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Make An Efficient Payroll Statement Template Using These Tips And Components


When it comes to payroll management, small company owners and managers have a few alternatives. They may engage an accountant, use payroll software or online payroll service to automate some chores, or do it themselves using a mix of tools and templates.

Payroll templates make it easy to keep track of personnel data, organize schedules, calculate payroll expenditures, and generate thorough earnings statements. This website has a number of free paycheck templates that are both completely configurable and simple to use.

Spreadsheets and forms are available for Microsoft Excel and Word, as well as PDF and Google Sheets. We've also included free payroll templates in Smartsheet, a work execution platform that helps you run your financial operations more effectively via real-time collaboration and process automation.

Payroll register template 2021
Payroll register template 2021

What To Include In Payroll Statements Template

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Payroll templates are pre-made spreadsheets and forms that assist in the organisation, calculation, and tracking of payroll data. They're ideal for entrepreneurs who are getting ready to recruit their first workers and want to improve their payroll management.

To save money on add-ons like time tracking, you may use these templates instead of or in combination with payroll software. Consider Gusto if you need a simple solution to conduct payroll and instantly sync time tracking to payroll without having to use Excel templates.

The company's mid-tier service package, which includes both features, costs $39 + $12 per employee every month. At no extra charge, automatic payroll tax payments and filings are also provided.

Payroll Excel Template Step-by-Step Video Tutorial by Simple Sheets

How Payroll Templates Work

Payroll templates are pre-formatted, so all you have to do is fill in the relevant information to get started. If you want to customize the templates, make sure you have an editable version so you can add or remove rows, columns, and cells.

Free paycheck templates made using spreadsheet tools (such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets) may save you time, particularly if they employ formulae to automate computations. Once you input the appropriate numerical information, these formulae act as calculators, automatically calculating answers.

There are also simpler templates that may be printed and filled out by hand, such as employee information sheets and vacation trackers. Some papers, such as pay stub templates, need data to be typed in rather than handwritten since it seems more professional.

If you choose to utilize an online payroll template rather than develop one from scratch, keep in mind that you will need to download and save it to your computer. If you use a template without storing it beforehand, you risk losing important data if your system or website crashes.

Employee Payroll Information in Excel sheet
Employee Payroll Information in Excel sheet

Payroll Template Tips

Small firms may standardize payroll operations quickly and easily by using templates. Pre-formatting and automated calculations may help you save time while still enabling you to make adjustments depending on your individual requirements.

If you're launching a new firm, deciding what information to put in your templates may create problems regarding your payroll rules. Do you, for example, enable workers to take comp time if it's legal in your state?

Do you have a clear policy on overtime? How do workers keep track of travel time and other "off-the-clock" responsibilities? It's critical to establish regulations and instruct employees on the rules and alternatives. As you choose and use templates, keep the following in mind:


After you've customized a template to fit your company's needs, double-check all of the information to make sure nothing is missing. Keep templates short and only contain areas for critical information to make them easy to use and comprehend for you and your staff.


Will the template help you save time and money by increasing efficiency, or will it only add to your paper trail? Make sure that the payroll templates you pick are compatible with your process.


Payroll templates may be used in a variety of situations, but they're particularly handy for small organizations that don't need complicated payroll administration systems. Even small companies may differ greatly based on industry, geography, and size, so tailoring templates to your individual circumstances will give you finely calibrated tools that you can tweak as your company grows.

What Is A Payroll Statement?

A payroll statement is a list that shows the salaries and wages paid to an organization's workers during a specified time period. In an ideal world, a payroll statement would contain a list of workers, the amounts paid to them, and the deductions made.

Does Excel Have A Pay Stub Template?

You may use Excel payroll templates to easily compute your workers' salaries, withholdings, and payroll taxes. Payroll stub templates make creating precise pay stubs for each of your workers a breeze.


Payroll management requires proper record keeping. This is important for internal reference as well as satisfying federal and state regulations. Using a payroll service allows company owners to delegate the task of tracking tax withholdings and other information to someone else. Keeping meticulous records may help companies and workers avoid legal complications and settle disagreements. Also, proper data gathering allows companies to easily offer information on deduction amounts, vacation time, and other things needed by workers.

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Steve Martins - I am a certified graphic designer and I earned my bachelor’s degree in Communication Design. I worked with many brands like Uniqlo and Huawei but also independent smaller Barcelonian brands like Caravelle and Madrid’s Hola Coffee and I have completed over 2000 projects in the last 5 years.

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