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How To Create Free Cover Letter Template In Simple Steps


A cover letter is a one-page document you send with your job application (alongside your CV or Resume). Its goal is to introduce you and provide a brief overview of your professional background. Your cover letter should be between 250 and 400 words long on average.

An excellent cover letter can pique the interest of the HR manager and persuade them to examine your resume. A poor cover letter, on the other hand, may result in your application being tossed in the trash. To avoid this, it's critical to know how to create a persuasive cover letter.

A cover letter, also known as an application letter, is a three- to four-paragraph memo to potential employers that outlines your interest in the job and organization, as well as your suitability for the position.

It is often provided with your resume in a job application as a one-page standalone document showing your interest in the role. In connection to the position you're looking for, this letter should highlight your talents, experience, and accomplishments. Cover letters, unlike resumes, allow you to go into further detail about your professional experience and explain why you're suitable for the job and the company.

A well-written cover letter has the power to impress employers and distinguish you from the competition. To prevent creating a generic cover letter, do extensive research on the organization and position you're looking for before writing your cover letter.

Simple cover letter sample template for a legal document
Simple cover letter sample template for a legal document

What Is The Ideal Length For A Cover Letter?

Keep it brief. Because a cover letter is supposed to be a summary of your CV, keep it to one page. Adapting your cover letter to the position you're applying for For each job you apply for, write a fresh cover letter.

Your cover letter should demonstrate that you understand the job requirements and the employer's preferences. To accomplish so, be clear about your abilities and characteristics. You must also demonstrate how they are relevant to the job or organization.

What is the Ideal Length For Your Cover Letter

Three Quick And Easy Methods To Personalize Your Cover Letter

Write an Amazing Cover Letter: 3 Golden Rules (Template included)

Decide Who You Want To Address Your Letter To

Avoid using the phrase "to whom it may concern." Find out who will be reading your application and their name. It will take some effort, but it will be well worth it.

If you find the position through an advertisement, it will very certainly specify who you should email your application to. If it doesn't, contact the company or advertiser and inquire as to where the application should be sent.

The easiest way to reach them is by phone, but if you can't find a phone number, send them an email. Don't use the person's first name if you find out their name. Instead, use 'Mr' or 'Ms' and their last name.

Learn More About The Job

You could also try contacting that person to ask questions when determining who to address your application to. This will assist you in tailoring your cover letter (and résumé) to the position.

You could inquire:

  • Is there any teamwork involved in the job?
  • If I obtained the job, who would I report to?
  • Could you elaborate on the type of individual you're looking for?
  • Is there a job description that I might look at? (Ask this only if the job posting does not include a position description.)
  • Answers to these questions should be written down because they can be used in your cover letter.

Learn More About The Company

Learn as much as you can about the organization so that you can personalize your cover letter to the position.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Look up the company's name on the internet if you know it.
  • Visit the company's website (particularly the 'About Us' page) if it has one.
  • If the employer's name isn't listed in the advertisement, contact the recruitment agency or advertiser and inquire about the company.

Final Thoughts On Cover Letters

When creating a cover letter, keep the following five recommendations in mind:

Different cover letter with creative designs
Different cover letter with creative designs

Tailor Your Header To Your Application's Format

You don't need to include your address or other contact information if you're writing your cover letter from within an online job application because you've presumably already written it into other portions of the application form. You can use the same heading for your cover letter that you did for your resume if you're sending it as an attachment.

Avoid Making Broad Generalizations About Your Abilities

Tell interesting tales wherever feasible that connect your skills to specific problem-solving activities or tangible business results you've achieved over your career. Any candidate can claim to have a desired skill. To create an impression on hiring managers, you must demonstrate your abilities in action.

"I am frequently obliged to deliver great customer service on short notice in my position as a sales associate," she says. Exceeding consumers' expectations is a personal and professional accomplishment for me, and it's a skill I'm excited to continue honing."

"At my current company, I dived in head first to help create an internal recycling and waste reduction project. Our team's efforts resulted in a 25% reduction in solid trash generation inside the organisation."

Be Brief And To The Point

A cover letter does not have to have a certain length unless it is mentioned in the job description. Focus on the elements that are most crucial for the position when considering how long a cover letter should be. To find the finest opportunity to demonstrate your qualifications, carefully read the job description.

Which of your career accomplishments are you most proud of? Choose one or two and use just a few thorough but short sentences to map them to the required experience or qualifications the hiring manager is looking for.

What qualities does the job description require in a candidate? Consider displaying those characteristics in the cover letter itself. Don't rehash anything you've written on your resume. You should concentrate on one or two anecdotes, expanding on how you attained a certain goal.

Check Your Work Twice Before Submitting It

Before submitting your cover letter, go over it again and again, looking for spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues. Reading the letter out loud can help you spot incorrect phrasing or phrases that are too long. There are several frequent errors that we all tend to overlook, so take your time and read slowly and carefully, paying attention to each word. If the recruiting manager's name appears in your salutation, double-check the spelling.

When applying for jobs that demand a cover letter, keep in mind that you're getting a unique opportunity to showcase your skills and reveal a bit of your true self. Take advantage of the chance to highlight your best qualities while also demonstrating that you value the hiring manager's time and attention. Indeed has cover letter samples by job title if you need some ideas.

What Not To Put In Your Cover Letter?

Some things should never be included in your cover letter. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for.

MAJOR COVER LETTER MISTAKES 2022 - Avoid Common Cover Letter Mistakes that Cost You the Interview ⚡

Errors Or Typos

Always double-check your cover letter for spelling errors. It's even better if you have someone else read it and point out any errors or ambiguities. Friends, family members, your career teacher, or a career counsellor at your university or TAFE are all people you may ask to view your cover letter.

Make sure your cover letter is error-free. Make sure you spell a company's name correctly if you mention it. If you list places where you've previously worked, make sure you spell their names correctly as well.

Including Your Entire CV In Your Cover Letter Is A Bad Idea

Cutting and pasting your resume into your cover letter is not a good idea. Instead of simply repeating the material in your resume, try rephrasing it. Keep your cover letter to a minimum and rely on your CV to convey the entire tale.

Excessive Use Of The Word "I"

Avoid using overused terms like "I believe," "I have," and "I am." It's important to remember that it's not about you, it's about how you can assist the company. After you've finished writing your letter, go over it again and try to eliminate or rewrite as many sentences that begin with the letter "I."

Don't Bring Up Your Previous Employment Applications

You're most likely looking for multiple jobs at the same time. Other job applications, on the other hand, should be avoided. Your letter should attempt to persuade the employer that you are serious about the position. You don't need to disclose anything, even though most employers will assume you're applying for multiple jobs.


Unless the job application specifies otherwise, you should save and send your cover letter in PDF format. The PDF format is the best option since it preserves the font, size, and margins of your cover letter regardless of the recipient's operating system or word processing application. For example, your copy of Microsoft Word may support the typeface Helvetica, but your recipients may not, and your message will be converted to a standard font, which may modify the formatting and layout of your file.

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