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Start A Blog With These Fresh Premium WordPress Themes

Start A Blog With These Fresh Premium WordPress Themes

Is it possible for you to find a free WordPress blog theme to use on your website? There are dozens of free WordPress blog themes available, making it difficult for newcomers to choose from among all of the available alternatives. Finding the best WordPress themes can be a difficult task.

Joan Cornish
Last updated: Oct 06, 2021 | Oct 01, 2021

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Is it possible for you to find a free WordPress blog theme to use on your website?

There are dozens of free WordPress blog themes available, making it difficult for newcomers to choose from among all of the available alternatives. Finding the best WordPress themes can be a difficult task. You need a free theme that is dependable as well as simply changeable. Let’s first look at why WordPress is good for any beginner that wants to start a blog and the different options one has using fresh premium WordPress themes. 

WordPress: A Beginner's Guide

Using self-hosted as your blogging platform allows you complete control over your content and your blog's appearance. The difference between and is explained in detail in our guide. is a free and open-source content management system. Thousands of free themes and plugins are included, allowing you to expand your blog much quicker than you could without them.

While many WordPress themes are free, you will need to pay for your site's domain name. This is the internet address for your website. Additionally, you'll require WordPress web hosting. This is the section of your website that is built online.

That being said, WPBeginner readers may take advantage of a superb price from Bluehost, which is one of just three WordPress-approved hosting companies.

Get a free domain name, an SSL certificate, and huge web hosting savings with Bluehost.

Once your website is up and running, it's time to choose a theme for it. There are numerous outstanding premium themes available. However, there are numerous excellent free themes that will help you keep the expense of developing a WordPress website to a minimum.

Which WordPress Theme Is Best For Blogging?

According to, they’ve discovered that WoodMart is the top WordPress blog theme for the majority of users. When it comes to SEO, this lightweight and powerful theme is incredibly adjustable for whatever situation you throw at it. It even supports the integration of products for e-commerce sites. 

With a single glance at WoodMart, it is clear why it is considered one of the greatest platforms for blogging and product monetization.

The substance and the flexibility with which you can set out your content are the most important aspects of blogging. WoodMart is the theme for you if you're new to blogging and want a simple approach to personalize your site. It's mobile-friendly, ultra-responsive, light, and SEO-friendly. This balanced theme can do it all, whether you have a tiny personal blog or are adding a blog to your commercial website.

When Should You Invest In A WordPress Theme For Your Blog?

It makes perfect sense to invest in a top-tier WordPress theme if you are establishing a blog, for monetization, or to build a name for yourself in the blogosphere.

Despite the fact that you can have numerous distinct themes in your dashboard, you can only have one theme active at a given moment. So, if your website's major focus is a blog, you should use a blog-friendly WordPress theme and ignore the rest.

Your site's and WordPress dashboard's load times will be faster as a result of this.

Full-time bloggers, personal blogs, travel blogs, business blogs, cuisine blogs, and any other website with a blog as the core component must use a blog-friendly theme.

Changing your WordPress theme can be inconvenient and cause issues. As a result, it's critical to choose the proper theme early on to avoid having to switch later.

A full-fledged blog theme isn't necessary if your blog is secondary to your website. If you want to focus on e-commerce, this is the theme for you. If you're a blogger, this guide will help you choose the best choice.

What Is The Best Premium WordPress Theme?

WordPress is known for its customizability and adaptability as a website builder and web hosting solution. You can create a site with free themes, but if you want the greatest, most up-to-date, and most complicated site, you'll need to go to the Premium section. Here are ten great themes to help you narrow down your search.


Avada Website Builder Homepage

With a large number of templates and extensive customizability, this is a fantastic and widely popular theme.

As of this writing, Avada is the most popular WordPress theme on ThemeForest, with over 680,000 sales and an almost 5-star rating based on over 24,000 reviews. And there's a reason for that: it's simply one of the greatest premium themes available. It allows you to quickly create a layout with outstanding customizability thanks to the included Avada Builder plugin. Not only is it responsive, adapting to the screen it's being seen on, but it's also ready for translation, with RTL support (Right to Left).

Using one of the 80 website templates included with Avada, you can quickly develop and post your website to the world wide web. Additionally, it has a variety of pre-built layouts that may be customized to your specifications if you're unhappy with the default configuration or simply want your site to seem more unique. For example, you may totally customize the header and footer of your website using drag and drop. Additionally, it is fully compatible with WooCommerce if you wish to create an online store.

Admission is simply $60, which includes lifetime updates and six months of technical support. For an extra $18, you can prolong your support for another six months.


Sahifa Website Homepage

Sahifa is a lightweight, user-friendly, responsive, clean, modern, adaptable, adjustable, and useful theme ideal for creating a blog, news, magazine, or newspaper website. It has a slew of incredible features that will help you improve the look and functioning of your WordPress website. Similarly, users may simply access your content via smartphones or tablets. This theme is compatible with BuddyPress, bbPress, WPML, and WooCommerce. Similarly, the theme has a drag-and-drop homepage builder with different block layouts and a sophisticated unbranded administration panel. Similarly, the theme includes eight skins in the following colors: purple, red, pink, orange, green, yellow, blue, and black. Furthermore, this theme includes 35 custom widgets and over 40 shortcodes. It has resolved all of the theme's compatibility and scaling difficulties, making it even more powerful and user-friendly than before.


BeTheme Website Homepage

With a ton of features and extensive customization options, this theme is both fantastic and highly versatile.

BeTheme is yet another well-known premium WordPress theme. It comes with over 600 pre-built websites to help you get started quickly, as you can draw inspiration from previous work and easily customize it to give it that unique look and feel that will draw your visitors and customers in. Those templates are further subdivided into various categories, making it simple for you to find the perfect style for you. The theme is also adaptable enough to be used for any type of website you want to build.

With a ton of features and extensive customization options, this theme is both fantastic and highly versatile.

BeTheme is yet another well-known premium WordPress theme. It comes with over 600 pre-built websites to help you get started quickly, as you can draw inspiration from previous work and easily customize it to give it that unique look and feel that will draw your visitors and customers in. Those templates are further subdivided into various categories, making it simple for you to find the perfect style for you. The theme is also adaptable enough to be used for any type of website you want to build.

BeTheme, like Avada, is available on ThemeForest for $35, which includes all future updates and six months of support (with an additional six months of support available for $8.63).


Kallyas Website Homepage

This is a nice theme with a lot of options and a great drag-and-drop interface.

Kallyas is another drag-and-drop theme. It doesn't have as many templates as BeTheme (about 70 vs. more than 600), but honestly, how many do you really need once you find one that appeals to you? It's worth noting that, like the others, the theme is totally responsive and retina-ready, and it incorporates all of the most recent features, such as translation readiness and RTL support. Kallyas comes with a live page builder that allows you to drag and drop your site and pages, and it can be coupled with WooCommerce so you can easily develop your own online store. MailChimp integration is also standard.

It contains numerous blog and portfolio layouts, sliders, and lifetime free updates including all new page designs and features. For only $69.00, you can get all of this.


Monstroid Website Homepage

With a large (and rising) number of website designs, this layout is very customizable.

Monstroid2 has over 50 pre-built websites and promises to add a new one every week. It has a wide range of animation effects to make your page more visually appealing than static text, photos, and buttons. Customization options are considerable, and you can apply multiple layouts to different portions of your website, resulting in unique designs. The theme contains WooCommerce integration as well as a number of Jet plugins, making the price more reasonable.

With the purchase of Monstroid2, you will receive lifetime upgrades and support for a total cost of $95.


Oshine Website Homepage

A wonderful theme with a strong focus on photography.

A WordPress theme designed specifically for photographers, with an emphasis on producing visually appealing portfolios, Oshine is a fantastic choice. However, it is not all this theme has to offer. It integrates with the popular WooCommerce plugin, which enables you to start your own online business. It features six distinct blog styles with parallax and video backdrops. It includes a variety of header and menu designs, including the ability to make them translucent and/or sticky. There are galleries for exhibiting your Instagram and Flickr collections, and we were pretty taken with the simple yet effective black and white hover effect.

Purchasers of Oshine will receive a lifetime of updates and support, as well as an additional six months of support for an additional $17.63. As with the other themes available on ThemeForest, Oshine is available for purchase for $59, and like the other themes available on ThemeForest, this includes a lifetime of updates and support for six months.


Astra Website Homepage

WordPress theme Astra is one of the most widely used and widely available themes on the market right now. They claim to be the fastest-growing theme of all time, with over one million users. Demonstrating that it is optimal for the majority of users who are either starting a blog for the first time or updating an existing one.

The theme loads quickly are small in file size and can be completely customized. You'll have complete control over the header, layout, colors, typography, blog designs, and archived pages.

In order to help your blogs rank well on Google, Astra has created an SEO-friendly page markup for them. And make it much easier to be discovered among the sea of competing blogs for the top slot.

If you want to take your blog to the next level by generating interesting material and influencing your followers, Astra smoothly increases your chances with an eye-catching design and back-end customizations that contain code that will make your blog as distinctive as you can dream.

Pricing for a single license begins at $59 USD. Your purchase is protected by a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Authority Pro Review

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Designed for professionals who wish to establish themselves as an authority in a specific field, Authority Pro is a responsive WordPress theme. This theme is ideal for you if you consider yourself an authority person in a specific niche.

Your experience, credentials, and areas of expertise are highlighted by the theme.

StudioPress, a WordPress theme market leader, created Authority Pro. Installing the theme to your WordPress site is simple with a one-click setup. You'll also get a theme customizer, a mobile-friendly design, and WooCommerce compatibility.

The Authority Pro theme is a great option to consider even if you're just getting started as an authority figure in your field. It costs only $129.95. 


Soledad Website Pages and Themes

Soledad is a WordPress theme marketed as a "multi-concept blog magazine".

You can choose from over 6,800 different home page examples. These may all be set up in a single click.

This theme is ideal for online magazines because of the numerous post styles it provides for different kinds of stories. Soledad is search engine optimized and responsive across all platforms.

This theme has been downloaded by over 27,000 people who use WordPress. This product has received an overall user satisfaction rating of 4.84/5.

Soledad is $59 on ThemeForest.


Foodie Website Homepage

Foodie Pro is a WordPress theme made for food bloggers.

It is one of the most popular and adaptable Genesis child themes available today. The theme has a minimalist feel to it, yet it still includes a lot of typography and color options.

The theme is lightweight, mobile-friendly, and has intelligent ad placements.

Share recipes, cooking techniques, and anything else you need to create a successful food blog with this theme. Featured photos on all of your posts, as well as configurable grid archives, will be available to you.

For $75, you can get this theme.

What Is The Best Free WordPress Theme For Blog?

If you're looking for the greatest free WordPress blog themes, you've come to the right place. We've handpicked some of our absolute best free blog themes for WordPress, including screenshots of both the desktop and mobile sample sites, to make it a lot easier for you to search the thousands of free themes at


Neve Website Homepage

The Neve theme is a lightweight starter theme for nearly any website. It's lightning-fast, and modifying it to meet your exact needs is a breeze.

The following are some of its important features:

  • It's small and works well on mobile devices.
  • The structure and code of the theme have been optimized for search engines.
  • When editing, you can view real-time changes.

Furthermore, it integrates with nearly all of the most popular page builders, removing the need for coding skills from the equation. Additionally, its one-click example layouts make it simple to get up and running quickly.

Neve is the best free blog theme for customizing your WordPress site to your exact needs. Additional services, like custom layouts, premium starter sites, and priority support, are available for an additional fee of $59 to $89 per year.


OceanWP Website Homepage

OceanWP is another wonderful theme to choose for your next blogging site. It's not only clean and simple to use, but it also has a developer-friendly codebase that's ready to be customized. 

Take a peek at some of its highlights:

  • With a large extension library, you can extend the theme's functionality without writing any code.
  • Allows you to customize tablet and mobile device settings.
  • Compatible with the most widely used page builders (such as Elementor and Beaver Builder.)

OceanWP could be the ideal WordPress theme for blogging, given its ease of use out of the box and the customization options available. There is also no paid version, so you have access to the entire feature set. Some of the extensions, though, come at a cost, but you're under no need to use them if you're on a tight budget.


Hemingway Website Homepage

Hemingway is a two-column design that works great for blogs. It is basic and clear, focusing on your content over everything else. 

Among its important features are:

  • A two-column layout.
  • A full-width parallax scrolling header image.
  • Customization options for everything except the most sophisticated needs.

A clean design for simple blogs, but expandable for more sophisticated sites, make this theme ideal for numerous blogging sites. Unlike many of the themes on this list, Hemingway is free. For budget-conscious bloggers, this is a fantastic fit.


There are many different free WordPress blog themes to pick from when it comes to designing your website. Simple, mobile-friendly, and adjustable are among the best. Regardless, you'll have your blog up and running in no time with the proper theme.

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