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Cardboard Free Template For Portfolio


Whether you're a freelancer or seeking a full-time position, an impressive web portfolio is a must-have if you want to be recruited. While a strong CV and cover letter are critical if your online portfolio does not stand out and demonstrate your abilities to prospective employers, your chances of winning the position are slim to none.

Your portfolio site serves as an online resume for creative professionals, displaying your eye-catching and high-quality graphic design talents to prospective clients, recruiters, and hiring managers. Your portfolio can be a collection of your best work and professional experience.

A portfolio website templatewill help you get into the creative industry rapidly. Use a pre-made template to save time and get a portfolio website up and running quickly instead of starting from scratch with HTML and CSS and nailing user experience right away.

If you want additional practice, you can utilize a template as inspiration for your web design portfolio even if some web designers prefer to use their own ideas.

One thing to keep in mind is that even if you're using a portfolio template, you'll want to ensure that your portfolio homepage is social media and search engine friendly and that your contact information is easily accessible to clients and hiring managers.

What Is Cardboard Free Template For Portfolio?

Cardboard is a free professional portfolio website template that is both sleek and responsive. If you're looking to take your online presence to the next level, do yourself a favor and choose Cardboard. This template is brimming with creativity and sophistication, ensuring that the final product catches everyone's eye. It is a tool that you will find simple to use and adapt to your business's regulations. On the other hand, feel free to use Cardboard straight out of the box to save time.

As a Bootstrap Framework, Cardboard follows all current web and technology trends. Your content will look stunning on mobile and desktop platforms alike. Additionally, a parallax effect, a full-screen banner, scrolling animations, a testimonial slider, and call-to-action buttons are available. Additionally, Cardboard includes a drop-down menu and a functional contact form.

What Is A Portfolio Template?

Webpage of a Fashionable pink portfolio template with different options
Webpage of a Fashionable pink portfolio template with different options

Portfolio Template is a website design template that may be used as a starting point for your new website design. The template has already been built and coded for you, allowing you to quickly and easily add your own creative artwork without having to know how to code or design.

Other Examples Of Free Portfolio Website Templates

The following are some FREE portfolio website designs with which you may get started immediately. Some are made using Bootstrap (a lightweight framework that does not require a content management system), while others are built using WordPress (the most popular CMS on the planet).


Webpage using iportfolio portfolio template
Webpage using iportfolio portfolio template

iPortfolio is a free HTML template for a modern personal CV and portfolio. It has a unique, minimalist, and clean design. iPortfolio can be used for a variety of applications, including basic portfolios, freelancers, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, and many others who want to promote their work, projects, goods, clients, and services.

iPortfolio is entirely responsive and looks fantastic on all device screens, giving the end-user the finest user experience possible. It was created with the most recent versions of Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and SASS. All of the files and code are well-organized and documented. Customize the template to meet your specific requirements quickly and effortlessly.

Astra Photography Portfolio

Webpage using astra portfolio template
Webpage using astra portfolio template

An elegant and responsive WordPress theme that is excellent for a blog, personal portfolio, business website or WooCommerce retail. Astra is a fast, completely adjustable and aesthetically pleasing theme. It is extremely lightweight (less than 50KB on the frontend) and provides unrivaled performance. Astra was created with SEO in mind, and it has Schema.org code integration as well as Native AMP readiness, ensuring that search engines will adore your site. In addition to several pre-built sections and portfolio-based patterns, Astra is a very modern, easy to use template with many pre-built sections. With their huge slider that allows you to effortlessly add your featured image, you may quickly and easily add creative sections to your website.


Webpage using myportfolio portfolio template
Webpage using myportfolio portfolio template

Clean and light-weight, MyPortfolio is a website template for your online portfolio. MyPortfolio's minimalist style makes it ideal for creating stunning online portfolios. MyPortfolio is a straightforward but high-quality portfolio template for designers. Your audience will focus on your works because of the minimalist approach. Your personal portfolio and online résumé will be live and ready to attract new market prospects before you realize it.

This template was created using Bootstrap and has clear code, which allows you to alter and customize it very easily to meet your company's demands. MyPortfolio is mobile and search engine optimized, so it looks amazing on all modern devices. MyPortfolio includes numerous alternative pages, such as a about and contact area. This template has a categorized portfolio, testimonials slider, and contact form, among other features.

Do you want to learn how to create an online portfolio? MyPortfolio could be a good place to start if you want to share your ideas online. Personal, photographer, designer, freelancer, agency, freelancer, painter portfolio, artworks, developer, or any type of person or business who wants to promote their works and services in a professional style can use MyPortfolio.


Webpage using agency portfolio template
Webpage using agency portfolio template

Agency is a Bootstrap-based one-page HTML/CSS theme. This theme is ideal for agencies or small enterprises that want to create a straightforward landing page for their business. Additionally, the theme may be customized and tweaked to fit virtually any need! To get started, download this free Bootstrap theme now!

Creative Portfolio

Webpage using creative portfolio portfolio template
Webpage using creative portfolio portfolio template

Designed for designers and creatives, the Creative Portfolio template may simply be used as a generic website. It's simple, clean, and attractive. It is totally responsive and is built with Bootstrap 4.3.1.

The blue, pink, red, violet, green, and marine blue color variants are included in this Bootstrap template, which is simple to change and customize.

Agency Portfolio

Webpage using agency portfolio portfolio template
Webpage using agency portfolio portfolio template

Agency is the newest free portfolio theme, and it comes with seven different color schemes already built in. Your agency or personal portfolio can benefit from it.

Bootstrap 4 was used in the development of Agency, therefore it is totally responsive.

In addition, it features a colorful background image, Scrollspy and a sticky navigation bar, LeafletJS Open Street maps stylized, and a stylish contact form.


Webpage using orvis portfolio template
Webpage using orvis portfolio template

If you're looking to showcase your design and photography efforts, Orvis is the theme for you.

This WordPress photography theme was designed as a portfolio website template, and you may alter it to create a clean and colorful online experience. We used food pictures in the demo of this free theme, but don't be fooled! Orvis is an excellent portfolio template for a variety of artists and professionals, including portrait, wedding, and fashion photographers, travel bloggers, photojournalists, and graphic designers.

Orvis is highly customizable, allowing you to express your individual style. Experiment with different background colors to make your work pop. Visitors will be able to see slides of your work if you include eye-catching galleries.


Webpage using ethos portfolio template
Webpage using ethos portfolio template

StyleShout has released Ethos, a free one-page template for constructing gorgeous portfolios or résumé websites. You can use it to make your own personal page and highlight your abilities.

Ethos is retina-ready and snappy, and it looks amazing on all screens and devices. It's really easy to customize because the code is clean and well written. Ethos is a fantastic option for creating a professional resume website.


Webpage using devfolio portfolio template
Webpage using devfolio portfolio template

Bootstrap framework was used to create DevFolio, a free portfolio website html template. DevFolio will serve you well whether you are a creative individual, a developer, or an artist. With this stylish and simple bootstrap template, you can create a one-of-a-kind online portfolio, résumé, or personal website.

DevFolio is one of the easiest ways to sell yourself online, acquire more clients, and develop your business, no matter what your talent is. DevFolio allows developers, web designers, artists, illustrators, marketers, and anybody else to establish a professional-looking personal website.

DevFolio is designed with the current Bootstrap version and comes with six predefined color schemes. It's also fully responsive and compatible with all major mobile platforms. With the DevFolio template, you can create a website today and offer your services to the entire world.

Personal Portfolio

Webpage using personal portfolio portfolio template
Webpage using personal portfolio portfolio template

PersonalPortfolio is a free portfolio website template that is modern, creative, and responsive. PersonalPortfolio allows you to create a remarkable web presence regardless of your professional endeavor. This modern site canvas will assist you in reaching your full potential without having to start from scratch. In fact, you are free to use PersonalPortfolio just as it is right out of the box. You may still make it your own by personalizing it with your own unique flair.

Hover effects, a filterable portfolio, a working contact form, testimonials, and many more useful preconfigured pieces are included in the feature set. A blog component is also available, which you may use to create in-depth project presentations and for content marketing. Finally, PersonalPortfolio allows you to enter the sector with a boom and make an immediate impact.

How To Build A Portfolio Using These Simple Guidelines

With just a few clicks these days, you may readily share your work on the internet.

Before the internet, however, creatives had to assemble actual, printed portfolios and schedule an interview in order for someone to look at their work. Your work is now visible to everyone who is connected to a device. Is simply putting yourself out there enough? How do you get to the front of the line? What distinguishes your work from the rest?

Edward Boches, a creative director, writer, marketer, and professor of advertising at Boston University, advises coming up with something original. "Idea generation may still be the answer. The capacity to come up with an original, relevant, valuable, and worthy idea that addresses an issue - whether it's an ad, an app, an experience, a video, or a digital platform."

Apart from bringing something fresh to the table, we'll walk you through the process of creating a portfolio in the article below. Read on for 10 expert advice from the pros.

Consider What You Include

Sample of a website with different things included in webpage
Sample of a website with different things included in webpage

Not everything you've ever created should be included. Make time to go over all of your items and eliminate anything you're not proud of or believe is not your best work. Consider your portfolio to be your best hits - something that shows not only your past work but also the work you wish to perform in the future.

Liz Grant's portfolio is uncluttered, uncomplicated, and elegant. Additionally, it is simple to navigate.

"I've discovered that what you put on display in your portfolio for others to see, you receive in return. Therefore, if you do not wish to deal with a particular type of client, do not include that type of work in your portfolio "She clarifies.

"Additionally, exhibit the best of what you have; you do not have to show everything. People's attention spans are short, especially on the web, so show them your greatest work immediately - don't have them hunt through dozens of projects to find it," Grant advises.

Choose Only Your Most Powerful Pieces

These are the endeavors you can be confident were a success because they garnered high ratings and produced positive outcomes. The agency Nowhere Famous makes a point of highlighting their most powerful and attractive pieces in an overt manner. They're all so dramatic that you're compelled to click on every single one!

Pursue Variety

Do not limit yourself to a single type of design, such as web design or illustration. Though this is not to say that everything should not work in harmony. Assemble everything so that it appears to be the work of a single person.

Corina Nika, an art director and designer, has a diverse portfolio that flows smoothly together.

Studio Mast features a wide range of elements, but everything is bound together by continuous solid backgrounds.

Determine The Number Of Pieces To Include

Suggestions differ according to who you speak with. Prioritize quality over quantity. Approximately ten to twenty examples should suffice. You do not want to squander the viewer's attention span.

Regardless of the quality of your work, the viewer will only scroll through a few projects before moving on.

Thuy Truc's minimalist aesthetic is immediately apparent when you visit his portfolio page. He's chosen a few successful projects that are inviting and eye-catching without being overbearing.

Olly Sorsby's portfolio begins with a single project and then includes a selection of other works. By employing this format, he directs the viewer's attention to the project he wishes to see first.


On a huge computer display, an image that appears sharp on your laptop screen may appear blurry. Therefore, ensure that the photographs in your portfolio are of the best quality.

Aside from that, clear close-ups are great for showcasing your work on social media because they add intrigue and polish to your portfolio.

"I essentially rotate my favorites and want to maintain a healthy balance. Maintain a consistent format across your portfolio, and if possible, integrate outstanding photography and images of your work," advises Miss Modern Design House designer Coco Tafoya. Her gallery features stunning photos.

Nainoa Shizura's art is showcased in the form of beautiful, large-scale, high-resolution works.

According to Coco Tafoya, you should consider the shareability of your portfolio photographs. "Ensure that the layout functions properly if someone wishes to share your creations on social networking platforms - mostly Pinterest."

Maintain Relevance

Because trends, techniques, and technology evolve rapidly, avoid including anything older than three years. You do not want to appear out of date.

Designer Robert Gavick has built a one-page internet portfolio that is highly hip and modern.

John Jacob presents his work in an unconventional and eye-catching manner, rather than through flat photographs or PDFs. Both of these demonstrate an awareness of current trends.

The Select Few

Take a close look at your final selections and make sure that your "brand" is formed by all of them. You don't want your portfolio to appear to be a collection of other people's work, nor do you want it to have startling instances.

Jessica Comingore and Mhou both maintain a clean and consistent portfolio. Each appears to be a cohesive family of design work.

Ascertain That The Parts Flow Smoothly From One To The Next

However, this does not compel you to combine all site design and all logos into a single collection. Consider how the colors, lines, and angles interact.

The portfolios of Down With Design and Tractor Beam are excellent examples of how to make your portfolio flow: maintain photos consistent until they are rolled over. This has a pleasant feel to it without causing the viewer's eye to wander.

Take A Picture

Take a few images of a project if you only have a print version and wish to use it online. If you lack a high-quality camera, avoid using your iPhone. Engage a photographer for a brief photo shoot or arrange a barter - perhaps photographs in exchange for a new brand.

Rather than using a static PDF, many of Lisa Hedge and Son' Emirali's designed works are photographed.

Make It Fascinating

Sample webpage of website being edited to make it more fascinating
Sample webpage of website being edited to make it more fascinating

Look for online mockup sites like Graphicburger if you simply have a PDF of the magazine or poster you made. They offer free downloads of layered PDF files into which you can put your artwork to make it appear as though you hired a photographer. These are ideal for websites and mobile applications. It is not allowed to take a screenshot of a webpage on your display.

Kendra Schaefer, a designer, incorporates mockups throughout her portfolio.

Everything.is utilizes mockups throughout their portfolio.


If you're looking for a job or freelancing clients to help you pursue your passions and show off your talents to the world, we hope this list of the most popular free portfolio templates will assist you in making a decision on which one to use.

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