up more of the grid, or you can fill in the gaps as instructed below.

Remaining Spaces

Random letters should be used to fill in the remaining spots in the grid. If your puzzle contains short words, you'll want to avoid mistakenly repeating them here. Otherwise, I like to utilize common letters or word beginnings so that those working the problem believe they are on the right track when they aren't. Alternatively, you may just randomly place all of the letters of the alphabet on the puzzle.

How Do I Create A Word Scramble In Excel?

Cells with letters and random values should be selected.

Go to your Data tab and select "Sort" from the Sort & Filter section.

Select "Sort Left to Right" from the Sort Options menu and click OK.

Select the row with the values for "Sort by."

To sort and jumble your letters, click OK.

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