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5 Template Movie Scripts Examples


A screenplay or movie scriptserves as the blueprint for any feature film, television series, or video game. The scripts contain the actions, language, and movement of the characters, as well as stage direction. The format of a movie script is distinct from the format of a shooting script, which follows a different set of industry standards. A shooting script is a more specific, formatted version of the screenplay that is used in pre-production and production to transform it into a film. This version may feature camera direction, musical cues, and transitions.

Typically, screenplays run from 90 to 110 pages. The format assists in determining the duration of the performance, the timetable, and the budget.

5 Basic Elements Of A Movie Script

How To Format A Screenplay - 5 Basic Elements : FRIDAY 101


A slugline is a line in a screenplay written entirely in uppercase letters that serves to direct the reader's attention to certain script information. Sluglines are separate lines in a script that frequently serve to shorten the duration of a scene while also establishing the scene's rhythm.


While action lines are occasionally referred to as "scene descriptions," this is an inaccurate word that implies our purpose is to describe a static scene or tableau.

What purpose do your action lines serve?

  • Describe the events that transpired in the scene
  • Describe the scene's setting
  • Describe characters as we meet them for the first time

Character Name

One of the most challenging jobs for screenwriters is coming up with appropriate names for characters. That is because they understand that the right name can aid in conveying a character's personality and significance in a plot, as well as assist viewers in connecting with a character.

On the other hand, an "overly imaginative" name would sound forced, and no one would identify with the character. This is a difficult position to be in.


Parentheticals, often known as actor/character directives or "wrylies," are those brief descriptions that occasionally come following a character's name in dialogue blocks to convey tone, meaning, or action.


All of the best movies share one trait: clear, compelling dialogue. Dialogue can be used in a movie to advance the plot, explain our characters' perspectives, or just offer a laugh. Effective movie conversation requires skill, patience, and a thorough understanding of your characters.

5 Template Movie Scripts Examples


Example of drama movie script
Example of drama movie script

Writing a drama script is an excellent way to demonstrate your ability to build characters—and, infamously, nearly all Oscar and Nicholl award winners are drama screenplays.

However, in order to achieve that level, it is critical to read as many drama scripts as possible.


Example of comedy movie script
Example of comedy movie script

It's critical to read as many comedy scripts as possible if you want to progress as a comedy writer.


Script To Screen: The Dark Knight Joker Interrogation Scene 4k

If you've seen the movie "The Dark Night", you're aware of the critical nature of script structure and dialogue in this genre.


Example of thriller movie script
Example of thriller movie script

The thriller genre is one that is filled with tension and suspense. Whether the subject is crime, politics, or espionage, you can always count on a superb thriller to keep you engrossed in all the twists and turns, eager to discover how things will finish.


Example of horror movie script
Example of horror movie script

In general, horrorscripts begin in one of two ways:

  • A slow-burning introduction that draws the reader into the protagonists' lives, or...
  • An enthralling opening scene that draws the reader in and sets the tone.

If you're going for a gore-fest introduction to pique the reader's interest, there is no better place to begin.

When creating a scene, keep in mind that the "major" ones in horror scripts typically shift from a positive to a negative emotional charge. Alternatively, vice versa.


Even when using a pre-written script template or specialist screenwriting software, it takes experience to make screenplay format second nature. Understanding how to properly format a script boils down to the age-old adage, "Practice makes perfect."

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