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Best Free Websites To Download HD Dark Aesthetic Wallpapers For Your PC

Best Free Websites To Download HD Dark Aesthetic Wallpapers For Your PC

Changing wallpapers not only improves our mood but also improves the aesthetics of our device's screen. For example, if you're feeling down and down for various reasons, looking at your beautiful, vivid wallpaper .

Joan Cornish
Last updated: Jan 17, 2022 | Nov 27, 2021

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Changing wallpapers not only improves our mood but also improves the aesthetics of our device's screen. For example, if you're feeling down and down for various reasons, looking at your beautiful, vivid wallpaper might instantly improve your spirits.

Furthermore, it provides the screen with a new look. It doesn't matter whether you have a smartphone or a PC; wallpapers may be used on both. Furthermore, if you want to utilize HD Aesthetic Wallpapers, they are much better than average-grade photographs since they have a more lively appearance.

So, if you're wondering what kind of wallpaper to choose, it all relies on your own preferences and mood. Assume you've watched a fantastic film, and you'd want to use the movie poster as wallpaper, or a character from the film as a character. Also, if you are an anime enthusiast, there is a plethora of anime wallpaper stuff to choose from.

Top Sites To Download Dark Aesthetic Wallpapers Desktop

Your computer desktop is a reflection of your personality, and the wallpaper you choose reflects that. Desktop wallpapers reveal details about our personality, such as our current mood. The colors we pick have an influence on how we think and feel, according to scientists.

So, how do you feel about dark desktop wallpapers? On your desktop, dark backgrounds have the obvious benefit of making all of your icons and folders stand out in contrast.

They improve the readability of text. For example, a dark encouraging wallpaper attracts attention to the motivational message etched on it. Below is a selection of the best websites for obtaining free high-quality dark-themed wallpapers for your desktop, phone, or tablet.

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Wallpapers Craft

There are tens of thousands of dark wallpapers available at Backgrounds Craft in every resolution possible. Whether you want a dark background for your Windows 10 PC or your Android phone, Wallpapers Craft has you covered.

You may sort the wallpapers by highest rating, most downloaded, or upload date. Whether it's a wolf howling in front of the moon, the aurora borealis, or a ship sailing at night, there are enough gloomy wallpapers here to keep you occupied for a lifetime.

Wallpapers Craft

Wallpaper Flare

Dark wallpapers are available at Wallpaper Flare in a variety of styles, including abstract, digital art, photography, and more. It's also really simple to find what you're looking for since you can choose your minimum resolution requirements and if you simply want mobile wallpapers.

Simply enter the time of your search (something broad like "dark wallpapers" is fine.) You'll notice a lot of relevant search phrases at the top, so you can simply keep looking if the results don't show you anything you like right away.

Wallpaper Flare


Not only for dark wallpapers but for all wallpapers, Wallhaven is a fantastic resource. If that's what you're looking for, it offers hundreds of melancholy wallpapers, including landscapes, portraits, fantasy art, and more. The filters, which allow you to search for wallpapers of a given color, quality, or subject, are the best (like "people" or "anime.").


Psiu Puxa

If you want space-themed wallpapers, Psiu Puxa is the place to go. Thanks to photographs obtained from NASA and other space organizations, it delivers chosen wallpapers from all throughout the cosmos. As gloomy desktop backgrounds, these actual space photographs are ideal. Take a look around the collection and pull a few from the furthest reaches of the galaxy.


Jean-Marc Denis, a multidisciplinary designer, is responsible for the site's initials. By contrasting space, size, textures, forms, camera angles, and light, he has produced a tiny yet magnificent wallpaper series of black photographs. All of them are available in a single ZIP file.


I Like Wallpaper

Only half of what i Like Wallpaper claims to be an "amazing assortment of dark iPhone wallpapers" is accurate. These wallpapers are fantastic, featuring a good mix of abstract and real-life photography.

These wallpapers aren't just for iPhones; they'll look fantastic on any mobile device. They're not suited for PC desktops, but they'll look wonderful on any mobile device. Give i Like Wallpaper a try if you've previously nailed a dark wallpaper for your desktop and now want one for your phone. It'll almost certainly have something to fit your mood.


One of the biggest online art groups is DeviantArt. As a result, it's jam-packed with photos that you may use as wallpaper. Simply put "dark wallpaper" into the search field to get over 60,000 results.

Where Can I Find High-Resolution Wallpapers

  • Dribbble.
  • DeviantArt.
  • Wallpaperfx.
  • Interfacelift.
  • Digital Blasphemy.
  • High-Resolution Wallpapers.
  • WallpapersWide.
  • Vladstudio.

Where Can I Get Photos For Aesthetics?

Canva and Pexels are good places to look for "aesthetic" pictures for your WordPress blog. Raw Pixel is an abbreviation for Raw Pixel. These two sites are equally good for getting professional-looking photographs that are absolutely free to use.

Raw Pixel stands out since it includes a lot of attractive graphics as well as royalty-free images. Unsplash is a word that has a lot of different meanings depending on who you ask.

What App Makes Aesthetic Wallpaper?

YouCam Perfect is the greatest picture editing software to use if you want to make a unique wallpaper for your phone. With a variety of editing and enhancing options available for creative self-expression, creating individual aesthetic phone backgrounds with the YouCam Perfect app is fun and straightforward.

Is Dark Wallpaper Good?

Dark wallpaper colors are wonderful for making areas seem more intimate, so if you have a bigger space and want to achieve this look, this is a good choice. Dark neutrals like dark brown, black, dark taupe and dark grey are popular dark hues in our wallpaper collection.


Dark Aesthetic HD Wallpapers For Android is a high-quality Android wallpaper with a download size of 75.92 KB and a resolution of 1080x1920. Dark Aesthetic HD Wallpapers For Android may be used for free on your Android backdrops, tablets, Samsung screensavers, mobile phone lock screens, and other smartphone devices. Enjoy and share your favorite Dark Aesthetic HD Wallpapers for Android photos with your friends and family.

You can download these wallpapers from above given websites.

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