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Top 5 Effective Guides And Tips For Making Residential Lease Agreement Template 2021


Can I Write My Own Lease Agreement?

A lease agreement is a legally binding contract between a landlord and a tenant that spells out the circumstances under which the tenant can rent property from the landlord, such as the lease's duration, monthly rent amount, and maintenance responsibilities.

Yes, you certainly can. A lease is a contract between the landlord and the tenant. The standard items in a lease include the amount of rent, the length of the lease, who is responsible for certain maintenance problems, and the penalties that can be levied if the terms are not followed.

Create a lease template using Jotform and use a form to collect specific information that changes with each lease, such as the tenant's name, rent amount, and so on. When it comes time to sign the final document, you can also accept digital signatures.

Anyone leasing a property should have a residential lease agreement in place that spells out the terms of the arrangement and ensures that all parties involved are legally protected. Property managers seeking renters and tenants looking for property, social service providers looking for supportive housing, real estate agents, and anyone renting or trying to rent a property are all examples of these people.

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Lease Agreement: How to Write | 2022

How Do You Write A Simple Lease Agreement?

Parties Should Be Named

Blank copy of a lease agreement by Miami-Dade Public Housing Agency for a Florida property
Blank copy of a lease agreement by Miami-Dade Public Housing Agency for a Florida property

The parties signing the lease must be identified, as well as their addresses, on a simple rental agreement form. To begin, make a list of the current address of the landlord or property management business and the current address of the tenant or tenants.

Describe The Surroundings

The "premises" merely refer to the actual address and type of rental property, such as an apartment, house, or condominium. Although no such leases are same, they all have a few things in common: the rent amount, the rent due date, and the lease's expiration date. Before inhabiting the property, the landlord requires the tenant to sign the lease and agree to its terms.

Define The Lease's Duration

The "term" refers to how long a tenant will rent the property. The start and end dates of the lease period should be specified in a normal lease agreement. A lease can also be either fixed-term or month-to-month.

The agreement is set for a preset, or fixed, amount of time in a fixed-term rental lease. This sort of lease ends on the specified date in the contract (usually up to 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years from the start date).

A month-to-month rental lease is one that lasts for one month and has no set expiry date. It continues on a month-to-month basis until the agreement is terminated by either the landlord or the renter.

Decide How Much Rent You Owe

The monthly rental amount must be specified in the lease agreement, as well as the repercussions if the rent is not paid on time. The landlord determines how much rent to charge, however the price is usually comparable to other properties in the same region.

Furthermore, conventional rent control rules may restrict the amount you can charge for rent. Check your city's rent control ordinance to see if your lease agreement complies with the rules.

Assign A Monetary Value To The Security Deposit

A security deposit is a predetermined sum of money that is normally collected at the start of a lease. Landlords have the authority to collect a security deposit from their renters, but the use of that money is severely limited by your state's security deposit rules.

Complete The Lease

When you've finished talking over the details with your tenant, don't forget to print at least two copies of the rental lease, one for you and the other for the other party. Secondly, Sign - both the tenant(s) and the landlord must sign and date the lease agreement form. Lastly, save a hard copy of the signed paper in a secure location, and consider scanning an electronic copy for further security.

What Should Be Included In A Residential Lease Agreement?

Sample draft of a residential lease agreement showing Section 7.2 with the title 'Responsibilities of Tenant'
Sample draft of a residential lease agreement showing Section 7.2 with the title 'Responsibilities of Tenant'

The terms that landlords and tenants agree to observe in a renting relationship are spelled out in a lease or rental agreement. It's a legal contract as well as a very practical document with important business information like how long the tenant can stay in the property and how much rent is payable each month.

Regardless of whether the lease or rental agreement is one page long or five pages long, typed or handwritten, it must address the basic parameters of the tenancy. The following are some of the most crucial points to include in your lease or rental agreement:

All Tenants' Names

Every adult who lives in the rental property, whether married or not, shall be included as tenants and sign the lease or rental agreement. As a result, each tenant is legally accountable for all terms, including the entire rent and correct usage of the property. This implies that if the others skip out or are unable to pay, you can legally collect the entire rent from any one of the renters; and if one tenant violates an important term of the lease or rental agreement, you can terminate the tenancy for all tenants on that lease or rental agreement.

Occupancy Restrictions

Only the renters who have signed the lease and their young children should live in the rental property, according to your agreement. This protects your right to choose who resides in your home—ideally, persons you've screened and approved—and to limit the number of people who live there. This clause is valuable because it allows you to evict a renter who brings a friend or family into the property or sublets it without your authorization.

The Tenancy's Duration

Whether it's a rental agreement or a fixed-term lease should be stated on every rental paperwork. Rental agreements are typically month-to-month and auto-renew unless the landlord or renter terminates them. Leases, on the other hand, are usually one year long. Your decision will be based on how long you want the renter to remain and how flexible you want your rental agreement to be.


The amount of rent, when it's due (usually the first of the month), and how it's to be paid, such as by mail to your office, should all be specified in your lease or rental agreement. Specify specifics such as accepted payment methods to minimize misunderstandings and arguments with tenants (such as personal check only). If rent is not paid on time, late fines are owed, as well as the amount of the fee and whether there is a grace period, and any charges if a rent check bounces.

Fees And Deposits

Landlords and tenants frequently disagree about the usage and return of security deposits. To avoid misunderstandings and legal issues, your lease or rental agreement should spell out the following: First, the amount of the security deposit in dollars (be sure you comply with any state laws setting maximum amounts). Next, How you can use the deposit (for example, to repair damage) and how the tenant can't use it (for example, to pay last month's rent). Third, is when and how will you restore the deposit and account for deductions once the tenant has moved out, as well as any legal non-refundable costs, such as cleaning or pets? Fourth, it's also a good idea (and legally required in a few states and towns) to include information about where the security deposit is maintained and whether the renter will be paid interest on the security deposit.

Repairs And Maintenance

Your best defense against rent-withholding headaches and other issues (especially over security deposits) is to spell out your and the tenant's repair and maintenance responsibilities in your lease or rental agreement, including: The tenant's responsibility to keep the rental premises clean and sanitary, as well as to pay for any damage caused by his or her abuse or neglect.

A requirement that the renter notify you of any faulty or dangerous circumstances in the rental property, along with full data on your complaint and repair procedures, and tenant repairs and renovations are restricted, such as installing a built-in dishwasher, installing a burglar alarm system, or painting walls without your permission.

Access To The Rented Property

To minimize tenant accusations of unauthorized entrance or invasion of privacy, your lease or rental agreement should spell out your legal right of access to the property—for example, to perform repairs—as well as how much notice you'll give them before entering.

Restriction On Illegal Activities By Tenants

You should add an explicit provision barring disruptive behavior, such as excessive noise, and illegal activities, like drug trafficking, to avoid difficulty among your renters, prevent property damage, and reduce your exposure to claims from residents and neighbors.


If you don't want pets, make sure your lease or rental agreement expressly states so. If you do accept pets, provide a list of any particular requirements, such as a size or number limit or a demand that the tenant keep the yard clear of animal waste.

Additional Restrictions

Make that your lease or rental agreement follows all applicable laws, such as rent control ordinances, health and safety codes, occupancy rules, and anti-discrimination legislation. State laws are particularly important because they may establish security deposit limits, notice requirements for entering the rental property, tenants' rights to sublet or bring in additional roommates, rules for changing or terminating a tenancy, and specific disclosure requirements, such as whether the rental unit has previously flooded.

Any other legal restrictions, such as limitations on the type of company a renter can operate from home, should be stated in the lease or rental agreement. The lease or rental agreement should include important rules and restrictions regarding parking and the use of communal areas.

Does Microsoft Word Have A Lease Agreement Template?

Initial part of a sample property lease agreement form drafted in Microsoft Word
Initial part of a sample property lease agreement form drafted in Microsoft Word

Both the landlord or property owner and the tenant may experience anxiety when leasing an apartment. Getting an apartment for a tenant entails a significant change not only in the tenant's life but also in terms of geography. There's also the packing, moving, and unpacking of belongings. For the landlord, there's the concern about rent payments, as well as the question of whether the new tenant will be a good payer and the need to keep the property safe and free of liabilities.

A contract is required to ensure that both parties' rights are protected. This type of contract is known as a Lease Agreement, and it is the subject of this article. The Free Lease Agreement Template for Microsoft Word is an excellent tool for drafting a legally enforceable contract and establishing ground rules between the landlord and the renter.

Written Record That Is Clear And Specific

The Free Lease Agreement Template for Word is a straightforward and particular template that can be used to create a legally enforceable agreement. It specifies the length of the apartment rent and the amount of rent that must be paid each month. It also specifies a certain rent payment deadline.

Security Deposit, Number of Occupants, Repairs, Alterations, Pets and Animals, Waste, Waivers, Parking Space, and Option to Renew, among other things, are all clearly stated in this Free Lease Agreement Template for Word. This Free Lease Agreement Template is well-detailed and can be used as a reference in the event of disagreements or inquiries about the apartment's parameters.

Both Parties Benefit From A Well-Written Agreement

To minimize confusion and subsequent disagreements, it is critical that contracts and agreements are well-written. Both sides profit from a template like this Free Lease Agreement Template for Word. This Lease Agreement Template is created to provide security to the landlord by clearly stating the amount of revenue to be expected each month and at what time. This Free Lease Agreement Template offers a fixed rent rate as well as a formal explanation of the renter's rights to the tenant.

How Do I Make A Rental Agreement Online?

To make a rental agreement online, you must follow the following: Fill out the form and make the payment online. Next, sign the agreement digitally whenever it is convenient for you. Lastly, instantly receive an e-stamped agreement in the mail.

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