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Tips For Creating Christmas Letter Template 2022


Sending a letter to your family and friends around Christmas is a terrific idea! A Christmas letter usually greets the addressee with a pleasant holiday season and informs them of events from the previous year.

The letter may be lengthy or short, feature photographs, and be customized to your particular preferences depending on who it is sent to. Take some time to write a letter on the highlights of the last year, including a few entertaining images, and send your letters.

Oh, what pleasure it is to sit down around Christmas time and compose a note to the individuals who have contributed to your happiness during the year! Of course, it would be much more enjoyable if you didn't run out of ideas for what to write in your Christmas cards.

This is where the information in this guide comes in. It includes advice and ideas from Hallmark writers to help you get started, whether you're signing three or 63 cards. These Christmas greetings and messages may be used in a typical Christmas card, a holiday newsletter, a personalized picture card, or any seasonal greeting.

Simply choose the topic that interests you, or read the whole guide and mix and match to make the perfect Christmas greeting for everyone on your list. May your pen have a good time! May your words be a ray of sunshine!

Christmas letter decored with Gifts and trees
Christmas letter decored with Gifts and trees

Six Tips For Sparkling Christmas Letters

Get Off To A Good Start

You can rely on this trend! "I can't believe the year has flown by so fast!" says around 95 percent of all Christmas letters. While we all feel this way, it's hardly the most cheerful way to start a Christmas letter. Start your Christmas letters with a boom, not a whine over how quickly time has passed.

Good starts are "One of the pleasures of this time of year is the opportunity it allows me to interact with you, my friends and family," or "We've had a pleasant, busy year here in the Adams home!" These are examples of good starts. Even a generic message like "Holiday greetings from the Young family!" is preferable to the typical lament over the passing of time.

It Is Shorter If It Is Sweeter

A multi-page, single-spaced Christmas letter that drones on and on about the details of family happenings might intimidate even the most devoted aunties. Keep your Christmas letters brief and to-the-point. Save the day-by-day narrative of your summer vacation for lengthy lunches or personal phone conversations, and focus on the highlights of the year.

When Writing, Use Your Own Voice

Big words, turgid phrases, and piled-up adjectives are all too common signs of "writer-itis" in Christmas greetings. Edward Bulwer Lytton's friends and neighbors don't want to hear from him; they want to hear from you! Use your own voice and write down what you're saying. Your message will be a breath of fresh air and a cheerful reflection of your own personality.

Keep In Mind Who You're Writing For

Holiday letters, like pantyhose, aren't "one size fits all." A talkative family newsletter will bore business colleagues, while distant relatives are uninterested in the ins and outs of office politics.

Before you begin writing your Christmas letters, imagine the recipients in your mind and write in a manner that makes sense to them. To categorize recipients and arrange cards and messages, use a free printable Christmas card list.

If you're sending a Christmas letter to far-flung acquaintances or long-ago neighbors, be careful to identify family members by connection rather than by name. For example, those who are unfamiliar with Wallace may be perplexed when they hear that "Wallace is a happy rebel this year." "Oldest son Wallace, now 18 years old, is prospering in his first year at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas," says the author, providing the reader with all the information needed to keep up with Wallace's activities.

Keep family anecdotes to a minimum if your letter is being addressed to casual friends or professional contacts — or send a card instead. Sure, you sit next to that lovely guy at Kiwanis every week, but would he be interested in a season's worth of your grandchild's soccer scores?

Choose Your Photographs Carefully

With the growth of digital photography, the number of Christmas letter images has increased as well. A Christmas card with over 50 small tiled photographs of the writer's children visiting Disney World was last year's contender for Photo Overkill of the Year. Not only was I unable to see anything about the youngsters, but I was also unable to recognize the various Disney characters in each frame!

Selectively and sparingly, share photographs. An over-the-top picture bombardment is far better than a few superb photos that highlight your text. Finally, if you're going to include images in your Christmas letter, be sure to print them on brochure paper so they print clearly.

Make It Distinct

A bright, informative Christmas letter is underdressed if it doesn't include a personal touch. Finish your Christmas messages with a quick handwritten remark for a personal touch. Alpha computer gurus may customize each letter using word processing software. Whatever method you choose, make sure the receiver senses your warm—and personal—approach.

Holiday Greetings Wording

It's not always simple to put your sentiments into words or to summarize your family's memorable year. To help you get started, we've compiled a list of everything you need to know about what to write in a Christmas card. To make the ideal Christmas card sayings for your holiday greetings, follow the instructions below.

Begin Your Christmas Card Message With A Christmas Greeting

Short and pleasant greetings should appear at the start of your letter as a joyful way to address your card recipients. A simple Christmas greeting may go a long way, and it's the ideal way to start your personalized message. "Merry Christmas!" or "Happy Holidays!" are traditional greetings.

Create Personalized Messages Based On The Recipient's Relationship With You

If you know the person receiving the card, write a personal note. This will demonstrate to your card recipient how much you care about them this holiday season. Personalize your Christmas card thoughts by including information particular to the individual receiving the message. To go along with the remainder of your welcome, include a note about some significant news, a special celebration coming up, or a new addition to the family.

Compose Holiday Messages For Business Christmas Cards That Are Both Joyful And Appropriate

When addressing your Christmas cards, remember to use formal or professional titles, particularly if you're writing on behalf of your company. Maintain a professional tone in your letter and express gratitude to your workers, colleagues, and customers for their support over the last year.

A Few Funny Christmas Lines In Your Card

Make sure the comedy is acceptable to the receiver, regardless of who it is. It's also a good idea to keep the comedy holiday-themed. Include religious quotes or Bible verses from the Christmas Bible.

Religious Christmas card sentiments may be very meaningful to individuals with whom you share your religion or to those who celebrate their faith throughout the holidays. Just make sure your message respects that person's or family's religious views.

Include Christmas Card Quotes To Share The Season's Magic

During the holidays, quotes are a great method to motivate your loved ones. Don't be hesitant to utilize happy or merry quotations to share your holiday enthusiasm.

Don't Forget To Sign Your Holiday Cards

Close your Christmas cards with a warm closure for close relatives and friends, formal titles for people you aren't as close with, and a more professional conclusion for business Christmas cards


For your formal Christmas letter, use these example Christmas letters as a template. Christmas cards used to be the norm for communicating with friends and family over the holidays. These cards, on the other hand, might be impersonal and lack the room to really inform everyone about what's going on in a family's life. The Christmas cards have been put away, and the Christmas letters have been brought in.

People are discovering that mailing a letter once a year might be really beneficial. Many people prefer a letter to a cold and impersonal card with a great scenic photo on it, rather than a card that delivers updates on what's going on in the family. This is a common misunderstanding.

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