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How Was The Origin Of Car Salesman Meme Template

How Was The Origin Of Car Salesman Meme Template

In 2014 memes about car salesman have been cropping up all over social media over the last week or two, on this year. Using a poorly drawn stock graphic, @MirGucci appears to have converted a 2014 tweet into the meme.

Joan Cornish
Last updated: Dec 07, 2021 | Nov 10, 2021

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Are there any car salesperson memes that you have ever Googled? They will reveal a lot about how people think of salespeople. They are thought to be dishonest, only concerned with the sale and never with the buyer.

These preconceptions have implications for car salesmen. It is not uncommon for customers to walk into a dealership expecting to be lied to and their requests ignored. As a result of the car salesman meme, they expect the same gimmick.

When Was The Car Salesman Meme?

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In 2014 memes about car salesman have been cropping up all over social media over the last week or two, on this year. Using a poorly drawn stock graphic, @MirGucci appears to have converted a 2014 tweet into the meme. There's an unpleasant notion about auto salesman: they're slick, they're deceptive, and they're ready to sell you a vehicle with features you didn't even know you were missing. This meme exposes exactly what automotive buyers are looking for.

What Does It Mean To Be Called A Used Car Sales Man?

Car Salesman With A Portofolio Next To A Car

One who sells cars that have already been owned by someone else (plural used-car salespeople) (British English) Used-car salesman are commonly depicted as dishonest, dishonest, and untrustworthy in jokes, comics, and other media.

What Do Car Sales Men Do?

Car Salesman Giving Keys

For both personal and commercial use, a Car Salesperson is responsible for the sale of automobiles. They meet with consumers to discuss their needs, promote sales at their dealership, and participate in test drives with customers who are interested.

During the automobile-buying process, car salespeople are responsible for making consumers feel welcome and supported. Depending on the size of the dealership, the duties of a car salesperson may include the following:

1-Arrive to the dealership to greet customers.

2-Customers will be able to see the dealership's vehicles and learn about their warranties and features.

3-Car sales, financing, and purchase procedure questions can all be answered by a knowledgeable salesperson.

4-Attend customers' test drives and gather licenses and paperwork in advance in accordance with industry standards.

5-Make sure consumers get the best deal on their trade-ins and new cars.

6-Find out what financing and ownership possibilities each customer has by coordinating efforts with the finance department.

7-Send a follow-up email to previous customers to see if they are satisfied with their purchases.

What Is Slap Roof?

Using the phrasal template Slaps Roof of Car, a simulated dialogue between a car salesman and a possible buyer in which the salesman stresses the line "this bad boy can fit so much X in it" by slapping the roof of the vehicle.

Car salesman,"this bad boy can fit so much fucking spaghetti in it" was tweeted by an user @OBiiieeee on September 30th, 2014. Over the course of four years, the post earned over 7,700 retweets and 13,000 likes.

After nearly a month, @Carlitos N tweeted one of the first versions on October 28th, 2014. They penned, "" ""This baby here can fit so much AHH!!" the salesman smacks the roof of the automobile. Do you remember that spider hanging from the mirror? The game is over for me."

Sweetums1313, a Reddit user, posted the tweet in the /r/me irl subreddit on December 18, 2017. The post garnered more than 13,300 points (91 percent upvoted) and 130 comments in the span of seven months.

@MirGucci posted the original tweet as the caption to an illustration of a car dealer and a possible customer on June 25th, 2018. More than 2,400 people liked and retweeted the message, giving new life to the viral meme.


As a result, what are your customers looking for? Customers only want to be treated with respect, which may seem like a no-brainer. Isn't it obvious? There is no better way to demonstrate respect than telling the truth and staying by your word. Even in today's information-driven society, honesty is always the best policy. Avoid selling a price, but rather a product. If the customer is satisfied with the product, the dealership, and the service they had, they are more than likely to buy from you and suggest you to their friends and family.

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