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How To Fill A Trailer Bill Of Sale Template


A trailer bill of sale provides all of the necessary documents to establish that a person or corporation paid money for a tow-behind vehicle that is meant to be pulled by a car or truck. Trailers, like vehicles, are often required by state law to be registered if they are to be used on public roadways. The DMV will seek evidence of ownership for registration, which the bill of sale form offers. Trailers of all makes, models, and sizes, including those that transport commercial equipment, boats, vehicles, atvs, snowmobiles, motorbikes, landscaping tools, livestock, and more, may be included into the form.

How To Fill A Trailer Bill Of Sale Template

Collect The Information

Gather data for your trailer, boat, or truck. The information should include the price of purchase, description of the trailer (e.g., condition, make, model, empty weight, VIN) along with description of the vessel and motor (e.g., serial number, model, horsepower, fuel) You'll also need the seller's and buyer's names and contact information.

Check State Requirements

For transferring the title of your trailer, each state may have special restrictions. In Texas, for example, trailers with an empty weight of more than 7,500 pounds must pass a safety check before being transferred. In many states, you must additionally sign the bill of sale in front of adult witnesses.

Fill Out The Template

Both the buyer and the seller should sign the bill of sale after they have agreed to all of the conditions. To authenticate the bill of sale, your state may demand witness or notary signatures. Even though it isn't needed, having a third party witness your signature and sign the paperwork is recommended in the event of a future disagreement over the transaction.

Why Do You Need A Trailer Bill Of Sale

A bill of sale is required by both the buyer and the seller for several reasons. You'll need a bill of sale to prove ownership and register the trailer with the DMV if you're purchasing a trailer. If you're selling a trailer, though, you'll need a bill of sale to protect yourself in the event of a future dispute over ownership or condition.

Even if your state of residency does not require it, taking the appropriate procedures to get a bill of sale when transferring to a new owner is a sensible choice. Many states in the United States, however, do need a bill of sale to legally show the trailer changing hands and the associated facts. It may be required by certain states to be included on the bill of sale for another vehicle that contains a trailer.

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